Zyb goes social with new version

Zyb, a web service that provides free online phone data backups, has launched its new version with a better website interface and several new features, including social networking through phone contacts and micro-blogging.

I find Zyb a useful service and use at least once a month to make sure I have an off-site backup of my contacts list.

My primary backup of phone data—contacts, messages, and calendar items—is in my personal computer. I use Float’s Mobile Agent not only to manage my phone, a Sony Ericsson K750i, and send messages with it but also to archive messages and back up my contacts database.

NEW ZYB SERVICE. The website now offers social networking via phone contacts and micro-blogging.

Zyb, however, provides an easier backup solution that’s also more convenient. The website allows you to store all your contacts online and synchronize it with your phone. If you add another contact in your phone, it will be uploaded into your Zyb account once you synchronize the data. The service reminds you at least once a month to synchronize your data to make sure your Zyb account has the latest version of your phone contacts.

Synchronization is very easy. In my phone’s case, there’s a Zyb button in my Synchronization menu. When I click on it, my Zyb account will get my latest contacts database in just a few minutes of synchronization and at just a few pesos (I use Smart Buddy and it charges only P10 for 30 minutes of mobile Internet connectivity).

BACKUP OF PHONE DATA. Zyb offers an easy way to back up phone data—such as contacts and messages—online.

If you lose your phone or get a new one, you can just connect to Zyb and synchronize your data and in just a few minutes, you new phone will contain all your previous phone contacts.

Zyb also allows you to back up important SMS messages. In my case, I get a mobile number where I send the messages to and then these get automatically stored in my Zyb account. This service is useful for archiving messages that contain important data.

While I use Float’s Mobile Agent for archiving my phone’s messages, I see the possibility of using Zyb’s SMS backup in cases when I’m off my Windows PC and need to back up an important SMS message. I tried sending a text message to Zyb’s listed number and in no time, the message I sent was already stored in my Zyb account.

Zyb’s new version extends the service beyond just backing up phone data. It can now help you connect to people via the Zyb service using details in your phone contacts. I was able to invite a newsroom colleague into the service by using my Zyb account. After she signed up, the website then alerted me that one of my phone contacts was now using Zyb and asked me whether I wanted to connect with her.

Zyb now also offers micro-blogging. With Twitter becoming all the rage among bloggers, it makes sense for Zyb to provide the service. I tried it for a few times but micro-blogging isn’t really for me.

Among the site’s new features are:

  • Users can connect to the people in their mobile phone’s address book to keep in touch and share mobile content
  • Connected friends can keep their contact information updated in each other’s phones
  • Users can micro-blog from their phone and broadcast the blog to people in their phone’s address book
  • Users can upload pictures from their mobile phone and tag the pictures using the phone’s address book
  • Users can expand their social network by searching for people with whom they have mutual friends

If you’re looking for a solid backup solution for your mobile phone data, check Zyb out. And when you do sign up, make sure you regularly synchronize data or you’d rue your failure to do so when you lose your phone.

SOCIAL NETWORKING. Zyb now offers social networking using details in your phone contacts.

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4 responses

  1. zyb didn’t work with my nokia 6233. Or rather, the nokia didn’t work with zyb. Might be due to globe. After configuration (automatic and manual) and trying several times, the phone just says ‘Data transfer not possible’. Too bad. This seems like such a good service. Any advice?

  2. Jason,
    I’ve never tried it with Globe so it’s likely to be a problem with the data connection. My Zyb account sports a Smart logo, indicating they have a service agreement with Smart.

  3. Has anyone out there tried zyb with globe? or a nokia 6533?

  4. I can’t seem to synchronise either since getting a Nokia 6300. It worked fine with my previous SE phone.

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