When you need more than just More

In WordPress, you can determine which part of your post gets displayed in the home page as teaser to the full article. You can either do this using excerpts or the more tag.

I suggest you use the More tag: <!–more–> . It’s an easier way to customize the length of the article’s teaser in the home page. You can do this with excerpts but you have to edit the main page to replace the_content with the_excerpt to display the excerpts of the blogpost. There’s a plugin available in this site (external link) if you want to use excerpts.

If you want to continue using more, you can customize the text to be displayed as more link. The template I use only displays the link as [more..]. I wanted the more link to display the title of the article. After checking the WordPress Codex, I found the solution. To make your more link read “Continue reading – (the title of the post)” (check out the more links in this site) edit your main.php file and look for the part with the_content and replace it with this line:
<?php the_content("Continue reading &raquo; " . the_title('', '', false)); ?>

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