Multi-tasking in the Sony Ericsson K750i

After days of using it, I’m getting to see why the K750i is such a great phone. I tried taking photos using the 2-megapixel cameraphone and found that the quality of the photographs equals, if not exceeds, the Kodak point and shoot digital camera I was using a few years back.

The phone can also serve as a decent music player. It can play MP3 and AAC files. It has an integrated FM radio. The phone also serves as a good portable flash drive.

You can continue writing and sending messages while using the phone’s music player or FM tuner. You can also continue listening to music while taking photographs. The music stops for a second or two, though, when you click on the shutter button.

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  1. Sherwin Ong Avatar
    Sherwin Ong

    Hello Max

    I have read your column regarding the opera mini. I have tried it last December using my K750i with globe and it works fine. But now I am using W800i and also works fine using the globe network.

    If you want to ask help please do e-mail me. I would be willing to help you out.

    The Web portals you gave except for the last one are nice. I have checked zedge out last Sunday and looked at the themes section for my phone. There are about 3,800++ themes.

    Please do e-mail me.

    Thanks for sharing to us the web portals and other features regarding your phone.

    More power to you.

    Sherwin Ong

  2. Sherwin,
    Thanks for the feedback, I’ll include it in the column next week. You seem to like Sony Ericsson phones, have you tried using FMA? I wrote about it in this blog. I extensively use FMA to manage my Sony Ericsson phone.


  3. Sherwin Ong Avatar
    Sherwin Ong

    What is FMA? It’s my first time to use a Sony Ericsson. My first Sony Ericsson was k750i and then barely a month, I changed to W800i. Most of their features are the same exceot the w800i is a walkman phone. Please do sms me at 09158629555.


  4. Sherwin Ong Avatar
    Sherwin Ong

    I forgot to tell you Max on how I configured my K750i before. I asked globe’s customer service to send me the set ups for my gprs, mms, internet, and streaming for my k750i. That is how I got my settings. Thanks for the information regarding the gmail. I do have a gmail account. How do I add you or anyone else? my e-mail address at gmail is [email protected]. Please do add me there.



  5. Sherwin,
    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll send you a message soon, I just have to finish some tasks.

  6. the best program to use for the k750i (for movies) is nero recode. Ive seen another post here stating that the max settings for films etc is 104kbps/15 frames per second…thats total rubbish. theoretically, you can push the k750i to 400kbps..but..for best quality you should encode with the combined bit rate of 264kbps..thats video and audio..i did with sin city and king kong and the quality is awesome….bearing in mind that with this sort of quality the file size will be around only encode to this if you have a 512 duo stick or higher…cheers jay.

  7. Jay,
    Thanks, I’ll try it.

  8. i wants sony ericsson k750i mobile setting

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