Blogging a beauty pageant

Sun.Star Cebu’s Bisaya tabloid Superbalita is celebrating its anniversary. Part of the activities is the search for Miss Sun.Star Superbalita 2005. The Superbalita staff wanted a blog for the pageant so I created the Miss SuperB! blog, using WordPress, last night. I used the Vader style of the K2 theme.

Superbalita wants all blog entries to be in Bisaya. This is part of the paper’s campaign to popularize the use of conversational Cebuano, including in cyberspace. I am now a blogger for Miss Super B! and I’ll be covering parts of the event and interviewing some of the candidates. It is, needless to say, a job that many in the newsroom would kill for.

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2 responses

  1. whoa!! good thing I can comprehend a little Cebuano!

  2. Migs,
    Daghang gwapa no?

    Max Limpag
    Superbeauties blogger

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