Press Freedom Week ends and I get star-struck

The San Miguel Beer party of the Cebu Press Freedom Week is the only event I’ve consistently attended in the past few years of the annual celebration. It’s held on a Saturday, the last day of the celebration and my day-off from the newsroom.

Yesterday, Marlen and I attended the gathering. We met old friends and acquaintances including former colleagues in the Cebu City Hall beat. While we were watching the band playing that time (the lead singer’s strapless dress was about to fall off), more people started coming in. When I looked at who occupied the seats across us, I saw TV personality Angela Calina. She sat beside Cebu Daily News editor Niza Mariñas.

I told Marlen that I’d try to steal a shot of Angela for my blog. She said I was “too obvious.” I don’t know what got into me but I asked Angela if it’s okay that I take a photo of her for my blog. She said the photo should be of the two of us. I asked Marlen to take a photo and stood beside one of the most beautiful women in Cebu.


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  1. Edwin Galvez Avatar
    Edwin Galvez

    Dear Max,

    Hope to see you and your colleagues, especially those who love and live new technologies and ideas, when COMDDAP brings again to Cebu its biennial computer and technology exhibit and selling show on June 22-24, 2006 at SM City Cebu Trade Halls.

    Titled “I.T.’s Happening in COMDDAP Cebu 2006”, we hope to acquaint anew Cebuano with the latest and widest array of information and communications technology (ICT) products, solutions, services and consumer electronics.

    Hope you can also join us during our pre-event press conference on Thursday, June 1, 2006. Venue to be confirmed.

    Should you have some questions, you may reach me at 917-8302596 or (02) 844-8334.


    Edwin Galvez
    COMDDAP PR Consultant

  2. Edwin,
    That’s great. I might be able to attend the press conference if it’s not earlier than noon. But I’m sure of attending it if it’s in the afternoon 🙂 I work until midnight and do not go to bed earlier than 3 a.m. that’s why I usually pass off morning press conferences.
    Just send me an e-mail when the venue and time are finalized so that I’d know whether I can attend it 🙂

  3. Edwin Galvez Avatar
    Edwin Galvez

    Dear Max,

    Oh, that’s too bad. Since we’d only be in Cebu for a day, that is on June 1, we’d like to do the presscon at 10am and our exhibitors’ briefing in the afternoon.

    We hope your load wouldn’t be too much on the night of May 31 and that you can rest early and join us the next day, June 1. 🙂

    Venue is yet to be finalized since Marco Polo’s conference rooms are fully booked on that day. We might do it at SM City Cebu instead.

    I’d keep you posted. God bless.

    Warmest regards,


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