Mandaue ballots appear to have been filled up by only 1 person

That’s the claim of former senator Loren Legarda. “There were many objections. Many ballots have been put aside because it appears only one person did the voting,” Legarda told radio station dyLA yesterday. Former senator Loren Legarda yesterday said initial revision of contested ballots shows she was robbed of her votes in Mandaue City duringContinue reading “Mandaue ballots appear to have been filled up by only 1 person”

Foster family for a day

Last Sunday, I, Marlen and the kids attended what is probably the best Christmas party we’ve been invited to. The media party, sponsored by Globe and Innove and organized by JYGonzales and Partners, had as special guests wards of SOS Children’s Village in Talamban, Cebu City. Journalists were asked to serve as foster parents toContinue reading “Foster family for a day”

Go Azkals!! RP football team notches first win in SEAG in…well in a long time

Whipping boys no more. The Philippine football team won over Cambodia, 4-2, yesterday. Pinoy football fans are rejoicing. As my brother said in his report from Bacolod “The word “win” is rarely used in a sentence together with the “Philippine national football team” – the country having been Asias whipping boys.” Diehard football fans ofContinue reading “Go Azkals!! RP football team notches first win in SEAG in…well in a long time”

Feeling lucky?

Here’s a nifty trick: go to, search for Angela Calina and click on I’m Feeling Lucky or Sinuswerte Ako. Ta da! Cool huh? So you’re asking: Who’s Angela Calina? Angela Calina is one of Cebus most popular TV personalities and she’s on the top five in my list of beautiful Cebuano women. She recentlyContinue reading “Feeling lucky?”

Murder City: another ex-convict killed by vigilantes

Sun.Star Cebu‘s Page 1 today carries the phrase “Murder city” in large, bold letters to report on the 102nd victim of vigilante-style killings in Cebu City. The latest victim, according to this Sun.Star Cebu report, was killed five meters from the gate of the Mobile Patrol Group office, where he was detained for drunkenness. AContinue reading “Murder City: another ex-convict killed by vigilantes”

Press Freedom Week ends and I get star-struck

The San Miguel Beer party of the Cebu Press Freedom Week is the only event I’ve consistently attended in the past few years of the annual celebration. It’s held on a Saturday, the last day of the celebration and my day-off from the newsroom. Yesterday, Marlen and I attended the gathering. We met old friendsContinue reading “Press Freedom Week ends and I get star-struck”

Press freedom week and haute cuisine

This week is Press Freedom Week in Cebu. The event, held on the week where Sept 21 falls, is an annual gathering of Cebu journalists. The event traditionally starts with a march from City Hall to Capitol, this year it was from Capitol to the University of the Visayas. I missed last Sunday’s march becauseContinue reading “Press freedom week and haute cuisine”

It’s time to re-read Eco

I love Umberto Eco‘s Foucault’s Pendulum. I’ve re-read it five times. I’ve been meaning to read it again and relive how Belbo, Causubon and Diotallevi spun a tale of global conspiracy to hide the Knights Templars’ closely guarded secret a source of tremendous power. The urge to re-read the book came with the approachContinue reading “It’s time to re-read Eco”