Installing Akismet to deal with comment spam

Ive been hammered with comment spam in the last few days and had to deal with more than 30 of such comments daily. I never thought of installing an anti-spam plugin before, thinking that an occasional Viagra or poker spam would be easy to moderate. But having to delete comment and trackback spam every once… Continue reading Installing Akismet to deal with comment spam

Make your blog posts ‘taggable’

Many people now use online bookmarks to file sites they want to review later. Among the most popular services are, Furl, Spurl and Yahoo My Web 2.0. Many of these services require you to install a tool bar or a shortcut tab in your browser in order to save bookmarks and tag these with… Continue reading Make your blog posts ‘taggable’

Blogging a beauty pageant

Sun.Star Cebu’s Bisaya tabloid Superbalita is celebrating its anniversary. Part of the activities is the search for Miss Sun.Star Superbalita 2005. The Superbalita staff wanted a blog for the pageant so I created the Miss SuperB! blog, using WordPress, last night. I used the Vader style of the K2 theme. Superbalita wants all blog entries… Continue reading Blogging a beauty pageant

Profile information for group blog contributors

On top of my wishlists for group blogs is profile data for contributors. Profile data isn’t important in personal blogs because usually, the blog has links to an About Me page. In group blogs, however, profile data of the author after the post would be very helpful to readers. You can automate the publication of… Continue reading Profile information for group blog contributors

Integrate your Flickr account into your WordPress blog

Why limit yourself to a badge to display your latest photos in Flickr when you can integrate the photos into an image gallery in your blog? If you use WordPress, you can use the FAlbum plugin to do this. Download the plugin from the Random Byte site and upload the files into your WordPress plugins… Continue reading Integrate your Flickr account into your WordPress blog

Categories vs. tags

I’ve just deactivated my previous Technorati tagging plugin and installed a new one Ultimate Tag Warrior. The previous plugin no longer worked. I did not know when or how it broke down but the tag archiving system in my site ( no longer worked. I went to the plugin’s home page to check for… Continue reading Categories vs. tags

Why open source makes sense for non-geeks like me

If you hold a gun to my head demanding that I write a PHP code to print “Hello World” without searching the web for hints, I’d be dead in a minute. I do not know how to program – in any computer language. If the technology world were J.K. Rowling’s universe, I’d be a squib.… Continue reading Why open source makes sense for non-geeks like me

3-column theme fixed

After I changed themes early today, Ive been checking blogs and websites in an effort to find a fix for my new designs bug its inability to be displayed properly in Internet Explorer. Until this afternoon Explorer displayed only one column of the two-column sidebar. The third column was displayed under the second… Continue reading 3-column theme fixed