Take 1: WordPress theme screencast for design-challenged non-geeks

(UPDATED) I created a screencast on how to turn any web template into a WordPress theme. I created the screencast for someone like me a few months back: interested to use an open source template for my blog and yet not knowing how to turn it into a theme.

This is the first take because, as you may see, it needs a lot of improvements. The screencast covered how I turned this open source web design into this WordPress theme. I’d appreciate comments on this as I would either be rendering the screencast again from the raw frames capture I saved elsewhere or throwing away the thousands of captured frames and doing the screencast all over again.

For one, I deleted literally a footage of frames from it and realized it only after rendering the whole thing. The frames are still saved in my office PC and I’ll try to see what I can salvage from it. What’s egging me on to redo the entire thing is that I ran out of virtual memory on the last part of the screencast–the part when I activated the theme, tweaked it and fixed errors. Darn, I need 1GB of RAM.

UPDATE: I’ve fixed this screencast up a bit but I still have to go over the raw frames capture I stored elsewhere. Again, I’d appreciate feedback on this as I am weighing redoing the entire thing or just tweaking it. I am writing a post to go with this screencast.

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  1. I’m having some trouble with this. The screencast only loads about a quarter of the way for me (waited 10 minutes, cable modem). Maybe it’s just me? I’m very interested in this presentation… I’ll check back in a while and see if I can get it to play then.


  2. I’m having problems viewing it too. The theme is nice though. Be back for more

  3. Brandon, Jhay,
    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll render the screencast again. Check back in a few hours.

  4. Hey Max,

    Hi there from Spain!! Nice initiative, nice blog. I´ve discovered recently but i am learning a bunch of useful things reading you. What app are you using to make/render the screencast?? Is there any help i can offer you with your problem on the last part of the screencast??


  5. tesheyrosa Avatar

    i would like to ask too, how to put some albums on the right column of the blog page. i hope you dont mind answering.

  6. Javier,
    Thanks for the feedback. I’m using Wink for the screencast, it’s a free porgram.

    If you want to place photo albums there that are integrated into your site, try FAlbum, it integrates your Flickr photos into your WordPress blog. You can then use codes to display the albums in your sidebar. If you just want photos displayed in your sidebar, just use an online photo sharing service and use the codes that they provide to be able to display the photos in your site. If you use Flickr, you might want to try FlickrRSS.

  7. Hi Max, thanks for the vid and tutorials on the wordpress. I have seen your video but I’m having trouble catching it up with you. The first half is ok for me. Till when you start cut and copy elements on to the header, sidebar and footer, thats where I’m lost because you are so fast. Is there a way I could get detail notes from you?

  8. hey max… this screencast is currently not loading… coul you fix it please?

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