Putting out a personal status page

I found this interesting post in 43 Folders on the need for a personal status page via a link from Sacha Chua. I think a personal status page would be a great way to inform people you are dealing with on the progress on common projects or tasks assigned to you.

I always tell people I’m easier to contact through e-mail or through my blog and that’s true. I always check my mails but I seldom check my phone and most of the time it’s in silent mode and I wouldn’t know whether I received a message. I’m setting up a status page using PBWiki so that people I deal with will know whether I’m doing the tasks I’m supposed to do and they’ll have an indication on how far away I am from completion. My personal status page can be found here.

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  1. Max, I really like your approach to the personal status page. Where I see others saying, “Hey, this is what I had for lunch!” you’re treating this more as a useful communications tool.

  2. perhaps hosting your status page on a public server could be more useful, rather than having people log in.

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