Upgrading to latest WordPress version

The WordPress team has released a new version of the popular and open source blogging software. The new version, 2.0.5, breaks the WordPress tradition of naming releases after jazz musicians. The team named the release Ronan, in honor of contributor Ryan Boren’s son, who was born earlier this month.

Matt Mullenweg said in his post in the WordPress development blog that the WordPress team suggests that “everyone upgrade as this includes security fixes” (emphasis mine). Here’s a link to the changes.

I’ve just upgraded this blog and a host of others I help maintain to the latest version. I initially thought of uploading only the changed files but later decided to upload the whole thing for good measure. If you’re interested only on the changed files, new WordPress 2.0 maintainer Mark Jaquith has compiled a list.

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6 responses

  1. Just testing subscribe to comments plugin. If you want to get email alerts for new comments on an entry, just check the box below the comment text form.

  2. Let’s see if an email is indeed sent.

  3. Will upgrading versions keep all of your posts?

  4. Matt,
    Yes, you keep all data: links, comments, posts etc.

  5. Yeah, I’ve been thinking of upgrading myself, but just tend to put it off, fearing i might loose my entries/settings/theme or what not.. haha… oh, and as for the comments plug-in, where’d you get it ? :>

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