My other PC is a Mac, sort of

After reading the usual excellent piece by tech journalist Chin Wong “My other PC is a Mac,” I found this instruction on how to install Mac OS X natively on a PC. I showed the instructions to newsroom technical assistant Dongdong Ygay and a day or two later voila – he turned a Celeron 2.5 GHz on an Asus P4GE-MX motherboard with 256MB RAM into a Mac OS X machine:


After start-up, the Mac PC was able to detect our office’s local area network. When Dongdong entered the web proxy settings, the Mac PC was able to connect to the Internet without any hitches. Check the menage-a-trois of operating systems: the Mac OS X image was downloaded using a Windows PC, transferred into a new hard disk using an Ubuntu live CD and then the PC started its new life as a Mac OS X unit.

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  1. George Avatar

    So, can you explain exactly how you took a PC and turned it into a MAC? I’m done with PC’s, but I don’t want to throw away a working machine just because I hate the software (Windows) that I’ve been made to believe is the only software that can be used on the machine. If the machine can be turned into a MAC, I would love to learn how to do it.

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