Exceeding my plan’s bandwidth allocation

This site was unavailable for a while because I exceeded my hosting plan’s bandwidth allocation. That’s what you face when you’re linked to by Sassy Lawyer, Manolo and the PCIJ. Now there’s a link to this site from INQ7.net and Newsstand. I’m praying for this month to end already so my bandwidth counter can return to zero. I used to say it would be nice to encounter the same problems Sassy Lawyer faces-that of exceeding bandwidth allocation. It’s not nice at all. Since last night I’ve been trying to reload my page once in a while that I’ve memorized the error message.

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4 responses

  1. On your way to the dedicated server club!

  2. LOL, Migs, I was about to write the same thing. hehehe

    Hey, Max, exceeding bandwidth limit is NOT nice at all… hehehe If anything it used to be a constant source of panic and frustration.

  3. On your way to the dedicated server club!
    I hope not. That would be expensive.

    Sassy: Yeah, I know now. 🙁

  4. But then again..I wonder if any of the group blogs here would be interested in a blog editor similar to what http://www.liewcf.com has? Now that can help pay for the hosting 🙂

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