Giving a blog as Christmas gift

Yesterday, the editorial department of the newspaper I work for celebrated its Christmas party. No Christmas party is complete without the exchange of gifts and we held one yesterday. But two weeks back, we were already supposed to give the recipient of our gifts small items, costing from P20 to P50, based on the week’s theme.

I got popular TV host Jude Bacalso, our paper’s Life and Leisure editor, in the drawing of names for the gift exchange. For two weeks, I never gave him any of the small items I was supposed to give-something green and something sweet.

When we exchanged gifts yesterday, I gave Jude Bacalso three gifts. One of them was an index card containing login details to his new blog, sporting the Green Marinee theme. Jude Bacalso is so witty and so funny that he should blog. I hope he does take the time to update it.

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