Enhancing blog comments with avatars

I’ve just re-enabled Gravatar support for this blog. Gravatar, for globally-recognized avatar, is a service that publishes avatars or graphic representations of people who comment in your blog. Check out my previous posts to see gravatar in action.

I used the service some time last year but stopped it after a few months when I encountered problems.

To get your own Gravatar, just sign up for an account at the Gravatar website. Prepare a square image and then upload it to the site. Associate the image with your e-mail address and you’re done.

SIGN-UP for a gravatar account to have images show up next to your comments.

With the service, the image you picked will show up whenever you leave comments in blogs and websites that support Gravatar. Make sure you use the e-mail address associated with your account when you post comments.

If you are a website or blog owner, check these guidelines at the Gravatar website on how to implement the service. The service has its own WordPress plugin but I’m using the plugin written by Skippy and now maintained by ZenPax. The plugin allows local caching to deal with problems on server congestion in the main gravatar site.

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3 responses

  1. hi, sir max! thanks for this post. hehe. it reminded me to update my gravatar thingie. 🙂 ayee! astiga ug gravatar, uy!

  2. Hi aCey,
    Change your gravatar na. Tell me when you do and I’ll refresh the cache here (although it’s supposed to automagically do that) so that it will be displayed 🙂

  3. lol. i already did, but i doesn’t work lagi. lol! hmmm.

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