The Chronicles of Narnia and the gift from Google

Marlen and I bought a boxed set of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia two weeks ago as a Christmas present for ourselves. It was the only copy left in SM City Cebu. We said we wouldn’t be opening it before Christmas. It’s Christmas and I’m reading the seventh book. Our resolve was good only for a few days.
IMG_1173 IMG_1175
Early this week I saw a package on my desk in the newsroom. It was the gift set Google gave out to bigger publishers using AdSense. It wasn’t for me, silly. It was for the AdSense account of Sun.Star and was sent to the account executive in charge of the program. I drooled over the wireless optical mini mouse and the LED light.

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4 responses

  1. Wowsa!! I never knew google gave out Christmas gifts. I think they should give presents to everyone, not just the big companies…they have enough money to buy their own neat little gadgets!

    Never heard of it before though – thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice! Tried clicking on the image para makaita ko yung contents better pero there was something wrong with the flickr conection pre.

    I was thinking of transferring from blogger (medyo na-bobore na kasi me sa blogger ko) to another blogging service. WordPress and are the top two on my list.

    Can you help me in choosing?

  3. Ilang figures kelangan para bigyan ka nila?

  4. Yuga,
    I really have no idea what’s the threshold amount of earnings to get the gift from Google. But the items really are something to drool over.

    The error has to do with the plugin I’m using. Currently it does not link to the Flickr images in this site because I use pretty URLs… I’m waiting for an update of the plugin.

    I meant to do a list of good blog hosting services for my friends who are still starting out their own sites. I’ll post it here, maybe you can pick up a thing or two to help you decide.

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