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FEAC2006: technical notes

Since last year, I have been actively moving files that I need to access anywhere online, in an experiment to “make the network my computer.” This served me well during the recent Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace conference in Manila.

The greatest benefit is that the files I needed for things I was working on was accessible whichever computer I was using. I host all my files with, the best online drive I’ve tried so far. Streamload is a close second and I use it for backup.

I used one of the newsroom’s laptops in the conference and it was a plain vanilla installation. In a few steps, however, I turned it’s Firefox into the browser that I use at home and at the office. When I used one of the laptops set up by the organizers at the conference hall, I was also able to turn it into my familiar Firefox installation (after they installed Firefox): with the same bookmarks and bookmarks toolbar. I did this using Foxmarks, a Firefox bookmarks synchronizer. Foxmarks synchronizes all your bookmarks into a central server, so you essentially have the same set of bookmarks and bookmarks toolbar for each browser that uses your account.

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My roundup of the best Sony Ericsson K750i themes

I change the themes of my Sony Ericsson K750i at least four times a week. I’m always in the lookout for great looking phone themes to download, especially animated ones. My taste in phone themes mirrors my taste in blog design, I love glassy buttons, transparencies and slashes in buttons or background graphic.

I depend on two sites for my K750i themes fix: MyK750 of and Zedge. You can download themes from the two sites either into your PC or directly to your phone via WAP. Zedge limits PC downloads to 20 items a day-themes, ringtones, screensavers and movie clips. Lasyk doesn’t impose a PC download limit. Zedge requires you to register for a free account before you can download. Lasyk doesn’t require a registration.

I always download themes or ringtones into the PC so that I won’t have to pay for WAP access. I then transfer the files to my phone via Bluetooth or USB transfer

Here are my favorite Sony Ericsson K750i themes (screenshots after the jump).


Upgraded K750i firmware to latest version

(Update: the latest Sony Ericsson firmware is now: R1CA021) I upgraded my Sony Ericsson K750i to the latest firmware version last night. The new firmware, R1BC002, fixes a lot of bugs and offers several enhancements to the phone. My phone’s previous firmware, R1N035, was three releases behind and still contained bugs.

To check the firmware version of your Sony Ericsson phone, do the following (for < push the joystick to the left, for > push the joystick to the right):

I have long wanted to try updating the K750i’s firmware using the Sony Ericsson Update Service but I kept putting this off because I read forum posting after forum posting of people botching their upgrades.

Prior to the latest firmware, the K750i had an irritating bug involving the transfer of files via USB to the Memory Stick duo. Every time I transfer files to the phone’s Memory Stick, I always encounter problems. Not all the files I sent would be transferred. The easiest solution to this was to detach the Memory Stick and use a card reader.

Highlights Mobile PC

How to encode movies for playing in your cellphone

I used to scoff at the prospect of watching movie clips in your cellphone. After all, who’d want to watch something in very small screen when you can always watch it on your PC or TV. I’ve watched 3GP movie clips in various phone demos and did not find it something to drool over.

But after watching movie clips in mp4 format, I found that I don’t mind watching movies in smaller screens–especially during times when you have nothing to do like waiting for an appointment or while traveling. Clips in mp4 format have better resolution so I went ahead and converted movie clips I wanted to watch on the phone.


Multi-tasking in the Sony Ericsson K750i

After days of using it, Iím getting to see why the K750i is such a great phone. I tried taking photos using the 2-megapixel cameraphone and found that the quality of the photographs equals, if not exceeds, the Kodak point and shoot digital camera I was using a few years back.

The phone can also serve as a decent music player. It can play MP3 and AAC files. It has an integrated FM radio. The phone also serves as a good portable flash drive.

You can continue writing and sending messages while using the phoneís music player or FM tuner. You can also continue listening to music while taking photographs. The music stops for a second or two, though, when you click on the shutter button.


Best web portals for mobile phone themes

I got a Sony Ericsson K750i as gift. Iíve always been a fan of Sony Ericsson phones starting with the R320s (which my wife won in a raffle a few years back). The first thing that I did when I opened phone package was to change its themes.

The K750i displays animated themes. My previous phone, the T630 uses themes to control its appearance and I must have tried close to 30 before I settled on the Firefox theme.

For mobile phone themes, I check three sites:

Zedge is, in my opinion, the best repository of mobile phone themes. It offers a lot of themes in various categories and for various phone models: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, LG, Motorola, NEC, Pantech, Phillips, Samsung, Siemens etc.

In order to download themes, wallpapers, ringtones, games and applications from the site, you have to register for a free account. Your free account allows you to download 20 items (ringtones, wallpapers or applications) everyday. You can either download the item into your computer for sending to your phone via Bluetooth, infrared or data cable or you can add it to your account for downloading via

If you plan to visit only one site for your mobile phone enhancement needs, then Zedge is the site for you.

Lasyk is a network of sites for various Sony Ericsson phones. Instead of having everything under one site, they organize the site into sub-domains based on the phone model so if you want themes, ringtones, games and wallpapers for your Sony Ericsson t630, you can go to

Esato also has great themes and other mobile phone goodies but it doesnít offer as much as the two previous sites. It has a discussion forum, though, that has been helpful when I tried looking for solutions to various mobile phone problems.