Upgraded K750i firmware to latest version

(Update: the latest Sony Ericsson firmware is now: R1CA021) I upgraded my Sony Ericsson K750i to the latest firmware version last night. The new firmware, R1BC002, fixes a lot of bugs and offers several enhancements to the phone. My phone’s previous firmware, R1N035, was three releases behind and still contained bugs.

To check the firmware version of your Sony Ericsson phone, do the following (for < push the joystick to the left, for > push the joystick to the right):

I have long wanted to try updating the K750i’s firmware using the Sony Ericsson Update Service but I kept putting this off because I read forum posting after forum posting of people botching their upgrades.

Prior to the latest firmware, the K750i had an irritating bug involving the transfer of files via USB to the Memory Stick duo. Every time I transfer files to the phone’s Memory Stick, I always encounter problems. Not all the files I sent would be transferred. The easiest solution to this was to detach the Memory Stick and use a card reader.

When I read that the latest firmware fixed all issues involving USB transfer, I decided to plunge into upgrading the phoneΓ―ΒΏΒ½s firmware. After all, I thought, I could just go to the Sony Ericsson service center if I botch the upgrade.

I backed up my phone’s data-contacts, messages and calendar items-using Float’s Mobile Agent. I then installed Sony Ericsson Update service. The first time I tried installing it–in a Windows XP PC–I couldn’t get pass the Follow These Instructions page. Windows XP had warned that the drivers I was using were unsigned.

I tried it using another PC, which was running Windows 2000, and the upgrade was flawless and took just 15 minutes.

Esato has a nice rundown of the enhancements and fixes of the different Sony Ericsson K750i firmware. Among the enhancements and fixes in the R1BC002 that convinced me to upgrade the firmware are:

1. Slight increase in speaker and earphone volume
2. All USB transfer issues fixed
3. Free memory is now listed in MB instead of KB
4. Photos are now taken as soon as the shutter sound is heard

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  1. Sherwin Ong Avatar
    Sherwin Ong

    Hello there,

    How did you upgrade your phone? What did you use? The usb cable and the cd that comes with the phone? You went to sony ericsson’s website?

    By the way, I would like to inform everybody that there is a new version of opera mini browser. Go to your wap service and under bookmarks, please add in the address http://mini.opera.com. Ypu can download the new version of the opera mini there.

    By the Max, do you have an ISP for your phone to browse the internet or you just use the service of globe and smart?

    Hope the information about the opera mini I have given would be helpful to you all.

    Sherwin Ong

  2. Sherwin, I used the USB cable that came with the phone. You can use the upgrade software in your CD but to make sure that I have the latest update software, I downloaded the one posted in the Sony Ericsson website. Here’s the link to the software.

    I don’t browse the Web using the phone. I just used it to check mobile browsing for the column. I’m on a desktop most of the time and I don’t have the need really to be able to connect to the Internet using a phone.

  3. Sherwin Ong Avatar
    Sherwin Ong

    Hello Max

    Did you check the latest opera mini version for our phone?
    Hope it was a big help giving you that information.



  4. Kamusta! Nice review bro! I am about to embark in transforming my webpage into a K750/W800i page, when you are free come over k? I converted my K750i into a W800i and I absolutely love it! I have a photo gallery just for people like us!

  5. well well i tried to upload the ultimate software versionR1BC002 BUT I COULDN’T .why?because when i turn off the phone, i removeSIM-card,replace the battery,hold c button and i plug the usb connector into the phone nothing is happening after!why? what should i do?what is the problem?

  6. Alex,
    A few questions:
    1. Did you check whether you have the latest Flash player installed (get the Flash player for Internet Explorer at http://www.macromedia.com)?
    2. Did you install the software update drivers?
    3. Did you run sony Ericsson Software Update before connecting your phone?
    4. What Windows version are you running?

  7. Is it really possible to convert the K750i’s software to W800i. Im really interested on how to do this cuz there’s one feature that I like about the W800i which allows you to play fm/mp3 while the phone functions is off.

  8. Donnie,
    Yes it’s possible to do that and in fact, I’ve been thinking about trying it so that I can write about it for the newspaper I work for. Try reading the experiences of people who tried it at Esato.com. I’ve read there somewhere that when you do flash your K750 and turn it into a W800, you lose the Activity Menu, which is a very useful shortcut for me. The flight mode, which turns your phone’s communications functions off and make it operate just as a music player is useful if you travel on planes a lot. I don’t.

  9. Donnie Avatar

    Hi Max,

    I just bought my K750i yesterday and the phone is great. Great improvements from my old K700i. I checked the firmware version and its R1N035. Three release behind same as yours. Do you think I should upgrade it same as yours? I dont have problems with my internet connection.


  10. Donnie,
    Yes, I think you should upgrade the firmware and now’s the best time to do it since you just bought the phone and you still haven’t entered that much data to backup. The version you are using has bugs when it comes to USB transfer to the memory stick. Some of the files you transfer via USB cable won’t be sent to the phone. It will be hard to use the phone as a music player because the transfer of music files will be affected by this bug. Before I upgraded the phone, I just used a memory card reader to transfer music files to my memory stick.

  11. hi there
    i am just woundering if there is any way that i can change the phone so it will play back any music file, i have tried WAV and the phone says that it cant play back the file, and also is there anyway of compressing the music that i tranfer to the phone so i can store more music on it?

    cheers ash

  12. Ash,
    You can try converting the WAV file into an MP3. Try using Audacity at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/. What’s the WAV file for? For a ringtone? If it’s just a small file, you can e-mail it to me maxlimpag(at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll convert it for you.

    As to compressing the music so that you can store more files, you’d have to re-encode the music files. Just buy a bigger memory stick, I only use a 512MB memory stick and it has enough space for several hours worth of songs.

  13. hi max thanks for the fast reply

    no i was tring to convert MP3 into WAV but when i do the phone wont play it back but it doesnt really bother me that much as i will get a 2GB card for the phone.

    also i have some sort of bug on the bluetooth as i cant pick up any nokia or samsung phones but i can pick anything else.

    is there any sort of update which could solve this or inprove the phone in anyway.

    many thanks again ash

  14. hi guys…can u tell me if it s a must to backup all my files n numbers as this will take forever!

  15. Imran,
    My upgrade went so smooth that had I not backed my data up, I wouldn’t have had any problem. However, I suggest that you back your data up just in case you encounter problems in upgrading and you have to do a master reset. Backing up the numbers won’t take forever if you use Float’s Mobile Agent (download it at http://fma.sourceforge.net), you can back up your phone numbers, calendar entries, tasks lists and even SMS messages. The files you can just copy to your PC via USB transfer.

  16. I can’t get the update to work?

    It tells me there are no available updates and i have the latest one but its still on R1N035

    can you help please?

  17. Just updated my unit yesterday and it went smoothly. Data is retained. You still have to back it up though just in case it fails. =)

  18. Donnie,
    That’s great. Glad it went smoothly for you.

    In some countries and telcos, particularly those in Europe, the latest updates are still not available. I read somewhere that there’s a hack you can do to still get the updates even if none are available for your country or telco. I’ll read about it some more and post later.

  19. Thanks Max,

    Don’t know if it helps but its on orange in britian.

    Any ideas when the update will be available here?


  20. hi max, great site! very useful indeed! i recently bought a 2gb memory stick and thought something was wrong with it but now realise it is just the firmware that needs to be updated.

    however, the latest update for me is R1AA008 and i am using vodafone in australia.

    any idea when the latest update will be coming out or if you have any other ideas to beat the transfer to memory stick problem?



  21. I am using Win XP Sp2, to update the k750i, but the update is not working. It stops showing anything after START window…..flash player is installed in my PC…..could you please help????

  22. Kit,
    It looks like you need to wait for Vodafone to offer the update. You can update your phone to the latest firmware version but you’ll have to do it outside the official update service and I don’t recommend this because you’ll void your warranty.

    I also experienced that in Windows XP. What I did was I used my office computer, which was running on Windows 2000 and the update was flawless. I think the issue with Windows XP is with the drivers, I’ll browse around for solutions.

  23. payam
    hi.i wanna chenge my phone frameware to w800 .my phone is k750i.
    how can i do this work?please guide me

  24. *MOOnY* Avatar

    Hi buddy!
    Found ur info very helpful….I have questions in my mind..
    I had a Orange branded phone but then i moved to Pakistan and had to unlock the phone to make it work with the other sims.

    The phone software shows:
    prgCXC 1250036_EU_3_CL R1A044

    LC SW Versions
    Main Display

    Camera SW versions

    ITP SW version
    CXC 125932 R1B

    CDA102338/12 R24A

    I am also currently using a local connection (Ufone) in Pakistan.

    Does it means that only R1AA008 can be installed on the phone or can i have the latest one R1BC002 installed?

    Secondly, if the firmware is updated, do the icons change? I mean do their pictures change? And that is there any way to install back the old firmware incase one dont like the new one?

    I currently have no Play Now icon which i think has been changed to Downloads as it was a Orange mobile, can i ahve that back in the newer version?

    I will be anxiously waiting for ur answer.

  25. Moony,
    I’ll get back to you in a while, I’m currently in a conference.

  26. No problems buddy….but please dont forget to reply it…
    Waiting 4 ur reply

  27. hi!

    i’m new to this. i’ve got a k750i on orange but unlocked to all networks.

    i’m trying to use a new genuine sony memory stick pro duo high speed in it. not working. its not reading it.

    i’ve read conflicting things on various sites as to how to resolve the problem. i’ve treid updating the firmware as well, it says i have the latest version R1J002 ???

    i would really appreciate any help. thanks!

  28. it’s a 2gb memory card. sorry!

  29. Ok I tried it with win 2000 and it worked fine …. took 15 mins or so…..

    Thanks for the nice info….

  30. Hi! I have a problem with my K750i fone. I bought it from a friend.Actually this fone came from outside the Phil. I really don’t know if this was lock from a service provider eg. Voda, Orange, TM coz it was already unlock when i bought it from him.
    I updated my fone from SEUS2 coz i wanted to have have this new firmware which is the R1BC002.After the update following all the instructions.The error of my fone was this “Insert correct sim card”. I think i locked my fone after the update. Can you share a little of your knowledge about my problem?Any suggestions?
    I would really appreciate your help…I’m hoping for your immediate response.

  31. Arise,
    I think the update reinstated the phone’s SIM-lock. You need to unlock it again. You can either have it unlocked in one of the cellphone shops or you can choose to do it yourself. I haven’t had experience unlocking phones, though, and I generally recommend against doing this but you have no choice. If you are adventurous and comfortable with firmware upgrades, you can try a third-party updater like DaVinci.

  32. Hi max, Im planning to buy b.new k750i this week, can you help me how to know if the phone is Good.. Im planning to Buy at Greenhills Mall. Is the place advisable to buy ? Thanks

  33. Neil,
    If I were you, I’d check the firmware version of the phone I’ll be buying. For instructions on how to do that, check the post above. If the phone isn’t using R1BC002, I’d try asking for a free upgrade to it. It’s covered by warranty, so you can just let them worry about the upgrade instead of having to try it yourself. The previous firmware versions have bugs and problems, the most annoying of which is the issues on USB transfer.

  34. Alexandre Avatar

    It tells me there are no available updates and i have the latest one but its still on R1N035

    I have R1N035 on my K750i and cant update by sony ericson software, it says there is no new update for my phone. im from brazil, south america
    how can i update to lastest firmware ??

  35. u still havent replied me? i m waitin

  36. Moony,
    If you try to update it, you run the risk of locking the phone back again to Orange. The Sony Ericsson Update Service will detect that you have an Orange branded phone and will send you the firmware for Orange, I don’t know which is the current one. You might want to try connecting it to check whether it can download the latest available firmware. If it’s okay with you to have to go through unlocking it again after the update, then I suggest you try updating to squash the irritating bugs of the previous versions.

    On your question on icons, I never noticed changes in the phone’s menu icons. I don’t know about the Play Now shortcut as I never use it. I download ringtones and SMS alerts off the Internet and simply copy it to my phone. This way I don’t have to pay for these things. I don not know if you’ll have that button back after you upgrade. In my experience, the Play Now button stayed when I upgraded.

    On your question of installing the old firmware back. When the upgrade is botched, you can just do a Master Reset and try upgrading again. But as I said earlier, the Orange branding of your phone will get in the way.

    Sorry for the late reply. I have tons of tasks pending after the conference.

  37. hi,this is naumi.i have a firmware installed namely RIAA008,butONE MONTH BACK when i want to upgrade it,it says have the latest version installed,can i try to upgrade to RIBCOO2,OR WHT MIGHT BE THE PROBLEM,SHOULD I UPGRADE it or not,i m having no problems with current but want to increae the mp3 volume,whts ur suggestion…..

  38. Thanks buddy….
    I will see and yeah i know that the phone might be locked again…..Thanks.

  39. naumi Avatar

    still waiting brother………….

  40. hey i purchased an unlocked w800i in hk now in nz i have updated to newest firmware in hk my issue is the camera shutter sound i know other firmwares can turn it off so if i changed to another countries firmware will it work?? and if it does will it damage my fone?? thanks

  41. Naumi,
    I suggest you upgrade. There is a slight increase in speaker and headphone volume and what’s good about the latest release is that photos are taken as soon as you hear the shutter speed. There was a slight delay in previous firmware versions. Upgrading is really easy (in my experience) but if you’re using Windows XP with service pack 2, you might encounter problems because of the driver signing issue. What I did was I switched to a PC running Windows 2000 and the update was flawless.

    Try putting your phone in silent mode, the shortcut is pressing the # key for a second (a prompt will display stating that silent mode is on). In the K750i, you won’t hear the shutter sound when it’s on silent mode.

  42. i have silent mode on all the time it doesnt remove the shutter sound cuz its law in hk to have shutter sound so ppl cant be dodgy and take pics so se had to remove that i think but im asking will changing the firmware to a different country than the one where i purchase screw the fone up

  43. Manjit Avatar

    Dear Leon

    I’m using the k750i from july 2005. the firmware is the same original which came with it. i have no oroblem with the usb transfer, but i read in your article that the speaker & earpiece volume increases which is welcome. where can i download the new firmware and how do i update my present firmware. I’m a non computer type person, hence very poor to handle such hi-end stuff, i would appreciate if you could explain how to go about the update.
    warm regards

    Manjit Singh

  44. Alexandre Avatar

    plz help!

    It tells me there are no available updates and i have the latest one but its still on R1N035

    I have R1N035 on my K750i and cant update by sony ericson software, it says there is no new update for my phone. im from brazil, south america
    how can i update to lastest firmware ??

  45. Maxedout Avatar


    My current FW is R1N035 prgCXC125952_EU_1_CL.
    I keep trying to update it to R1B via SEUS but it keeps saying that i have the latest version. Whats up with that? Im using windows XP, i hope i doesnt pose a problem with my upgrading. I really need your help ser. I dont want to be forced to go to Greenhills and pay for this update which is free anyway. Thanks!

  46. Diniz Alexandre Daminelli Avatar
    Diniz Alexandre Daminelli

    plz help!

    It tells me there are no available updates and i have the latest one but its still on R1N035

    I have R1N035 on my K750i and cant update by sony ericson software, it says there is no new update for my phone. im from brazil, south america
    how can i update to lastest firmware ??

    Oi Alexandre estou com mesmo problema que os seu … por favor entre em contato comigo… [email protected]

  47. ilirian Avatar

    Worked fine for me. It took 3 (downloading everything -from update software to firmware-)hours or less because of my PSTN cionnection. It was flawless although my new firmware is R1AA008 because of my Vodafone Greece locked phone. I shuld mention i had Windows XP (5.xx core) SP1 and din’t face any difficulties. Thanx to Mr. Max.

  48. Mobo,
    Yes, using the firmware of another country will probably remove that shutter sound. The problem is in how to get that update, you’d have to “trick” the update service that your unit isn’t an HK unit. You can get the latest update through “unofficial” channels like those provided by the DaVinci team but I think you’d have to pay for it.

    Manjit Singh,
    Download the phone update drivers and program (there’s a link in the article above), install the program, remove your SIM card, connect your phone to your PC via the USB cord that comes with it, and just follow the instructions in the screen. I might write a visual guide on updating your firmware later. Let’s hope there’s another one coming or someone I know will ask me to update his or her K750i so that I can use it for the tutorial.

    Alexandre and Diniz Alexandre Daminelli
    That means that updates probably aren’t still available for your country. Let me research some more on how to force the Sony Ericsson Update Service to give you the latest firmware (if it’s possible, that is)

    Do you have service pack 2 in your Windows XP? Service pack 2’s driver signing system can be a pain to deal with in installing the phone update service drivers. I’m puzzled why it’s saying you have the latest version, you should be able to update it.

    It’s great to read that it worked fine for you. Keep checking the service for the release of R1BC002.

  49. Maxedout Avatar

    Mr. Max,

    Thanks for the reply max. I do have service pack 2 insalled. I’ve installed it smoothly and ran it without a hitch. What i dont understand is that it wont update my R1N to R1B. Any help will do. Thanks!

  50. sreeram Avatar

    I bought a sony ericsson k750i recently. The software vesion it shows is R1AA008. Do you think I need to upgrade it to the latest version. If yes, then which is the latest version?

  51. hi there max
    just updated the phone a few weeks back all seems a ok, but just bin looking on the internet and people are flashing phones to be w800is just woundering why? and what inpromvements will there be? and disadvantges?

    kind regards ash

  52. Smith Avatar

    Hey max, i bought this fone yesterday and it came with the updated firmware r1bc002

    but i am having a problem with videos.
    when played in the “horizontal” mode, the fram rates become very jerky and its like the video gets stuck every 2 seconds…they play fine in the normal mode.

    (am using a 1gig sony pro duo card)

    any help dude?

  53. hey max,

    i wanted to back up my files using the floAt’s mobile agent ur recommending but i seem to get in trouble on which files to get. can you help me out please.

  54. ..oh by the way, i’ved been trying to look though the net on how to get the shutter off and it seems that most of them are referring to to DaVinci’s Team. Would you happen to know if our local cell shops here in greenhills can do it? tnxs!

  55. Renante Nate Avatar
    Renante Nate

    Hey guys, i asked the sony ericsson customer care about the 2 digit suffix appended on your IMEI but they didnt gave me convincing answer what those numbers mean. I suspect that the number gives you the number of firmware revision done to your phone from its manufacturing date. If this is the case then the unit I got from this authorized outlet is one of those first releases last year. The first releases before the firmware R1N035 have serious problems.
    I compared my new(?) purchased unit with the one i had bought last november and i noticed bugs that cannot be corrected by any firmware updates. The recent updates apply to recent releases.
    Even with the recent update, i got this annoying 2 seconds of hour glass icon to access my photos. Then, if you got sms while playing video, the display freaks out. I still have USB connection problem. If you eject the drive of your phone safely through windows, then if you plug it again the window doesnt detect it automatically.

  56. Ash,
    Many people want the W800i’s flight mode, the button that turns your phone’s communications functions off so that you can use it just as a media player. It’s great for situations when you can’t use a phone like when you’re flying. The disadvantage, for me, is that the change seems to take out the activity button (because it apparently turns it to the flight mode button). I use the activity button a lot (shortcuts!) so the upgrade isn’t for me.

    Let me try it. Maybe it’s an encoding problem. Have you tried re-encoding the videos? I haven’t been watching videos in the phone recently but I did try watching one in horizontal mode after I upgraded to the latest firmware and I can’t recall having problems.

    Which files do you want to back up? If you want to back-up messages, phone contacts, calendar items and even call records, just synchronize your phone to the PC. When you connect your phone to the PC via FMA, it’s supposed to do this automatically.
    I’m not familiar with shops in Greenhills as I live in Cebu City. I don’t know if local shops can flash your phones to the DaVinci firmware but I’d be cautious if I were you. you’d be voiding the warranty if you let them do it.

    By recent update do you mean R1BC002? After I upgraded, I no longer encountered any USB connection problem save for this: http://max.limpag.com/2006/05/03/solution-missing-k750i-usb-drive-problem/ and it wasn’t because of the phone’s firmware.

  57. Hey,
    Is there a player for K750i that can play .wav, .rm formats ?? if so plz let me know where i can d/l the same !!

    Thanks !

  58. Sreekrishnan,
    Convert the files into mp4 for movies or mp3 for audio. If you need help on the movie conversion, this post might help: http://max.limpag.com/2006/02/09/how-to-encode-movies-for-playing-in-your-cellphone/

    I just re-encoded a movie file using the instructions in my blog post above and I don’t see the skipping. I’m using the latest firmware, the version after R1BC002. I’ll post about this update later.

  59. naumi Avatar

    hi ,i have k750i ,i was using 64 mb card and it was detected by computer when i make connection through usb cable to computer,but when i perchased newly sandisk 512 mb card ,it wont detec at all by computer ,plz do let me know abt this problem,i use only a usb cable that came wid phone ,LET me know whether its a memory stick problem or wht might be the case,so that i may replace it immediately ,thanks many thanks ,waiting 4 ur reply,

  60. naumi Avatar

    im waiting very anxiously brother…

  61. Renante Nate Avatar
    Renante Nate

    try to format your 512 MB card.
    Or use card reader to check whether the card is still working.

    By the way, there is a new firmware update for k750i.
    R1CA021 posted early this week.
    I dont see any change but the camera version is upgraded for better still photo at the expense of lower video quality.

  62. Naumi,
    Have you tried formatting it? did it work?

    I’ve already upgraded to R1CA021, I’ll post about it later.

  63. naumi Avatar

    o really thanks ,it worked after 2 times formating it,plz do post the new firmware,thanks many thanks…

  64. Jawad Avatar

    Dear max,

    I have tried to update to the latest R1CA021 and the installation always ends will installation failed try again errort
    on the other hand when i check the firmware version, it come up to be the latest one while the camera version is still the old 4.5 one

    What do u think

  65. Worried Avatar

    I am trying to upgrade the firmware on my k750i.
    Its been at it for over an hr now. All the green bars in the update service window are filled up and the Please do not touch the phone message is blinking.

    I am worried that this thing is stuck; there is no feedback no error message whatsoever though.

    Any idea how long does a firmware update take?

    Want to mention that I have both phone and sim locks enabled on my phone. sim card is out of the phone as advised by the upgrade process.

  66. Hi,
    In my experience, firmware upgrades take less than 20 minutes (not counting the time it takes to download the Sony Ericsson update software). How did it go? Was the phone updated.

    please post new comments on the blog post on the latest firmware:

  67. Worried Avatar

    naah, its still going on. the window says updating software with do not touch the phone flashing.

    i think there is some activity happening ‘coz the ma3platform.exe process (looks like the process under which update service is running) is active and is constantly showing me increasing I/O writes.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed though, don’t want to have a phone that does not function and head to the service center instead of work tomorrow morning :p

  68. Worried Avatar

    ok, the conclusion is that this is probably a piece of half-baked software (SEUS) that was written by some intern hired by these guys.

    This piece of cr*p created a 4GB file on my C:\ writing nothing but error messages. Last night I was shocked to see an error message saying that my C:\ is running out of space. On further investigation I saw that a file called C:\usbflash.log was created which has nothing but the following error message in it;

    ## Java_com_sonyericsson_cs_common_iocommunication_USBFlashNativeAPI_UsbFlashreadBuffer() on port 1…
    ## Timeout : 500
    Time : Mon Jun 05 21:17:34 2006
    ## Number of bytes read and returned: 0


    what does this error mean?

  69. regonator Avatar

    Same thing is happening here. Its just hanging there for almost an hour now.
    I dont see much happening with ma3platform exe and the temp file on c: isnt growing or mentioning anything.

    i know the software works, we upgraded my flatmates phone last night.

    did you unplug it during the installation? what happened?

  70. mahendran Avatar

    Dear friends ,i’m using k750i but i want to upgrade that to w800i functionality.is it possible to change.pls anyone replay me.give me a solution with files

  71. Jawad Avatar

    Dear Max,

    I await your reply on my last request.
    Addionally i yesterday used the phone to take some photos and they look odd / out of shape on my cell fone screen.

    Could you please comment???


  72. How long does it take to finish the “Updating Software” ‘Please do not touch the phone’? The progress bar is full and it’s been almost 2 hours and nothing happens, just blinking ‘please do not touch the phone’. Please help. I’m in the verge of terminating that process and rerun everthing. Will this detroy the phone if i terminate it?

  73. the KG Avatar

    by the way, how does the new version search for contacts…

    I’m hoping its the same as the newer versions of Nokia, where you could type in sa “th”, then all names with TH would appear…

    thanks for the Esato link MAx..it was a good link…

    daghang salamat

  74. the KG Avatar


    “all the names with “th” would appear” edit to

    “all names beginning in “th” will appera”


  75. Sheila Avatar

    Hi, I also tried the new software for the k750i about 2 days ago and like the other guys what I got was a sign that said “Do not touch the phone”. I read that the upgrade will only last for about 15-20 minutes but I was worried because 2 hours passed and I still had the “Do not touch the phone” sign flashing. I waited for another hour before turning my laptop off. I checked my software information right now and I am shocked that it says that I have the latest software. I noticed something different about my phone since yesterday but i can’t pinpoint what made it different.

    By the way do any of you know how to set up the gprs and mms using the sun network? I nagged the sun operators for the settings but they couldnt provide me what I asked. I tried using the mms and gprs setting through http://www.ericsson.com but I can’t still send an mms. Hope you guys could help me out. Although when I tried the phone using a Smart Sim it worked out fine.

    Anyway great site…

  76. Hi after wasting the while day on this problem of mp3s not copying to the phone. Finally downloaded the latest firmware for Australia (R1AA008) using Sonys update service which fixed the problem. However I installed the Sony Update service on Windows XP and it stayed at “Updating Software” forever. I was fed up and ended the process but found the update had aplied successfully.

    Leaves much to be desired about Sony Ericssons software quality control though.

    Not impressed.


  77. Sheila Inres Avatar
    Sheila Inres

    Hi Guys,

    I posted a few days ago that I had a unsuccessful upgrade of my phone. I tried the upgrade again today, and when I attached the phone to the USB cable it said that I had the latest software but I still upgraded the phone. This time I am very happy to say that I was able to successfully upgrade my phone and it took me only 15 minutes.

    I also mentioned a few days ago that I noticed some changes after the upgrade but I can’t pinpoint which is different. This time I realized that my camera button is working perfectly. I had problems with the camera button last year (I bought my phone last August 2005) because there are times when I try to click the camera button nothing happens. I had the phone checked with SEMICON and it was working well for a few days and then the problem returned. Since then I had a heavy heart thinking that my phone is not 100% functional. Now after the upgrade I am very happy that I no longer have any problem with the camera button.

    I know there are more changes after the upgrade but I am sitll figuring it out which is different.

    All in all i am very happy that I did the upgrade πŸ™‚

  78. Sheila,
    Nice to hear that the upgrade eventually went well for you. Thanks for the feedback. Til the next upgrade then πŸ™‚

  79. Hey Guys, I Just Want to Know If I Can Reverse Flash My Current Firmware(R1CA021 prgCXC125952_EU_1_CL 5.3)To A Older Version Like (R1BC002 prgCXC125952_EU_1_CL 4.5) I believe(Out Of My Results)that the 4.5Version Takes Clearer Photos than the New One. The Photos in the New Version are Slightly Blury…

    Please Advice & Thanks in Advance….

  80. hey guys I wanna ask how to activate mms on my K750i fone. thanks!!!

  81. i am trying to update the firmware
    i get to the screen that says i must take out battery, press C and then plug in, which i do, then nothing more happens.

    i have version r1aa008 and the phone is ok, however i often have problems transfering from the phone to the PC whereby it just stops and says it has encountered an error

    i am using win xp and only have usb1

  82. Hi

    I am a new user of K750i, but am impressed with it. The only query is that i want to have a feature in it that is playback even if the phone is off like in W800i. Is it possible if yes then please tell me how. Please reply soon. Thanks

  83. James,
    Were you able to solve it? I encountered that problem before and I remember getting it fixed just by restarting the PC after installing Sony Ericsson Update Service.

    You can’t do this with the K750i, If you want this feature, you can try converting your K750i to W800i using a third-party software but you’d be voiding your warranty if you try this. Also, I read in forums that you lose the activity button function when you do this. I find that button (just below the screen) very helpful.

  84. hi guys! i’m kind of new in participating in forums, an i’m a newbee when it comes to my k750i, but basically i want a nice mp3 phone, full of songs. And when i bough the k750i i filled it with 22 songs, and it worked great! When i bough 1gb memory stick duo card (it was pricey), i filled it with about 45 songs(about 182 mgbytes) and the cell phone started going a little slower, and the songs started to get stuck a lot! i could hardly hear the hole playlist. I have the latest firmware and the memory stick duo card said that it was a High speed memory card. Wat do u think i should do, i really need your help!
    Please reply soon, thanks

  85. Hello, I have a question regarding a K750i feature, which I am interested in buying. Can you tell me whether when you are shuffling a playlist and you stop it (or even turn the phone off) and then resume, does it resume from the same point, and does it remember the tracks it has already played such that it will not repeat them until the remainder have played?

  86. Rob,
    If you use the media player button to pause or stop the song, you can resume it at the same point if you use the same button to play it again and it will remember the tracks it has already played. I don’t know if it will still remember it when you turn the phone off. I’ll try it later but I still have to go to the beach. I’ll email you when I do get to try it.

  87. motorhead Avatar

    am using k750i.. it was working gr8 but suddenly yest wen ever i send an sms it said “sms memory full delete some msgs n try again” and wen ever i receive any msgs also i get d same msgs but i cant find any sms but tat sms receive sound comes… my inbox.. sent items.. drafts everythin is empty.. wat cud b d prob??

  88. Motorhead,
    I’m not sure but I recall reading that the built-in memory of the K750i is shared. Maybe you’ve saved a lot of photos and songs in your phone memory and it’s eating up the shared space. I don’t know if there is a locked allocated space for SMS but you can try transferring your photos and songs to your memory card and then check whether you still get the SMS full problem.

  89. Hi Max can u mail me a java call recorder at [email protected]

  90. i want to upgrade my handset’s software to latest ver.

  91. kamusta! bro nid some help here w/ my phone. i tried to upgrade my fon to the latest version but nothing happens. help help any body there pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  92. Hi everybody
    I am trying to update firmware of my K750.
    now problem is that update progress indicator is stopped after completing about 90% where WARNING is given that “UPDATING SOFTWARE:DONOT TOUCH THE FONE”.

    I mean that update is complete round about 90% and since then its been a long time no movement in indicator. however movement in cord from PC to MOBILE is continous.

    what should i do?

  93. Badar,
    Were you able to finish the upgrade? Try restarting your PC and going through the upgrade process all over again.

  94. Thankyou Dear, I will try this now.

    No my upgrade was uncomplete. Progress bar was stopped on about 90% ( as i guess bc there was no %age shown). then i switched off my fone. Thanks God my cell fone is still working despite uncomplete update.

    I will tell you today about the result. But can you please guide me or tell me location on net where STEP BY STEP instructions are given to udate the firm ware. I am not happy with the guidence provided in updated software.

  95. hey guys…

    i have a k750i…can i hv flight mode on my phone without flashing the firmware to w800i?
    is there a patch of some kind to hv flight mode?
    is sony ericsson releasing an update for the k750i which has flight mode?
    pls reply

  96. karun,
    I don’t think that’s possible without flashing the firmware. I also don’t think that Sony Ericsson will be releasing a firmware upgrade that will introduce the flight mode into the K750i as they’ll want users to upgrade units.

  97. i had heard about a russian site offering sony ericsson patches.. the site is in russian but u just hv to select ur phone nd firmware version and there are loads of patches including one for rf_radio on off(flight mode),radio without headphones, music button to open the media player without handsfree connected and loads of others….though its in russian…..all u hv to do is to press ‘ctrl’ and click on each of the patch links to find out what its for….the site is…
    i hv hrd from scores of people that the patches work….they have to be patched using far manager…..

  98. and one more thing…..people hv advised me not to upgrade the k750i firmware to the latest one being offered by SEUS. all it does is to decrease the speaker volume by two whole bars…….though it improves the mega bass…

  99. Karun,
    Have you tried far manager? It appears a bit too technical for most people and might be risky as you could render your phone unusable.
    I also kept reading about the latest firmware decreasing the speaker volume. I have no more plans of upgrading my firmware, unless SE releases an improved version.

  100. i would like to thanks your site for helping me with my firmware problem. Some of the queries were of the problem as what happened to me. I have a k800i. thank you very much

  101. hey max
    hvnt tried far manager. though hrd about it..has anyone u knw tried it?..hv never patched my phone so…..i dunno if i wanna risk it or not….is it safe? what if u mess up the phone?
    i hv the firmware vrs R1ca021 ….and am happy with it… u cant upgrade ur firmware via SEUS once u patch it isnt it? In ur opinion wat shld i do…..i dont wanny flash my k750i to w800 but i rly want flight mode and wanna patch to use the music button without connecting the headphones.
    pls reply…nd thnks a lot

  102. hey max
    can u post a link from which i can download k750i r1ca021 APAC flight mode patch?
    It has to be APAC…
    And also can u temme if u can use an APAC patch for ‘any’ Asian country? I have an APAC ‘China’ patch for ‘music button without handsfree connected’….so can i use that China APAC patch here in India?

  103. hewy max

    wait a minute….how do i know if my k750i firmware is APAC or EMEA?
    I chkd my software info….i didnt understand wat it meant so am posting it for u to see…..
    and under customization it says:
    cda102337/103 r3a
    cxc 125953 r1ca021

    pls reply

  104. K750i_nubie Avatar


    bro, paano mo na convert yang K750i mo into W800i?

    kindly send me an emai @ [email protected]


  105. K750i_nubie Avatar


    sir, my firmware version is R1BC021, is it means that i have the latest version for K750i?

    or, there’s another version(improved) out there?


  106. Cruzades,
    You mean R1BC002 ? That’s not the latest but that’s good enough as the annoying USB transfer bug is fixed by that release. The latest version is R1DB001 but I’m not updating to it. I’ve read a lot of complaints against it. Here’s a post I wrote after updating a colleague’s phone to it: http://max.limpag.com/2006/11/10/upgrading-sony-ericsson-latest-firmware-r1db001/

  107. K750i_nubie Avatar


    Nope, it’s R1BC021 indeed. It’s the one i found at my Service Info.

  108. K750i_nubie Avatar


    It’s my fault, upon checking it again.. it’s R1CA021 πŸ™‚

    my fault, so it means that i have a good firmware as of this moment?

  109. RICA021 is even better. That’s also my firmware. My advice: don’t upgrade until Sony Ericsson releases another firmware to address complaints on the current one.

  110. K750i_nubie Avatar


    Thanks so much for that, now my upgrade-itch is now pacified.

  111. hey guys

    i have a k750i…. how do i check if my phone is APAC or EMEA?
    my phone was manufactured in june 2006….is my phone cid 49? I wanted to check the cid no but wen i used davinci, i pressed c and inserted the cable in the phone…nothing hppnd….i installed the drivers too from sony ericsson site….
    can u pls help me?
    thanks a lot

  112. scott@k750i Avatar

    i hv a k750i but i dunno if its cid49 or not? its manufactured in may….i hv heard that i cant use far manager as its not yet compatible with cid49…
    i hv these cool patches for flight mode and music without headphones but i cant apply them with far…..
    can anyone tell me if there is any other software with which i can patch my cid49 k750i?
    pls help!!!!

  113. k750i@adam Avatar

    i hv a k750i r1ca021…. i wanted to upgrade my firmware but decided against it as the new r1db001 was not much recommended…..does anybody know when will sony ericsson release the next firmware version?
    also i am very keen to have flightmode on my phone…..will sony ericsson release the next firmware with flight mode?

  114. i hv a k750i ……how do i check if my phone is APAC or EMEA?
    my phone was manufactured in june 2006….i used davinci to check my cid no…but when i pressed c and plugged the cable in the phone…nothing hppnd….can somebody pls help…
    is there any other software with which i can check my cid?
    also i hv a flight mode patch but far manager doesnt support cid 49(assuming i hv cid49)…
    is there any other software i can use to patch my k750i?
    pls somebody help
    thanks a lot

  115. K750i_nubie Avatar


    you may wanna try k750i to w800i firmware, though i haven’t done it yet.

  116. K750i_nubie Avatar


    i wanna know, if you know how to convert a k75oi into w800i?

    i’ve been looking over the net on how to do this, they all said.. with the use of Davinci this is gonna be possible.

    unfortunately, i can’t find (or just me) the official site of DaVinci πŸ™


  117. MAX,

    i upgraded my k750i to the latest firmware provided by Sony ericsson, it’s the R1DB001 firmware, so far so good, but i guess im willing to convert my phone to the w800 firmware.. the problem is i dunno how to flash it to w800… can u pls tell me the whole procedures to do so, and where can i download for free the updates which are to be used in upgrading my phone to w800 … i’ve been really ecxited about this since i knew this news but i really dunno where to begin …

    btw, is it ok to upgrade my phone to w800 although im using the latest firmware R1DB001?

    pls max .. i really want this to happen.. pls tell the step by step procedures with its corresponding sites where i can download the needed updates .. pls pls

    —- Francis

  118. MAX

    how can i also check my cid ? i just copy the info i got from my phone.. u might know whats my cid through this …



    LCD SW versions
    main display
    Current: 0

    Camera SW versions
    Current: 5.3

    ITP SW version
    CXC 125 932 R1D

    CDA102338/48 R9A
    Cxc125953 R1DB001

    Content version


    IMEI 35655100-


    SAT on

    GSM900 GSM 1800
    GSM 1900

    KRH information

    —- Francis

  119. K750i_nubie Avatar


    haven’t you encountered any problem yet with your latest firmware?

  120. Francis,
    I share your itch. I have long wanted to try flashing my K750i to w800i but I don’t want to risk breaking my phone. If I get another one I just might try doing it, until then I’m staying away from flashing as you could ruin your phone.

    I don’t know about you but I have the impression the procedure seem risky. Give me some time and I might just do it. But one thing’s for sure: If I push through with it, I’ll write about the process. That’s a promise πŸ™‚

  121. Francis,

    I just converted my K750i (R1N035) to W800i (R1BC002) using GFlash. All USB transfer issues are fixed so far and the speaker volume also seems louder than the R1DB001 (K750i) firmware I tested. The flash files (Main & Software) I downloaded from http://www.topsony.com. You have to register, but it’s free! Gflash can also be downloaded from mentioned site. See the segoodies.com forums for a guide how to use Glash. Oh, you can also use it to check your CID, which should be CID36 to be able to use Gflash!

  122. K750i_nubie Avatar


    do you have an english how-to for that?

  123. K750i_nubie,

    See this link http://forum.segoodies.com/rss.php?t=733 for a guide how to use GFlash. http://www.TopSony.com is in Spanish, just click “registrarte aqui’ to register.

  124. K750i_nubie Avatar

    CID49 phones are not supported![/quote]

    how will i know my phone’s CID?


  125. K750i_nubie Avatar

    ok, i got it

    GFlash version 2.0 beta 6
    Turn off the phone.
    Hold “C” button and plug USB cable.
    Baseband ID: 8040
    Protocol Version: 3.1
    Flash ID: 890D
    Phone color: RED
    Phone is CID36
    OTP Status: 0 PAF1 CID: 36

    this is my fone’s info.

    it means that my fone is capable of upgrading?


  126. K750i_nubie Avatar

    what is the worst thing will happened in case you misflashed your phone?

    is there a way to back current FS/Main before flashing?

  127. @K750i_nubie,

    Yup, I would say your phone is capable of up-/downgrading or converting to W800i. If I’m not mistaking your current FS & Main firmware are available at TopSony. Just remember what CDA you have now, so you can always flash your phone back to the current state. The worst thing that can happen is that you can end up killing your phone!

  128. K750i_nubie Avatar


    thanks so much for your scaryyyyy reminder πŸ™‚

    anyway, if something happens during/while flashing is in progress, does it mean.. my phone is dead?

  129. max sir,

    i have a k750i manufactured in june 2006. is it cid 49? i tried using davinci to check cid but when i pressed ‘c’ and inserted the cable….nothing happened. sir is there any other way to check CID…is there another software?

  130. Didn’t mean to scare you, just stating a fact!

    With dead I mean, that your phone won’t turn on after flashing or if the flashing went wrong/got interupted. There are a couple of guides how to revive your dead phone, e.g. http://www.a-v0id.info/articles/20060911-Repair.k750.html. You can also search the Esato or Se-nse forums.

  131. Cruzades,
    Will you try it? I suddenly have this urge to try :-). Maybe I’ll just wait to see what happens to your phone he-he πŸ™‚

  132. K750i_nubie Avatar


    link is broken

    not yet, but urge is increasing everyday, hayzzz how i wish my fone be w800i. πŸ™

  133. K750i_nubie Avatar


    my fault, the dot “.” at the end of your link, messes that out.


  134. K750i_nubie Avatar


    you may try to use Gflash (link given by Juju few post above yours), it will show what CID your fone is.

  135. hussein niza Avatar
    hussein niza

    i like the firmwere

  136. Question…i just bought a k750i unit which is upgraded to W800 firmware, actually it really looks good but apparently just found out that i can’t read any memory card, tried upgrading it to 2gb but i won’t read even if i inserted the original mem card which is 64mb, i ask opinions and said that the upgrade caused its problem, would you think? any procedure on how to return its original firmware?

    anyone here tried checking you mem card after the upgrade? does your phone still reads on its memory card with any size?


  137. @ Kurtzky,

    I use the same memory card as before the conversion from K750i to W800i: Sandisk 512 MB. No read errors or things like that. My firmware is R1BC002. Which combination of FS & Main flash files did you use to upgrade? Which CID did you use? You can always download FS & Main flash files from TopSony to convert your phone back to the old K750i firmware.

  138. hi people,
    i’ve got a SE K750i and i was wondering has any one know were to actully update your fones firmware to W800i if any one know can you PLZ tell me

  139. sorry i meant were to get the update from eg:- website, program

  140. Hi there!!!

    I would like to know how can I change the firmware language of my k750 and where can it be downloaded. A friend,… that recently traveled to China, bought it for me.. so this model is the k750c. Everything is OK but some characters -specially ” ‘s ” of the ID tags of the mp3 files names are changed automatically by the phone for rare chinese letters. The tennis game comes in chinese :/ :/ opps. Of course,..the Update Service detects that the version is ok;.. there’s not a way to ask for a language change, so it says that there’s no update available. Any help would be very appreciated. The firmware listed is: R1BCOO2 prgCXC125954_CHINA_CL.

    Thank you!!!

  141. Jason Heng Avatar
    Jason Heng

    hey…im from malaysia. i’ve got a problem wif my K750i.
    my camera is very foggy..at night when i want to snap photos, the screen has like millions of dots… is there any software to curb this problem..
    it’s a new phone. just bought it bout 3 days ago..
    is there anyway to curb it…
    really need help.cant stand the quality..
    thanks again

  142. Metamorphosis Avatar

    Hi can anyone send me a link to download the change from a k750i – w800i plzzzz!!

    Just post it, I will find it.

  143. Sourpatch Avatar

    I don’t know if this post is still active, but I’ve been trying to update the firmware on my k750i, and I’ve been experiencing the same issues as James above “i get to the screen that says i must take out battery, press C and then plug in, which i do, then nothing more happens.”

    I’ve rebooted the computer, and everything is up to date. It’s a Windows XP computer with SP2. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

  144. Sourpatch,
    I experienced this in one of my upgrades and I think I fixed it by installing an update driver. You might try checking your Java version too.

  145. Hello, pls help!

    I have a UK SE K75oi, recently I unlocked it from Orange, changed SIM to O2. The problem is, the firmware has a customization (probably Orange_gen, as I found out from service info; the full version is: R1CA021 prgCXC 1250036_EU_3_CL R1CA021;
    customization is: CDA 102338/ 12 R30A
    cxc 125953 R1CA021
    content version PA19.

    As i don’t want to see any startupscreens provided by orange, nor do I want my menu to be orange-adjusted (Orange world icon, orange coloured everything) please, could you tell me how.

    TIA, greetings, Morion

  146. Daniel Avatar

    Hi Max,

    I recently tried to update my phone. I’m running xp sp2. I downloaded the update service, installed everything. I got to the identification of the phone stage and the part where the update service was downloading the specific update for my phone (k750i btw). Then it started transfering the update to my phone. It was going fine so I went away and when I came back I got an error (@ about 18% complete) msg saying something like, ‘can’t connect to the server.’ All I could do click ok; then the update service closed itself. Now I can’t seem to connect to the phone with update service anymore, I can’t even turn the phone on. What’s the go? How can I fix it?

  147. Ayoob Avatar

    “Insert Correct Sim” messege appear in K750i after flashing the phone. Please solved the problem

  148. Daniel,
    Sorry for the late response. Philippines is having an election and the newsroom where I work is very busy covering it. Did you try doing the upgrade all over again? That’s usually the fix for upgrades that aren’t finished.

  149. Daniel Avatar


    I would try, but it doesn’t connect. When it says to hold down ‘c’ and plug in the cable – nothing happens, at all.

  150. Daniel Avatar


    I un-installed the update service and re-installed it. After windows had installed the flash driver, it told me the usb device had malfunctioned and windows couldn’t recognize it. The first time the update service said that it couldn’t identify the device. I tried a few more times and the update service didn’t seem to recognize the device. Once more I tried and it connected, but after it had identified the device, it told me there was no update available as the phone was up to date. That obviously can’t be right as I still can’t turn the phone on.

  151. Zuhair Reza Avatar
    Zuhair Reza

    Hi Guys. Am a new user of SE K750i.
    My firmware version is R1DB001, the latest released.
    Several days ago I encountered two problems with the phone, so please anyone kindly help me:
    1) I was backing up themes on the phone, by transferring from Phone to PC via DCU-60 cable. Suddenly K750i restarted itself (when about 60% was transferred) and connection was lost. Why did this happen??? Any ideas?
    2) I was playing a music, and scrolling up and down, viewing tracks and how they were sorted. Siddenly the songs halted and a GRRR sound could be heard. Frantically, I stopped the music and played it again, and then it played OK. So whats caused this problem??

    Are the following problems related with software? Should I FLASH my phone and update again at a service centre??
    PLZ HELP!!!

  152. Daniel,
    I’m sorry but I haven’t been able to find a solution to your problem. Have you tried approaching a Sony Ericsson service center?

    That’s weird. I don’t know if what you experienced is caused by the firmware because I avoided upgrading to the latest one after reading complaints against it.

  153. hi there
    im new to all this forum stuff but yea
    ive been trying to update my k750i for a while now, when i use the sonys service update and follow their instructions it doesnt make a difference to my phone when you start up , it starts up as usual and connects to orange, only reason i need to update is that the clip in the back of the phone broke and in other forums people have said you neeed to update the software and instal a patch so that the lens cover message will not be shown :S
    any ideas?

  154. Shali Avatar

    Hi Max,
    I have upgraded my k750i to w800i. But now i want to upgrade it back to k750i. I have tried with SEUS, But it’s impossible. Any help pleeeeeeaaaaase. If you know any other web site to download K750i R1CA021 firmware, let me know please.
    Reply me to my mail add: [email protected]
    Hoping a better reply.

  155. Zuhair Avatar

    Hi Y’all!
    I always had problems with my K750i…..always hanged and auto restarted itself…..so I used XS++, GSlide and a net guide to flash my K750i to W800i…..
    Anyway..the W800 is cool…..LOVE IT!
    But my questions are these:
    1) Is it possible to upgrade my W800’s firmware by SEUS??
    2) I have firmware R1BC002….is this the latest??
    3) If I want to revert to K750i…are there unofficial people available who will flash my phone for a small fee??
    Thanks. Email me as soon as possible.

  156. CLOUND Avatar

    Jason Heng Said:
    hey?cim from malaysia. i?fve got a problem wif my K750i.
    my camera is very foggy..at night when i want to snap photos, the screen has like millions of dots?c is there any software to curb this problem..
    it?fs a new phone. just bought it bout 3 days ago..
    is there anyway to curb it?c
    really need help.cant stand the quality..
    thanks again

    Hi Jason
    Most of the digital camera will have this(noise) problem when light condition are bad(Including camera phone) try turn on the night mode or photo light and see if this solves(In night mode PLEASE MADE YOUR HAND SUPER STEADY ‘CAUSE ANY MOVEMENT WILL CAUSE PHOTO BLUR!)

    For post-Edit, try Photoshop or other program got “Despeckle” option

    [Just switch my phone from k750 to P990…BAD…-_-##]

  157. Zuhair Reza Avatar
    Zuhair Reza

    Guys HELLO!
    I recently flashed my K750i firmware to W800i, using XS++, GSlide and the MAIN,FS files. Its version R1BC002.
    Just as an afterthought……
    1) If I wanna revert back to my K750i, how can it be done?? I read that if u flash K750 to W800 using W800.exe, then u can just revert bcak to original K750 firmware using SEUS……..but I used XS++, GSlide,etc…..can it still be possible to revert back to K750 using SEUS? PLZ LEMME KNOW Y’ALL!
    2) Lolz….help! If someone asks…..’what cellphone u have’, which one will i say ‘k750’ or ‘w800’??
    Thanks Friends. Please reply quickly.

  158. Zuhair Reza Avatar
    Zuhair Reza

    Guys HELLO!
    I recently flashed my K750i firmware to W800i, using XS++, GSlide and the MAIN,FS files. Its version R1BC002.
    Just as an afterthought……
    1) If I wanna revert back to my K750i, how can it be done?? I read that if u flash K750 to W800 using W800.exe, then u can just revert back to original K750 firmware using SEUS……..but I used XS++, GSlide,etc…..can it still be possible to revert back to K750 using SEUS? PLZ LEMME KNOW Y’ALL!
    2) Lolz….help! If someone asks…..’what cellphone u have’, which one will i say ‘k750’ or ‘w800’??
    Thanks Friends. Please reply quickly.

  159. eshaan Avatar

    hey guys can u give me abest site 2 upgrade my firmware 2 latest one along with instructions

  160. CLOUND Avatar

    Hi Zuhair Reza,
    If People ask you “What kind of phone you have?” then you answer “W800 within K750 Casing”

  161. Hi Max,

    I was wondering if you have already found a way to force an update using SEUS, because this k750i has been giving me problems, it always required a reflash every other month and it had been costly.

    I was wondering if i could do this reflash myself using ZEUS


  162. shamim Avatar

    just got mu new k750i. wen i received the phone the sound was good. but i updated my phone through seus the sound has reduced. i want to fix it. pls help me out.
    firmware: r1db001

  163. When there are lot of cases of low sound with the firmware R1DB001 then why Sony Ericsson is not rectifying the problem. I would request Sony Ericsson Team to fix this immediately and provide us the updated firmware.


  164. Dear Rao,
    whatever we type here is just for birds, they never visist at this site, and they will not do any change my friends.
    Sony ERICsson care is not even concerned about all this.
    Though there is no warranty on the cell.
    They should charge us. But they are not concerned.

  165. Rao,
    Sony Ericsson is no longer supporting the K750i with firmware upgrades. The company wants us to buy their newer phones. They want to make more money.

    That’s why I never upgraded to the latest version, the complaints are numerous. What I have is the second to the last version.

  166. Awanindra Avatar

    Hi Max,
    I am planning to buy SE K-750i.
    Could you pls guide me..
    What firmware it has now?
    Is there any problem of low audio?
    How is the quality of mega bass in it?

  167. hi everyone,
    i have a problem regarding with my k750i phone, cause i cant turn it on and it keeps on blinking.. i have no idea what to do.. i need your help guys.. πŸ™

  168. hi, i have a k 750i and i want to upgrade my phone to the newest version, DB001 or latest ones and i am using a mac so can any one help me please?!


  169. can any buddy help me!!!
    any player which plays alot of formats like wma in k750i….

  170. Hey Max, hope ur doin gud bro..I’m from Malaysia and been using SE K750i for nearing 2 year now.. I have to say that this is an awesome phone 2 have.

    Anyway since i bought this phone, i never updated my firmware (which sure have some bugs 2 rectify.. right..?). If possible, i need to increase the sound and also the camera response, which I think is extremely slow. For ur info, my phone firmware details are as follows :

    prgCXC 125955_HONG_KONG_CL R1AA008

    LCD SW versions
    Main display
    Current: 0

    Camera SW versions
    Current: 4.5

    ITP SW versions
    CXC 125 932 R1G

    CDA102338/8 R5A
    cxc 125953 RiAA008

    Content version

    I need ur advice if i shud upgrade my firmware, if yes, may i know which one is better which is proven with no problem and stable (can u give me the link as well pls). As i can see from earlier post, new firmware are sucks, right?

    Ur advice is truely appreciated bro.. Lookin foward to hear from u soon..


    Gud Day..!!


  171. kurt_karun Avatar


    The best firmware for k750i is R1CA021…u should upgrade to that…..

    the latest is r1db001 and it is crap!

  172. Thanx 4 ur info Kurt, really appreciate it.. If possible, can i know where can i get this R1CA021 firmware..? Can u guide me with the link pls.? That will be totally greatful..

    Anyway thanx again 4 ur reply n looking foward 2 hear from u soon..



  173. He guys I have SE k75i I have a problem . Here is ano any network in my phone . When I turn Off my phone and turn it back on for a few seconds I can recive signal and after the Signal removed and again No Network Coverage . Please help me about my problem .

    With Regards


  174. hi guyz here is asim
    i have K750i, now i wana convert it 2 in w800i , i have tried 2 got w800i firmware but still not found, if any body hve plz send it 2 me
    me from pakistan

  175. dear i m facing a problem when i open my mobile through power button it just blink white and shutdown again nothing then that…what’s probblem? ….plz helm me brothers

  176. thanks

  177. HI,
    My K750i Firmware is R1CA021, I have JAVA problem, I can’t play :Aero Mission 3″,”Puzzler Slider” or “Super Real tennis”.

    And also OFF & ON power no SE logo show, just flash twice white screen then prompt to key-in sim-lock pin no.
    after key-in the pin there no SE animation here too, it just enter to the phone. very weird??

    Can anyone help me please.
    Thank you.

  178. Hi, Pls I want to change my phone frameware to w800.My phone is k750i.
    can you pls send me a tutorial incuding softwares I will need? my email [email protected] thanks

  179. khanzov Avatar

    i need firmware & FS for my K750.

    12:16:18| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    12:16:18| PHONE INFO
    12:16:18| ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    12:16:18| DBID: db2010
    12:16:18| OTP CID: 49
    12:16:18| EROM CID: 49
    12:16:18| EROM color: Brown
    12:16:18| IMEI: 35967200xxxxxx
    12:16:18| Phone: W800
    12:16:18| Operator: VFE_2
    12:16:18| CDA: CDA102338/144 R2A
    12:16:18| Firmware: R1CA021
    12:16:18| EROM: n/a

    but i m unable to find it. plz help me.

  180. Hi, Now I am face to big problem. My k750i phone. When I flash my phone some hour later my phone screen become white screen. I am very shocked for it. Orginally my phone color is brown. But show my phone info is red & cid 49. please tell me what is my k750i phone info

  181. Fred Jackson Avatar
    Fred Jackson

    Dear Sir,

    Can you help please?

    I have a Sony Ericsson K750i firmware version R1N035 which is no longer supported by Sony.
    I am trying to configure it for picture messaging, and have used all the text configurations and manual setup from Asda my network provider with no success. I now find that when I attempt to input the DNS setting and save it, it only saves the 12 of the last three digits, but if I input 102 or 202 for example it will save the whole three figures.
    It maybe a firmware issue I don’t know but I cannot update via Sony’s website as the phone is no longer supported by them.
    I would appreciate any help or advice you maybe able to offer.
    Yours Faithfully.
    Fred Jackson.
    [email protected]

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