Take 2: WordPress theme screencast

I’ve fixed my initial attempt at doing a video tutorial on turning a web template into a WordPress theme. It now loads. As I wrote earlier, I am still finalizing the screencast but I just posted it to get initial feedback as I’m thinking of redoing the entire thing.

I wasn’t able to capture the part when I activated the theme, tweaked and fixed it because I ran out of virtual memory. I am also writing a blog post based on it. I’ll publish the post as soon as I finalize a screencast. In the meantime, please view the screencast and feel free to leave some comments.

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One response

  1. great screencast, very helpful. I am uploading as we speak and I will see if I followed your instructions well – code and me don’t always work well, quite often I spend a lot of time editing or searching for a minor error.

    I have just one suggestion for you for the next time around. Try to make the video a bit slower. Idk much about the video program you used or this site, but it was really fast and hard to follow. I often had to pause the video and go back and forth with the time line bar – which didn’t have a current time indicator, so at times I would skip too far ahead or behind.

    Besides that, great work

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