My roundup of the best Sony Ericsson K750i themes

I change the themes of my Sony Ericsson K750i at least four times a week. I’m always in the lookout for great looking phone themes to download, especially animated ones. My taste in phone themes mirrors my taste in blog design, I love glassy buttons, transparencies and slashes in buttons or background graphic.

I depend on two sites for my K750i themes fix: MyK750 of and Zedge. You can download themes from the two sites either into your PC or directly to your phone via WAP. Zedge limits PC downloads to 20 items a day-themes, ringtones, screensavers and movie clips. Lasyk doesn’t impose a PC download limit. Zedge requires you to register for a free account before you can download. Lasyk doesn’t require a registration.

I always download themes or ringtones into the PC so that I won’t have to pay for WAP access. I then transfer the files to my phone via Bluetooth or USB transfer

Here are my favorite Sony Ericsson K750i themes (screenshots after the jump).

The screenshots below are how the themes would appear in standby mode, desktop and its navigation interface.

Vista series. There are a lot of great-looking Vista themes for the K750i and these themes have such eye candies as glassy buttons, great menu graphics and transparencies.

Vista theme for Sony Ericsson k750i
This theme can be downloaded from Zedge.

Another vista theme
This theme can be downloaded from Zedge.

Vista Blue theme
This theme can be downloaded from Lasyk.

Vista green theme
This theme can be downloaded from Lasyk.

Firefox themek750i
My phone has to have a Firefox theme or wallpaper. This theme, though, isn’t as great looking as the one done for the T630. The T630 version had beautiful glassy buttons. I’m waiting for someone to redesign that theme to work with the K750. This K750 theme can be downloaded from Zedge.

OSX theme
This OS X theme can be downloaded from Lasyk.

Nuclear theme
This theme can be downloaded from Zedge.

Animated themes. Here are my picks for the best animated K750 themes.

Matrix theme
This Matrix theme can be downloaded from Zedge.

Animated shine line theme
I used this theme for the longest stretch–more than a week. It’s a well-designed animated theme that can be downloaded here.

Equalizer theme for K750
This is an animated equalizer theme although it might be a little flashy. It can be downloaded here.

Sound wave theme
This animated soundwave theme can be downloaded here.

Have you spotted great themes? Share the links below. I love downloading new ones.

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46 responses

  1. Ulysses A. Esturco Avatar
    Ulysses A. Esturco


    thanks for the info, just bought k750 last feb. great features, will try to update my firmware. thanks again man.

  2. georgie Avatar

    they r absouletly rubbish them themes

  3. I love my k750 too, it’s so versatile, I change the themes and ringtone a few times a week too so I don’t get bored with them. I use Zedge too, they have great themes but not many Java games. I am looking at downloading games but they are quite expensive from the SE website, $6 a game, I think.

  4. Bridget,
    I found a free site with tons of Java games that work on the K750. If I can spot the link again, I’ll send it to you.

  5. Ohmm.. It is impossible to be registered on Zedge – please, send nuclear theme on my e-mail

  6. dem themes are crap man, sort it out!

  7. thnx dude
    nice themes

  8. pola those are the worst and ugliest themes i ever seen….
    they suck…

  9. ich hätte eine frage manche sagen es gibt code für diesen handy sony ericsson k750i also ein code damit das noch lauter wird wen es sowas gibt dan sagen sie mir diesen code wen nicht trotzdem danke ; ) ps mhr SAMIM AKYÜZ

  10. does themes r fine but iff any 1 has any linkz to free games plz email me

  11. the themes are cool…
    could anyone tell me if Flash support for cid49 k750i is already available for download.

  12. “Bridget,
    I found a free site with tons of Java games that work on the K750. If I can spot the link again, I’ll send it to you.”

    Max Limpag, can u email me the links to the games or can anyone email me the links.


  13. Nice themes.
    I just got my K750i for christmas and its brill.
    thnk for the tips.

  14. hey people i made a java game pack of about 200 games such as NFS carbon and many Gameloft games all for free its 50.6mb and when uve picked the games u want just drag them into your other folder

  15. matt follain Avatar
    matt follain

    guy’s guy’s guy’s
    try limewire,atleast a 1000 on there
    all free.
    and ready to transfer


  16. how do you bluetooth them cz i dont no which program to go on or how to do it!
    Help me!Plzplzpzlplz!

  17. Really cool themes collection, I appreciate.


  18. Alex,
    Once your bluetooth is turned on, you can just use your files using the Windows file manager. Right click on the theme you want to send to your phone and you will find a send via Bluetooth link.

  19. so what bout USB how do i do that?

  20. This site have good themes

  21. does any one know where to get free java games??

    if so pls email me at [email protected] thxx…

  22. Yh if any1 knows how to send themes through USB please e-mail me at [email protected].

  23. matt rocky Avatar
    matt rocky

    hey guys could one of you please send me a email or write a comment saying a good place to download free java games for K750i



  24. just gor the phone, how do you download games and themes via usb? ta

  25. just copy the jar file to your memory stick in the folder \\MSSEMC\Media files\other of the phone using the windows explorer. Remove the USB cable after copy. From the file manager in the phone, navigate to the other folder from the file manager, install into the game folder….cheers and have fun…

  26. um hey guyz n galz i found a site u go to google and type mobile 9 then click the link and go to software and its allll freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x

  27. Hey i got a sony ericsson w200i and i have downloaded java games (there zipped) how do i play them. Using the usb cable to get them on

  28. stacy Avatar

    hey neeraj..
    i downloaded it into my phone already but there’s no instruction on how to install it into games folder!
    can anyone guide me on this please?
    my phone is a k750i by the way.

  29. erm…….any one got the website for downloading java games??

    still kinda blur…….if u guys manage to get the website pls email me at

    [email protected]

    thx alot

  30. sajid Avatar

    Very nice themes i have got from this site

  31. Faraz Avatar

    can u please email me …….plz tell me if animated themes work on k750i……please its a request.

  32. here r few good sites for games and good luck peeps

  33. can anyone please find me a proper theme for sony ericson w810i which change the menu of it
    thank you

  34. thank you you have saved my life of my mobile lol

  35. those are the worst seK750i themes i’ve seen. and yes,anyone who wants to download games for K750i can find a load of them at,and by the way,i’d advise you to use firefox to download the games,you get it in .jar format that can use IE too,but you’ll have to unzip it then

  36. can anybody tee any sites for downloading games for my W200i

  37. Kaustubh Avatar

    I want he free downloadable games for my k750i….plz send me some action & some sex games

  38. Stranger Elf Avatar
    Stranger Elf

    hi I Am a Iranian teenage and i have a K750i mobile
    I very love that and very thanks for your free links too
    but a have a gift to all of yours
    and that is 2 free sit for you 🙂
    i hope you like that and enjoy: 😉
    good by Dears.

  39. that sucks. i hate your themes

  40. cool sach Avatar
    cool sach

    hey guys here are some cool links for k750 java,,,

  41. your theme are v.v.very good & cool you are hardworking & keep it
    10 x dude

  42. the themes is quite good but they are old, and lets put here some games for k750i ok see you

  43. could u see the names of the themes ?

  44. Aamir Malik Avatar
    Aamir Malik

    i want some new menu themes for sony ericsson k550i

  45. i put a game on my k750i phone and i saved it to folder \\MSSEMC\Media files\other. and when i try to install the game it says playback failed. what am i doing wrong?

  46. I can also recommend a cool app for Sony’s. It’s called i-Citizen and it came out recently. It’s the world’s first 3D world and the k800 works like a charm on it. Its fun to play and you can meet people and chat to them as you might have guessed. They have promotions where they give away PS3’s and Xboxes to people in a place called i-Bid in the app. Its beta release was announced in March 2008 and anyone can give it a try. You can get it from your mobiles browser or your pc by going to or goto

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