1. We believe Google will eventually release a single app that combined Gmail, Gtalk and GCal. There is another free application called Morange has put all these together, push mail, IM, calendar, virtual disk, Push RSs etc, etc, It is available on GetJar.com, http://www.getjar.com/products/6188/MORANGEFullVersion

    So far the users love it and give it high score, May I have the honor to invite you have a look of Morange? and give us some feedback? really appreciate it.

  2. Michael,
    I have been looking for such an application for so long. I wasn’t able to search getjar.com extensively because the site is so slow to load. Thanks for the tip. I will be trying it out. The K750i, though, isn’t listed as among the phones verified to be MORANGE compatible. Has anyone tried installing it on a K750i?

  3. Max, I believe I read somewhere that the gmail mobile app is only for US market for now.

    Gmail is accessible through POP. I use windows mobile and pull the email using email inbox client.

  4. I’m currently in Qatar, and I’ve tried using the mobile gmail app, and it’s working. I don’t know but maybe you have problems with the access point, i don’t know really. because for mine, I was prompted with many different access points and I tried each one until I was able to finally connect and get it working.

  5. Wilson, Migs, Deuts,
    Thanks for the feedback. I finally got it to work. It turns out that the changing of Internet settings of the phone didn’t do me any good as you have to specify the Internet setting for Java applications in the K750i.

  6. Installing Gmail app went smooth and everything is working great on my V800, it’s fast and cool. But I must say that for me, using 2 or 3 programs just to check my mail’s is stupid. I am using Movamail http://movamail.com/ for all off my accounts (incl. gmail) and I don’t think I will change it.

  7. I’m from the UK and on the O2 network (Samsung Z400). I had the same problem witht the loading screen as well, but after trying out a few things I got it to work! 😀

    I just had to change the Internet profile from WAP to Mobile Web for Gmail. Now its running and loading as smoothly as the desktop version.
    I’m Impressed

  8. Yeah, I had the same problem. Although I did change my java-settings to the internet profile that I was accessing the Internet with, but it was still not working. I added a new data account as well as internet profile and now it works! (btw, I’m located in Germany using Simyo (eplus))

  9. I had the same problem as the rest of you. I finally got it to work by enabling POP access in my Gmail account (pretty obvious…) and also changing the language to English (US). Now it runs smoothly, and I’m located in Portugal, not US.

  10. Thanks all for the helpful comments. I had the exact same problem.

    My solution (South Africa) was to change ‘Settings for JAVA’ from VLive! to Vodacom in the Settings > Connectivity menu of the K750i.

    Just by the way, ShoZu is now also working for me, which previously wasn’t the case!

  11. FLURRY java software is quite a good email application for k750i. Opening the YAHOO email inbox costs around 3 kb ~ 50 cents (better than 10/30 min one-time-transaction of smart.). You can also send email. The only reservation i have is the security. The software will ask your email password for them to open for you. Perhaps creating a dummy email account where emails are forwarded is a better remedy.

  12. I have a Samsung Z400 and have changed my internet application settings and it still says for all apps inc. Gmail and Morange “Network startup failure” any ideas?

  13. Glynn,
    Have you tried experimenting with the setttings? Can you also check if you have a separate Internet setting for Java applications? In the Sony Ericsson K750i, there is a setting entry for “Internet Settings” but there’s a separate Internet setting for Java applications.

  14. Hi all,
    I’ve been having the same problems on my Nokia 6101, on O2 in the UK.
    It’s not only Gmail – whatever I try, I just can’t get applications to access the internet. Web access from the phone’s browser works fine. I’m also trying to use Jajah’s mobile application, same luck… Any ideas?

  15. Dino,
    I think your phone’s Internet settings haven’t been set properly. Try asking your telco’s service enter to do it for you if you’re having a hard time setting it up.

  16. I have K310i. But I am still getting problem while connection with GMail app. It says “this program requires data connection. bla bla…”
    Can you please give me some idea.

  17. I can open Gmail in Opera Mini. I am actually using Globe and it is for free. I haven’t tried downloading the Gmail application on my phone. The one that I want to have working on my phone is the default email application on it. I am using K800i and I cannot make it to work. I downloaded the email settings from Sony Ericsson support website but it is not working. Any suggestions?

  18. I have Opera Mini on my phone and I am using Globe. My phone is SE K800i. I can browse the Internet for free. I don’t really have any load but I can browse. Even if I have load, it is not charging me for the browsing.

    The only thing that I really want to work on my phone is the default email application on it. I already downloaded the email settings and configure it but it is not retrieving the emails to get into my email inbox. Anyone who made it working?

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