Feeling lucky?

Here’s a nifty trick: go to www.google.com, search for Angela Calina and click on I’m Feeling Lucky or Sinuswerte Ako. Ta da! Cool huh?

So you’re asking: Who’s Angela Calina? Angela Calina is one of Cebu’s most popular TV personalities and she’s on the top five in my list of beautiful Cebuano women. She recently added another KBP Golden Dove for outstanding talk show host to her collection of awards.

I was infinitely amused when I found out yesterday that my site is the top search result for the Google search on Angela Calina. The top result is my entry on the Cebu Press Freedom Week San Miguel party, where I had my picture taken with her.

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5 responses

  1. Max, my cousin went out with Angela for awhile years back…

  2. Alma,
    Good for him :-). Start packing your hospital bags na. Good luck and may your childbirth be problem-free.

  3. Thanks Max! I need all the luck I can get because the baby is now 3.5kgs! My regards to Marlen!

  4. Hi Max,
    Could you tell us more about the production outfit story>

  5. Migs,
    It looks like the story refers to her contract with Bigfoot Entertainment. I’m not familiar with the issues involving her contract and I haven’t heard about any smear campaign against her. But then again, I’m not really updated on celebrity issues 🙂

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