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I’m in Cebu Journalism and Journalists 2, a glossy magazine that comes out during the Cebu Press Freedom Week celebration. The magazine’s purpose is “to put between its covers people, institutions, and activities that have helped bring Cebu journalism to what it is now: dynamic and thriving.” Cebu Journalism and Journalists

I wasn’t initially picked to be among the journalists featured in the magazine. I was, in fact, the last to be included in the volume.

A few days before the magazine was to be sent to the printer, I arrived at the office in my usual getup: jeans and shirt with scruffy hair on a face untouched by razor for a few weeks. I was surprised to be told to fix myself up, borrow a polo shirt and have my picture taken.

I was then told to write something about myself and, being the hardcore blogger that I am, I couldn’t resist including my weblog URL in the text. My late addition caused the relegation of a big-shot Cebuano broadcaster from a full-page treatment in the magazine into just half a page.

Max Limpag My half-page of fame in the Cebu Journalism and Journalists magazine. Click to enlarge.

The journalists included in the magazine were also featured in a photo exhibit in Ayala Center Cebu. I wasn’t able to visit the exhibit, which ended last night, because the past few days have been hectic for me and my family. As expected, I got ribbed for the drop in sales at the mall as my picture was scaring shoppers away.

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The beautiful game, online

The World Cup opened last week and many football fans are losing sleep keeping up with the games. I know I am. Live matches aren’t available on my cable TV provider but another company is offering live World Cup matches for a one-time fee. What I watch at home are replays of the games broadcast the next day.

Online, the tools of dissent are helping football fans access the BBCs streaming video coverage of the games, erstwhile limited to UK residents. Public and anonymous proxies used to help dissidents in repressive countries access censored content allow you to view the coverage of the British broadcaster, which is also blogging the event. Here’s a great tip from In another post, GHacks suggests using TUVPlayer and connecting to ESPN2. I might try it out later tonight.

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Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace conference: personal notes

Last week’s conference organized by the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (Seapa) in cooperation with the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) with the support of the Berkman Center Center for Internet and Society offered me a chance to meet bloggers and journalists from all over Asia.

With Sheila Coronel
Time flew so fast for the conference–an indication that I found it very interesting–that I found myself back at the airport in what appeared to be merely a day after stepping out of it.

I met Portnoy, a blogger from Taiwan, who asked for advice in choosing which Lucky Me instant cup noodle to bring back to his girlfriend. I picked my favorites: La Paz Batchoy and Palabok. He couldn’t have found a more knowledgeable conference delegate as instant noodles and sandwiches are common blogging and writing food for me–these are efficient to eat and the simplest to prepare especially if you’�re chasing a tight deadline.


Old flame, sinful old flame

I nearly stumbled when I saw her, then I gawked, stopping mid-stride. Had somebody been walking behind me, I would have been bumped. She looked just as she had the last time I held her in my hands, 10 years back. Only this time, she was a biggie, a sight that would almost certainly get me a warning from my wife.

It was a two-year college romance-cheap, obsessive, and unhealthy. She was there when I crammed for exams and reports. She was there when my frat brods and I planned for activities. She was there a few days before I left Manila for good to transfer to Cebu.

For P20, I could have her anytime then.

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Punk’s not dead, it has gone jogging

Or at least I did. I jogged four rounds at the Cebu City Sports Center oval today and walked another round, with Me First and The Gimme Gimmes and Ramones threatening to bust my eardrums.

I have an eclectic taste in music and my playlist leaves people I know bewildered. Bob Dylan gets mixed with Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Guitar Duo, Guns and Roses, Nina Simone, Celtic Awakening, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Coldplay, The Beatles, David Bowie and Bedroom Radio episodes.

But jogging is serious business and you can’t just listen to any song while running. Bob Dylan and jogging don’t mix. Bob Dylan songs, as with Beatles songs, are songs you listen to while writing an article that should have been submitted last week. These are songs you listen to while smoking, with a glass of Tanduay on the other hand, and discussing with friends how you can change the world.


Sigbins unite

Original sigbin and Cebus reggae imp Budoy has been nominated for eviction in Pinoy Big Brother. To save Budoy, text BB BUDOY to 231 for Smart and 2331 for Globe. Whats a sigbin? Heres how Budoy describes the mythical creature in his song Original Sigbin:

kon molakaw magtuwad
abtik molayat, kusog molupad
moabante pina-backward
moatras pina-forward

Here’s a link to an MP3 sample of the song.

Open source

Do you want to try Ubuntu?

I just got my Ubuntu Breezy Badger CDs yesterday. I’ve started distributing it among newsroom colleagues, telling them to try it out and then pass it on to other people. The live CDs that come with Ubuntu are really great in introducing people to the operating system.

Do you want one? If you’re in Cebu and you want one, send me a note so that we can discuss where I can leave the CDs for you to pick up. Do pass it on after you finish installing it.


The one

Eighty-five percent of Filipinos believe they are destined to spend the rest of their lives with one special person. And of this number, 75% told the Social Weather Stations that they’ve already found the person they are destined to be with.

“Belief to be destined with one person in their lifetime is strong across location: highest in Mindanao (90%), and equally high in NCR (84%), Balance Luzon (84%), and Visayas (82%) and across socioeconomic class: 90% among the upper classes ABCs, 89% among class E, and 83% among class D.

Married (87%) and those living-in with partner (83%) tend to have stronger belief in destiny to be with one person for the rest of their lives, compared to those who have no spouse or partner (79%).”

Read the news release at the SWS site.
Marlen and I at the Sun.Star canteen.
With Marlen, hamming it up for Sun.Star Cebu photographer Amper Campaa at the Sun.Star canteen.



I turned 30 yesterday. The weather was horrible-it still is as I write this- and it never stopped raining in our part in Lapu-Lapu City. Marlen and I took the day off from work and went out for a quick pasta meal. We stayed indoors with Dylan, who did not have a class yesterday, and Lennon, who never stopped running from one corner of the house to another until he fell asleep close to midnight.

I smoked only two cigarette sticks yesterday. I used to smoke at least a pack (20 sticks), often more, every day. I started drastically cutting down on smoking earlier this year, with the approach of my self-imposed deadline to quit, which was set arbitrarily several years back in one of those drinking sessions with friends. I know its still too early to tell but I just might be able to pull this off.

Even until a few years back, I thought 30 was old. A former editor, who was in her early 40s at that time, called my attention when I used old woman in the headline for a crime victim who was in her 40s.

I dont feel old. Im not as fit as I want to be but Im working on that with life hacks on smoking and diet. I want to return to playing football (or soccer as Americans stubbornly call it) regularly. In the meantime, Im playing table tennis regularly and narrowly missed a slot to the finals in our office tournament.

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I passed

Just got it yesterday-my certificate for finishing the diploma in online journalism offered by the Konrad Adenauer Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila. I went through three very instructive courses by Chin Wong, Dr. Elliot King and Dr. Randolph Reddick.