Sony Ericsson unveils K770

Sony Ericsson has released its latest model in the Cyber-shot line: the K770. The phone, which will be marketed as the K770i in the Philippines and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, will be available by the fourth quarter of this year.

The K770 belongs to a phone line renowned for it’s photo quality: Cyber-shot models have photo qualities good enough to be able to carry Sony Ericsson’s brand for stand-alone digital cameras.

K770 SONY ERICSSON K770. The latest model in the Cyber-shot line will be available by the end of this year. Click on photo to enlarge.

I still use my trusty K750i but my wife–having converted to Sony Ericsson purely on the fact that she lives with a company fan boy–already upgraded to the K800i.

To be honest, the K750i more than serves my needs. I use it to take photos, including images I use in this blog. I once dunked it into the sea in Camotes Islands while taking a water-level shot of my kids swimming. I shook it a bit to remove water that had gotten into openings, let it dry in the sun, and proceeded to take more photos after a few minutes.

I use the K750i as my main digital media player and, at times, file storage. I use it daily to send and receive e-mails. I even use it to capture data. But having played with my wife’s K800i stirred an urge in me to upgrade.

I initially thought of buying one of the later K800 models but changed my mind after reading about the K770 launched this week.

The K770 comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus. The company said the quality of photos taken by the phone are “good enough to print” on paper of up to A4 size. I haven’t tried printing photos taken by my K750i but my wife did with her K800i and the quality was good. It isn’t eye-popping exceptional but it was good enough for a camera phone, approximating the quality of the ones I got with my ancient Kodak digital camera.

The Sony Ericsson announcement did not mention whether the K770 comes with BestPic, a really great feature to use when shooting fast-moving subjects. With BestPic, the phone takes 9 successive shots on a single press of the camera button. You can then choose the best photo in the batch to save.

The K770 is also thin. It’s just 14.5 mm. That’s as thin as a single pack of crackers. It’s the Razr effect. Motorola’s iconic phone made other units look like clunky models with truck-sized batteries that manufacturers were forced to make their units go on a diet.

The K770 comes with features you’d expect from any new multi-media phone: play digital audio and video files, connect to the mobile Internet, RSS, e-mail, and the ability to extend its capabilities with installable third-party mobile applications. It is a phone blogger like me would love.

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  1. YEAH!!! im planning of buying the k770 too…hows the phone? is it good? my k750 LCD already gave up on me. i’ll just have it repared but on the other hand i also need buy a new phone…

    SE fanboy just like you!!!

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