Sony Ericsson unveils K770

Sony Ericsson has released its latest model in the Cyber-shot line: the K770. The phone, which will be marketed as the K770i in the Philippines and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region, will be available by the fourth quarter of this year. The K770 belongs to a phone line renowned for it’s photo quality: Cyber-shotContinue reading “Sony Ericsson unveils K770”

Upgrading WordPress Lightbox plugin

I just upgraded the Lightbox 2.0 plugin I use for my WordPress installations. I use Lightbox 2.0 extensively for snazzy image loading effects in my blog and all the other sites I run. The script loads images in an overlay window and dims all the other parts of the page. LIGHTBOX FOR WORDPRESS. The LightboxContinue reading “Upgrading WordPress Lightbox plugin”

Upgrading to Sony Ericsson K800i

When my wife needed to upgrade her phone several weeks back, there was no question on which brand she’ll be getting. The question was which Sony Ericsson model best fits her needs and our budget. I am a Sony Ericsson fan boy and my fanaticism must have rubbed off on my wife because she decidedContinue reading “Upgrading to Sony Ericsson K800i”

Zooomr Mark III now live: Get unlimited photo storage; sell images

My favorite photo sharing website, Zooomr, is now live after weeks of being down. The two-man website had upgraded its services to Mark III, a new version that had been months in the planning and contains a lot of new features. Among the features of Mark III is the ability of users to sell theirContinue reading “Zooomr Mark III now live: Get unlimited photo storage; sell images”

Get unlimited photo storage with Zooomr

Photo sharing site Zooomr has removed the limits on the amount of photo you can upload and store in the site. Zooomr is currently undergoing transition to Mark III, a new version with over 250 new features and which offers users the ability to sell photographs and keep 90% of the sale. NO LIMIT. ZooomrContinue reading “Get unlimited photo storage with Zooomr”

Better photo presentation in your website in 2 easy steps

Photos are best presented with captions or cutlines. The caption adds context to photographs and provides readers such information as the identity of the people in it, where it was taken and any other data not obvious in the photograph. I used to publish photos with captions by creating an HTML table to contain theContinue reading “Better photo presentation in your website in 2 easy steps”

Adobe releases Lightroom beta for Windows

Adobe Lightroom, the software “built from the ground up by photographers, for photographers,” now has a Windows version of its beta. I tried it and I was blown away with the way it allows you to edit your photographs. The Windows version is labeled Beta 3 but Adobe’s announcement says the program is slightly behindContinue reading “Adobe releases Lightroom beta for Windows”