Windows Live services coming to Nokia phones

Nokia has announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to provide a suite of Windows Live services “specifically designed for Nokia devices.” Users of compatible S60 devices in selected countries can now download Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Contacts and Windows Live Spaces.

Users of Nokia Series 40 devices will be able to download the services only next year. Current users of Nokia N73, N76, N80 Internet Edition, N93i, and N95 can get the suite via the Download! application in their phones. Nokia asked users to check whether the application is available to their country. I opened the site and got an error instead. But Nokia said in the press statement that the application is available in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, UK, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The applications, according to a Nokia press statement, will allow users to “seamlessly move between contacts, mail, messenger, phone calls, text messaging, camera, gallery and browsing all in an integrated way.”

The announcement by Nokia comes on the heels of a report that “traffic to Google’s maps, e-mail and mobile searches on mobile phones and wireless handheld devices rose 35 percent between May and June.” The iPhone is credited with the 40 percent to 50 percent jump in the use of Google Maps on mobiles.

I neither use Windows Live services or Nokia devices but the announcement caught my eye because I have long been on the lookout for applications that provide a more integrated web service experience on mobile devices. My benchmark for the integration is the GMail for mobile application. I use it to check my e-mail on my phone every day.

Unlike applications that run on PCs, there is less room for errors in mobile applications. Users see it as part of the phone suite and it should just work–the way you expect the device to be able to make calls or send and receive messages.

Google is working on its own suite of mobile applications that will access its myriad of web services. I can’t wait until it’s offered for download.

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  1. wow, that’s really interesting news. i’ve just started with my live space, and i think it’s really cool that windows can, soon, be used with nokia phones (the new, ever expensive ones i don’t think i can afford yet!). haha.

  2. Hmm, very interesting. My Nokia N70 Music Edition came with the GMail feature which I find very useful!! I check my email using my cell on emergency situations.

    I don’t think Windows Live services will be of use to me. I’m more interested with what Google is up to! Hope it comes soon.

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