Rep. Martinez faces charges over funds release

Rep. Clavel Asas-Martinez, one of the proponents of the plan to split Cebu into smaller provinces, is facing charges over disbursements in development assistance funds. Heres part of Sun.Star Cebus story on the issue: Where is the P26.5-million in development assistance funds that Rep. Clavel Asas-Martinez allegedly diverted to a personal bank account by usingContinue reading “Rep. Martinez faces charges over funds release”

Tikasana nimo uy, mura man kag si Gloria

That’s the ad lib of my favorite Filipino singer Gary Granada (at least it sounds like him – there are a lot of voices in the song but his distinctive Bisaya accent comes through) in the “Values Education” song available for free download at the PCIJ blog. In Cebuano, it’s “You’re such a cheat, you’reContinue reading “Tikasana nimo uy, mura man kag si Gloria”

More experiments, a welcome assignment and NerdTV

I’m trying out Matt’s Asides. I’ll check it out first with my test blog and if I can make it work, I’ll implement it here. I’m also running the beta version of Open Office (version 2.0 beta 2). I used to run the stable version, 1.14. I installed Open Office 2.0 this afternoon. I wasContinue reading “More experiments, a welcome assignment and NerdTV”

Darn Explorer, again

I changed themes early today from the three-column version of Relaxation to the three-column TNO theme based on Kubrick. The theme is easy on the eyes. The only hitch is that the theme does not load properly in Internet Explorer. The sidebars are not properly rendered. Ill stick with the theme for a weekContinue reading “Darn Explorer, again”

Tell me what your feeds are…

And Ill tell you who you are. Do you share your RSS aggregator account? Do you impose self-censorship when bookmarking on I dont share my RSS feeds and I limit my bookmarks to non-prurient interests. However, I found out while reviewing my bookmarks that I wasnt as careful when I started myContinue reading “Tell me what your feeds are…”

Print your own pocket-based organizer

If you’re a user of the hipster PDA, you might want to check a new implementation of the paper organizer. It’s called the PocketMod. The site offers you a very user-friendly interface to produce an A4-sized printout that you can fold into a pocketbased organizer – complete with a coverpage, tasks list, grocery lists, contactsContinue reading “Print your own pocket-based organizer”

Pantaleon Villegas, the man behind the mythical Leon Kilat

I have been using Leon Kilat as online identity for years now. I started using the pseudonym in 1999 but I have been fascinated by the story of Leon Kilat since 1998, when I was still with The Independent Post. The Post put out a special edition for Independence Day 1998 – the centennial ofContinue reading “Pantaleon Villegas, the man behind the mythical Leon Kilat”

Theyre cutting up Cebu in Manila

Cebuano legislators who want their districts carved out as separate provinces are holding the hearings in Manila. Those against the plan have repeatedly pushed for the holding of public hearings in Cebu and rightly so the issue affects Cebuanos and our sentiments should be heard by the committee taking up the proposals. If theContinue reading “Theyre cutting up Cebu in Manila”