Murder City: another ex-convict killed by vigilantes

Sun.Star Cebu‘s Page 1 today carries the phrase “Murder city” in large, bold letters to report on the 102nd victim of vigilante-style killings in Cebu City.

The latest victim, according to this Sun.Star Cebu report, was killed five meters from the gate of the Mobile Patrol Group office, where he was detained for drunkenness. A companion of the victim claimed that some policemen saw the shooting but did not do anything.

The victim was detained Sunday night after a neighbor complained that he was indiscriminately firing his gun while challenging “any member of the vigilante group.”

Here’s part of Sun.Star Cebu’s report:

All vigilante and vigilante-style killings in Cebu City have remained unsolved. The police earlier said no witnesses have come forward and they have no strong leads to pursue.

Mayor Tomas Osmeña earlier admitted that he is happy some of those killed were robbers.

However, Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal has denounced the murders. He even said that Cebuanos do not seem to value life as much as before.

Human rights groups and a multisectoral alliance led by the Integrated Bar of the Philippines have spoken out against the killings.

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  1. the Vigilante killer has no right to kill other person because we have the authority to punish those who comitt mistake.They killed people without the due process of law which is not good

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