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For many weblogs and websites, visitors from search engines constitute a large part of the website traffic and if you’re serious about increasing your readership, you have to keep track of how you’re ranking in search results so that you’d know which aspects of your site you have to optimize.

Google, being the most used search engine, brings the most traffic. In my case, traffic from the Google search engine accounts for more than half of visitors to this blog.

Many of the readers of this blog somehow find their way here while searching for the latest K750i firmware or Sony Ericsson phone themes, subjects of this blog’s top search queries. Quite a few come here for my articles on blogging, WordPress, TiddlyWiki and its variations: ZiddlyWiki and ServerSideWiki.

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Did Budoy actually say gerger on Pinoy Big Brother?

Cebu’s reggae king Budoy of Junior Kilat is one of the celebrity housemates in Pinoy Big Brother and boy will he make this season interesting. I’m not a regular viewer of the program but I’ll be tuning in this season because of two Cebu-based housemates: Budoy and Angela Calina.

Suspicions that Budoy will sanitize his act for Pinoy Big Brother promptly vanished a few seconds after his introduction last night. He sang his version of the Big Brother theme, reworking the lyrics to sing about his entry into the program.

And at one point, when he was hugging one of the program’s host he said “Wa koy sa kung maka gerger ko ani.” I was only half listening to the broadcast because I was still finishing a news page but this made me stop everything I was doing. Everyone in the newsroom laughed. Gerger is a euphemism for sex. It’s one of those gayspeak words that have gone mainstream. Being a euphemism, it doesn-t sound as vulgar as kayat, though. I’m not good at translating but what Budoy said, for me, was: don’t blame me if I get to make love here (in the show?). I’m not as sure but he could also mean: don’t blame me if I get to screw her (the host). Any other bisdak who was able to hear what he actually said?

And when the host said hinihikayat after Budoy said a lot of people would be texting for him, Budoy actually told her it was bastos. Good thing she didn’t ask him what kayat meant.


Feeling lucky?

Here’s a nifty trick: go to, search for Angela Calina and click on I’m Feeling Lucky or Sinuswerte Ako. Ta da! Cool huh?

So you’re asking: Who’s Angela Calina? Angela Calina is one of Cebu’s most popular TV personalities and she’s on the top five in my list of beautiful Cebuano women. She recently added another KBP Golden Dove for outstanding talk show host to her collection of awards.

I was infinitely amused when I found out yesterday that my site is the top search result for the Google search on Angela Calina. The top result is my entry on the Cebu Press Freedom Week San Miguel party, where I had my picture taken with her.


Press Freedom Week ends and I get star-struck

The San Miguel Beer party of the Cebu Press Freedom Week is the only event I’ve consistently attended in the past few years of the annual celebration. It’s held on a Saturday, the last day of the celebration and my day-off from the newsroom.

Yesterday, Marlen and I attended the gathering. We met old friends and acquaintances including former colleagues in the Cebu City Hall beat. While we were watching the band playing that time (the lead singer’s strapless dress was about to fall off), more people started coming in. When I looked at who occupied the seats across us, I saw TV personality Angela Calina. She sat beside Cebu Daily News editor Niza Mariñas.

I told Marlen that I’d try to steal a shot of Angela for my blog. She said I was “too obvious.” I don’t know what got into me but I asked Angela if it’s okay that I take a photo of her for my blog. She said the photo should be of the two of us. I asked Marlen to take a photo and stood beside one of the most beautiful women in Cebu.