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Trying Gmail for mobile application…and it’s still loading

I tested the recently released GMail for mobile application, a java program for your phone to connect to what is probably the world’s best e-mail service, and I couldn’t get it to work. Up to now, hours after I installed it, the phone still can’t open my inbox and I only get a screen that says “loading.”

gmail on k750 Gmail for mobile application makes access to your email from your phone easy, if your phone supports it and you can make it work. Click on photo to enlarge.

The installation went fine. I went to and I was prompted to download the program. I clicked on download Gmail and the program was downloaded in just a few minutes, at such a cheap GPRS rate at 10 pesos.

I promptly entered my username and password. It was torture doing so using the phone keypad as I use a 30-character password. When I clicked on sign in, the phone screen just displayed loading. I waited for several minutes before exiting the application and opening it again, still no luck.

I tried reentering my username and password, such torture, and signing in again, still no luck. I tried letting it connect for close to an hour, my inbox still wouldn’t load. I could access settings, but these options are programmed into the application, but I couldn’t get my emails.

I tried sending a test email and I got a 502 error, service unavailable. I don’t know where the error lies, whether it is with Gmail or with my Smart connection.

I can connect to Gmail using the address in my Sony Ericsson K750i but I couldn’t do so using the recently launched application.

The Gmail help center says (emphasis mine):

We’re currently only able to support users in the United States. However, Gmail users in any country are able to download and use the Gmail for mobile application on their compatible mobile phones.

I’ve been browsing forums and there are users outside the United States who have been able to use the service. I’ll spend the next few days trying to make the application work in my phone.

gmail for mobile Downloading and installing the Gmail for mobile application took just a few minutes and went without a hitch. Click on photo to enlarge.

Why bother when you can connect to your account using For one, the Gmail team promises “Speed. Serious speed.? Also, the application allows you to search your mails and offers Conversation view, which is what sets Gmail apart from other providers. The application also gives you the look and feel of the product.

Why bother at all to access your emails in your phone, you ask? It can be useful at times when you absolutely need to check your messages or send an email and you don’t have Wi-Fi access and you can’t find a vacant Internet cafe unit.

Has anyone using either a Globe or Smart connection been able to use GMail for mobile application? How were you able to make it work?

By Max Limpag

Max is a journalist and blogger based in Cebu City, Philippines. He is co-founder of the journalism start-up InnoPub Media.