PLDT Landline Plus goes prepaid: Turn any GSM phone into a portable “landline”

PLDT will launch this weekend prepaid plans for its Landline Plus service. The service, previously available only on monthly postpaid plans, gives consumers “fixed-wireless telephone lines.”

Calls to these wireless handsets, within a provincial area, are considered local connections and aren’t charged by the minute. The Landline Plus user is only charged by the minute for outgoing calls, not incoming ones. These handsets can also send and receive SMS messages.

PLDT Landline Plus PORTABLE LANDLINE. The PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM running on the Sony Ericsson K8001. With the SIM, calls to this phone from a landline, whether Globe or PLDT, are considered local connections and are not charged by the minute. You know the SIM is active by the operator logo: it says PLDT instead of Smart. Click on photo to enlarge.

But the availability of prepaid plans is just an undercard (in boxing parlance) to what will be launched through TV ads during Manny Pacquiao’s fight this Sunday: Landline Plus is going GSM SIM-based.

It can now be used with any GSM mobile handset.

With the prepaid plan, not only are you free from being locked into the service for a year, you also no longer need to pay for the handset or activation fee. You also no longer need to submit applications and other required documents. You just buy the P100 SIM and insert it into a GSM handset that’s open line or locked to Smart and Talk and Text and you have a portable “landline.”


If you’ve seen the handsets that come with the old (product age is relative, too) postpaid plans, most people would forgive you if you giggle. One handset looks like an actual wired telephone and a newsroom colleague was laughing when she told me she saw one on a car’s dashboard.

The other phone model looks like a remote control unit that came with TV sets sold two years ago. Still, I’d see people carrying it around with their regular mobile phones. PLDT officials told me that most users do not give up their main landline and cellphone even if they get a Landline Plus account.

Landline Plus is a very convenient service. It drastically cuts down on people’s phone bills. One of the PLDT officials who gave me the demo last Tuesday said the product is a hit among sales people because clients can now call them from their landlines, without racking up phone bills, even if they are mobile.

SMS messages

The ability to use Landline Plus with any GSM handset makes the service very usable for sending and receiving text messages. I have no experience using the old postpaid units for texting and I’m glad I don’t have to use it with the new service. With the service, you get a seven-digit phone number. Mine has the 515 prefix.

I once saw another colleague texting on his Landline Plus postpaid handset while we were watching the afternoon newscast and I had this urge to tell him not to change the channel. I didn’t tell him. He looked in a foul mood and was way bigger than me.

PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid comes in two monthly plans: P600 and P300. To start using the service, you just buy a P100 Landline Plus Prepaid SIM from stores that are already selling Smart SIM packs and e-loads. The P100 SIM already includes a P50 load that is valid for five days.

demo LANDLINE PLUS DEMO. PLDT and Smart people giving a demo on the new prepaid SIM for the PLDT Landline Plus service. Click on photo to enlarge.

To receive calls, you must load either of the two monthly plans. The P600 plan comes with 600 minutes of free calls and 120 text messages. The P300 plan comes with just 150 minutes of free calls, no free text messages. Outgoing calls are charged by the minute. If you are in a P600 plan, this amounts to just P1 per minute. Under the P300 plan, it’s P2 per minute.

By loading either of the plan, you can receive calls for the entire month.

But if you run out of load for calls and text messages, you can just buy credits in P30, P60 and other denominations in Smart and PLDT e-load stations stores, which are located practically on every street in urban centers.

Crisp, consistent connection

The PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM works only within the province where it is activated. When you go out of the province, you cannot make and receive voice calls but you can send and receive text messages. This differentiates the portability of the PLDT service with that of the true mobility of its sister company’s products: Smart cellphones.

The PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM works on any GSM phone but I suggest you use GSM only handsets instead of those units with 3G capability. I tried the SIM with the Sony Ericsson P1i and the handset insisted on using 3G connection so I had problems activating the SIM.

I tried it on my wife’s K800i with the connection set to GSM only and it worked flawlessly. But using the K800i with the Landline Plus SIM is just like buying the MacBook Air solely to keep a digital to-do list.

I’m scouring cellphone shops this weekend to look for sub-P1,000 phones, typically refurbished early Nokia units, to use with the SIM. I once saw a refurbished Nokia 5110 (my first phone, aaah the memories) sold for just P500. If I see it again this weekend, I’ll buy it for use with the Landline Plus SIM. Now that is really a portable “landline.”

I’ve used the Landline Plus Prepaid service for two days and have never encountered problems. Voice connections are crisp and consistent. Since I am still busy experimenting with my P1i, I asked my wife to use the SIM.

I called her on my office desk phone while she was on a taxi on her way home and for the first time, “sweet nothings” on a cellphone cost absolutely nothing.

The first few hours after activation, I encountered busy tones a few times when I dialed my mobile landline’s number, even if it wasn’t in use. After getting a busy tone, I’d redial the number and could get through. But after six or seven hours, this was fixed. The only time I wasn’t able to call my wife was when she went to a colleague’s house located in the outskirts of the city, where telecom signals were spotty when inside the house.

I am sure this service will be a hit when it is introduced to the market this weekend.

I am just curious, though, why it carries the PLDT brand instead of Smart. Could it mean that Smart will focus more on data, value-added and wireless Internet services and leave the traditional voice, even if wireless, to PLDT? A Smart official said they see the Landline Plus Service as something that will complement their wireless services and offerings.

I am sure that years from now, wireless data services will make up a bigger portion of telco revenues. Yes, even in the Philippines. The only question is when it will start happening. Maybe Smart is at the cusp of this next iteration of communications technology.

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  1. I,m using this one now, because of the fast service and viola!!!! landline in the blink of an eye, gone are the eras of which you apply for fonelines and wait for 3 to 4 years!!! hoping that this technology will boost our business and shoot up our sales.

  2. frances Avatar

    i have a nokia e90. Can i use this for landline plus prepaid or postpaid?

  3. frances,
    Yes. But as I said in the post, that’s like buying a MacBook air and using it only for writing a to-do list. But to use the E90, you have to set the network to GSM only (I don’t know how you do it with the phone, I’m a Sony Ericsson fan boy ๐Ÿ™‚ ) My advice: Get an old phone or one of the newer basic units.

  4. GioSpike Avatar

    I got this 2 days ago. Nakakasend and receive lang ako ng text messages sa SMART lang.

    Eto yung problems na na-encounter ko:

    1. Can’t send/receive text messages sa other network except Smart.

    2. Non-PLDT landline phones can’t reach my PLDT Landline Plus #. I tried to call my PLDT Landline Plus # using my Globelines #, ‘Not Yet In Service’ daw. Pero when I called my Globelines landline using my PLDT Landline Plus, natatawagan naman.

    I called their customer service hotline yesterday. I asked if I can still send and receive text messages outside Metro Manila (02) area code. The customer service agent told me that both voice call and SMS features will not on area with a different area code.

  5. do you know anyone who supplies this prepaid sim at less than P100? pls email me. thanks!

  6. The service seems promising but I’m sticking with my Bayan Wireless Landline Prepaid. For local calls I only pay P3.00 per call (unlimited). The IDD rate is also cheap $0.15 for most countries.

  7. marites Avatar

    am confused about the prepaid credits..the 300 and 600. when are we gonna load it? as soon as its consumed? and why there are small amounts for reloading available. u mean we can still have the service even if we load 50 or smaller amounts than 300 or 600?

  8. marites Avatar

    when we buy the sim, is it ready to use? u said it is preloaded with 50, it doesnt have free minutes on it, i presume.the after the 50 is consumed, we load either 300 or 600? is that good for one month only?

  9. marites Avatar

    and one more thing, available na po ba ito sa cebu? am from cebu kasi.

  10. hi, i just bought the LLP SIM yesterday, but it seems like it wasn’t yet activated?…there’s already a PLDT written on the screen..
    why cant i start up the P50 pre-load?

  11. i think this will not really be a hit, contrary to what you’ve predicted because:

    1. For it to work, it requires someone to have that PLDT SIM too..added hassle only. it will only work with people who needs it..

    2.. It will only work with Smart/PLDT.

    3. It is only confined to a particular province/area.

  12. GioSpike,

    I tried sending an SMS to my Landline Plus prepaid handset from the Globe base phone we have in the newsroom and never got the message. However, I found an archive in the base phone messages to and from a Landline Plus number (most likely a postpaid account because these were sent last week.) I’ll try it again later today.

    Non-PLDT landlines, however, can call the Landline Plus Prepaid SIM unit. I tried and was able to call it from a Globe landline last Tuesday. I’ll try it again later today.

    The PLDT guys who gave me the demo said you can’t call or be called when you’re outside the province but you can send text messages. I’ve never tried it though.


    The monthly load (P300 or P600) will allow your phone line to be active for that month. This means people can call your unit. The load credits also give you free calling minutes. When you use up your free minutes (in effect you have zero load), your unit can still be called but you can’t make outgoing calls. This is where the smaller load denominations go in. You can then load P30 or any other amount so that you can send text messages or make calls.

    When you buy the SIM, it’s ready to use. The P50 load that comes with it is valid for five days. You can already be called. But you do need to load either P300 or P600 to make your line active for a month.

    And yes, it’s already available in Cebu but you might have a hard time finding it. I’m also from Cebu ๐Ÿ™‚ . A colleague told me people are having a hard time looking for the SIM because demand is high.

    You still need to activate the P50 load that comes with the SIM. I’ll add it to the blog post. To activate the P50 load in the SIM, just dial: #101*50

    Good points but I still disagree and initial market reaction (not scientifically taken, ha) indicates a hit. A colleague said they had a hard time buying a SIM because of the demand.

    The service does not require that the unit you contact or which contacts you should also have a PLDT SIM. This much I’m certain–any PLDT landline can call the unit as if it’s just a regular wired landline phone. The PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid unit is being used by my wife. I’ve repeatedly talked to her or my sons using my office desk phone. As I said above, I have been able to call it using a Globe line but this was last week and it was just done only to test whether I can call from Globe. I will test it again later today.

    It will only work with Smart/PLDT. As I said I was able to call the unit using a Globe landline once. I’ll test it again. But I never received a test SMS that I sent from a Globe phone.

    It is only confined to a particular province/area.
    True. But I don’t think this would put off all people. If you frequently need to shuttle between provinces, you can just buy another SIM, it’s just P100, after all. Or you can use a regular mobile phone line.

    But most people’s sphere of activity is confined to a single province. I mean it’s not as if most of us spend one day here in Cebu, the next day in Bohol, and the next week in some other province. It’s usefulness may be diminished by the province-locking but not by much.

    Also, many people live in areas where it’s close to impossible to get a landline. This service will be very useful for them. I’m sure demand will be high in places like the Camotes Islands.

    But we’ll see how the market takes to it ๐Ÿ™‚ . Thanks for the feedback!

  13. What about the validity of the SIM? How long can it last (days/months) without topping it up (let’s say you’ve consumed your initial P50 load)?

    Regarding the P300 and P600 load, is it really only valid for 30 days/1 month?

    Thank you. ^_^

  14. Max, if you said that the P300 and P600 denominations will make the SIM active for a month, does that mean you have to reload with either of the amounts every month? So parang postpaid na rin sya that you have to cash-out a fix amount every month in order for you to use the SIM?

    I have another question, diba may murang IDD rate ang mga wireless landline? How much is the rate for this one? Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I tried looking all over Festival Mall yesterday and evry single cell card stall salesman/lady gave me the “duh?” look. One even thought I was kidding. Any idea where I can get this in the Alabang area or Las Piรƒยฑas/Paraรƒยฑaque/Bicutan even?
    I really want to get my hands on one.

  16. Bouie,
    The P50 load in the SIM is valid only for 5 days. After that, you have to load either the P300 or P600 for the SIM to be active.

    Yes, the P300 or P600 load is valid only for one month.


    Yes, you have to reload every month. The advantage of prepaid as opposed to the postpaid plan is that you can choose your monthly plan. If you don’t make that much outgoing calls, you can just load P300. In postpaid, you are locked into the plan you chose when signing up. Plus, you don’t experience the hassle of having to submit documents and paying bills monthly.

    On the IDD rates, they offer P8 per minute for 95 countries. I’ll update the post to include this data.

    Thanks for the feedback!


    I think your best chance at buying one would be to go to a PLDT or Smart office.

  17. GioSpike Avatar

    Text messaging lang magwowork if different na sa area code ng PLDT SIM nyo yung location nyo. May maririnig lang kayong “Contact Customer Service” kapag sinubukan nyong tumawag. I tested it when I went sa province last weekend.

    Text Messaging:
    PLDT Wireless SIM to PLDT Wireless SIM/SMART = Nakakapagsend sya at nareceive ng recepients. ๐Ÿ™‚
    PLDT Wireless SIM to Globe/SUN = Nakakapagsend sya pero hindi narereceive ng recepients. ๐Ÿ™

    Voice Calls (Same area code)
    Globelines to PLDT Wireless SIM = “Not Yet In Service” recorded message maririnig nyo ๐Ÿ™
    PLDT Wireless SIM to Globelines = Connected. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Regular PLDT landline to PLDT Wireless SIM (vice versa) = Connected. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Same problem pa rin! Hindi makontak ng Globelines Landline (Pasig area) ang PLDT Wireless Landline SIM!

    Sinong may Globelines Landline dito? Hindi ko kasi sure kung ganito sa lahat ng Globelines landline or may certain areas lang na ganito problema.

  18. Hey guys Im looking for distributors. The retail costs 100 pesos for wholesale 20 or more you get it at a lower rate with marketing fliers

    provinces can order to be locked into their area minimum of 50 pcs.

    call or text me at 09189994678 if you have any questions or orders


  19. jonas, taga pque ako, i got my prepaid simcard sa kiosk sa makro sucat, try mo baka nandun parin yun.

  20. hi! im from iloilo. is this available here? um, id like to clarify something. u stated that “Calls to these wireless handsets, within a provincial area, are considered local connections and arenรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt charged by the minute. ” does this mean free yung calls if we r on the same provincial area? thank u!

  21. Thanks po! ^_^ Follow-up question lang. In the event that my 300/600 load expires after 30 days, after ba nun active pa rin ang line ko?

    Tipong parang sa mga cellular networks, kapag nawalan ba ng load ang SIM ko eh pwedeng 60 days na wala siyang load at makakatanggap pa rin ako ng mga tawag?

    Saka paano po malalaman kung ang cell sites sa area mo ay equipped na for the Landline +?

  22. I am a freelance Agent/Reseller/Dealer of PLDT/Smart BRO, Bayan Wireless Landline & Globe Speak n Surf. I have limited stock (w/ 02 area code) of PLDT Landline Plus SIM Card @ P 100 each & you need to load P 300 for full activation (= P 400 initial Cash-out) + minimum P50 delivery charge! Preferable meet-ups within Las Piรƒยฑas area and nearby places.

    (02)4970723 / (02)8460895 / (0918)2312423
    [email protected]

  23. annalene Avatar

    kung tatangalin ko yung sim ng PLDT prepaid plus yung load ko ba mawawala??

  24. so parang postpaid na rin sya, kaso lang the rates are flexible and much cheaper.. how about if you don’t load your SIM with the 300/600 credits? can you still receive incoming calls ba?

  25. It took forever before my PLDT landline application was processed (and we already have a Globelines when it was approved). Come weekend, oce I can get hold of a PLDT SIM card, my old Blackberry 60201 will have a use again, more than just a touchscreen-less PDA.

  26. Alex Tan Avatar
    Alex Tan

    From what I understand, once the P300 or P600 load expires, you can’t receive incoming calls anymore, right?

    My question is: Assuming you load P600 and wasn’t able to consume it all before topping it up again with another P600.00 after 30 days, will the remaining balance be carried over to your new load?

  27. So a landline can call your pldt sim for free? But your outgoing will be like calling an outgoing TM to Tm that it?

  28. Steve Garcia Avatar
    Steve Garcia

    I am from Cebu. I got my PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid at Junrex. The problem is the globelines can not contact the PLDT LLP. OK sana dahil wireless at mura pa!!!

  29. palpak naman yan eh…hindi ko matawagan ate ko sa manila…sa sta. rosa laguna ako at PLDT rin ang land line namin, of course long distance call na yan and i use 02(#######)…laging cannot be completed as dialed pa rin. gumagawa na naman ng ka-bulokan ang PLDT… \m/



  32. marites Avatar

    am from cebu. where can we buy that pldt landline prepaid plus, sim?
    didnt find anyone selling yet ..

  33. grabe naman… just be thankful that PLDT and other telco are coming up with bright ideas how we can bring our landline with us. just imagine bringing your landline everywhere you go. we’ve come a long way guys. we no longer have to rush home or to the office or to a sari sari store just to use a landline.

    please just be patient. PLDT or other telcos will iron out the problems as it progresses. remember the first time we had text messages… ganun din naman.. ang daming problem. pero ngayon minimal na lang ang problem when it comes to wireless connections. so lighten up guys. just be appreciative that these companies are coming up with ways how we can be so in touch with people.

  34. I’m planning to purchase one but i’d like to find out first if this will work outside manila particularly in Bulacan(San Jose Del Monte) becuase it will just be useless if the sim will not work after all. Thanks

  35. Carlo Olano Avatar
    Carlo Olano

    hey max! naa ka diri sa Cebu? Kita nya ta. Bag-o ra ni-ari si Shanthi diri..hehehe

  36. marites,
    I think your better off buying from the PLDT office. I was told that most Smart/PLDT outlets and even e-load centers sell this SIM but a colleague said they couldn’t find SIM packs in these centers. The demand, apparently, is high.

    Mary Ann,
    The SIM works within the province it was activated. I don’t know about Metro Manila. I’ll ask Smart and send you an update.

    Kumusta na bai! Kita nya ta. Nakakita ko nimo sa SM City ka-usa pero layo na man ka. Padung na sab ka gawas.

  37. 1.) Na eexpired ba yung sim ng PLDT Landline plus gaya ng mga globe, smart or sun prepaid cards na meron lang i think 90 days pag di nag load wala ng silbi yung sim card right? Sa PLDT plus, applicable din ba yung ganun?

    2.) What if di ako mag load ng 1 month? makakareceive pa rin kaya ako ng calls?

    3.) PLDT Landline plus to PLdt landline plus may charge ba?

    Thank for the info. hope to hear from u soon…

  38. can you send me the brochure of this PLDT land line plus prepaid.

  39. Hello,

    Yes the demand is high but until now PLDT Officer don’t know when the stock is available. Even PLDT Landline here in Cebu, if you call a globelines # palaging busy. So let’s accept the fact that PLDT system set a maximum caller to call Other telco’s. Much better if you have booth.

    Then, yun Globe are doing the same on PLDT just PLEASE don’t think of it. Ehhh yun wired broadband nila nagka loko nga eh yun wireless pah?

    I’m not a PLDT employee but let’s accept that PLDT is first so yun iba gaya-gaya lang or “more or less” the same pero hindi katulad sa PLDT na their thinking ahead.

    To solve this : Let’s go for double SIM for Wireless Landline or make it triple for bayan tel.

  40. tol kung local bayantel landline to pldt sim,may charge ba per minute ang bayantel?

  41. I just bought a prepaid SIM here sa SM Bacolod and quite pleased because meron na akong landline plus prepaid! Hehe.. I tested it out and it works great with pldt landline.. Pero when I used our globelines to call my landline plus, ayaw mag connect.. I think pldt hasn’t interconnected landline plus with globelines yet.. I’m quite sure they are constantly working on it! I don’t think pabayaan lang nang pldt na d pwedeng mag interconnect ang globelines sa landline plus..

  42. Again, I tried out my pldt landline plus prepaid to check if pwede mag interconnect ang globelines sa pldt ko.. here are the scenarios:

    1. PLDT Landline calling a PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid = OK
    2. PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid calling a PLDT Landline = OK
    3. PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid calling a Globelines Landline = OK
    4. Globelines Landline calling a PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid = FAILED!

    However, may solution sa #4 na scenario! ๐Ÿ™‚ Instead of directly dialling my local PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid number, I affixed the area code first. Guess what? It worked!! Hehe..

    5. Globelines Landline calling a PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid using NDD procedure (0 + area code + 7-digit phone number) = OK!

    The question is, “If I use a Globelines Landline to call my PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid with the area code affixed, will the call be considered a Long Distance Call or a Local Call?”

  43. Di talaga ako mapakali pag hindi ko na bigyan nang solusyon yung problema ko! hehe.. By solving my own problem, it will help answer yours too.. ๐Ÿ™‚ So here are the calling rates scenarios:

    1. PLDT Landline to PLDT Landline Plus = Local Call
    2. Globelines Landline to PLDT Landline Plus = Local Call

    1. PLDT Landline to PLDT Landline Plus = LONG DISTANCE
    2. Globeslines Landline to PLDT Landline Plus = Local Call

    Sabi daw kasi nang Customer Service Representative nang PLDT, pag ginamit yung AREA CODE kahit na yung tinatawagan mo ay same area code mo rin, the computer will consider it as a LONG DISTANCE CALL na raw. So never use the area code just for fun if you are calling a phone in the same area kasi it will be charged for P5/min.

    Sabi naman nang Customer Service Representative nang Globelines, if you are calling a phone in the same area, may area code man daw or wala, LOCAL CALL pa rin yun! So okay sya!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    So if you are using a Globelines to call a PLDT Landline Plus at hindi siya makakaconnect, use the area code! (“,)

    GOOD LUCK!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. i just bought my PLDT PLUS SIM… the problem??? I CANNOT GET IT REGISTERED! i have been trying for 2 days straight to register using #101*50 but i can’t get through. i called the hotline.. they helped me set up my phone but i still cannot get thru registering the sim. the line always sim to be busy or i get a call rejected message or sometimes it will say Check network services. GRRRRRR

  45. Hi to all. I got my SIM yesterday and tried it once i got home. Here are the scenarios Im getting (or not):

    1. PLDT landline to PLDT prepaid plus and vise versa= OK
    2. PLDT prepaid plus to Globe CP = OK
    3. Globe CP to PLDT prepaid plus = not OK. Message I’m getting “the # you dialed is incorrect”
    4. Can’t text to any network = Message I’m getting: “Sending failed. Message barred”.
    5.Txt from Globe CP to PLDT prepaid plus = message sent but not received.

    Hope somebody can shed light here.


  46. Carlo D. Avatar
    Carlo D.


    Guys could you help me decide which service to choose: BAYANTEL WIRELESS or PLDT LLPP???

    I have a friend who has Bayantel Wireless (BW) he says the advantages are:

    – Plan 699 Unlimited calls
    Outgoing/Incoming Local Calls (’02’ area code) – FREE
    NDD –
    SPAN to SPAN & Bayan Phones (nationwide)- FREE
    Landline @ Php 4.00/min
    Cellphone @ Php 6.50/min

    IDD –
    Top 71 destinations @ US $ 0.10/min
    Major destinations @ US $ 0.19/min
    Rest of the world @ US $ 0.40/min

    SPAN to SPAN (nationwide) – FREE (NDD activation required)
    SPAN to Bayan Phones (nationwide) – FREE
    SPAN to domestic landline and domestic mobile @ Php 1.00/send
    SPAN to international @ Php 15.00/send


  47. Carlo D. Avatar
    Carlo D.

    I have already decided BAYANTEL WIRELESS SPAN NA AKO!

    WHY? Here are the reasons:

    1) BAYANTEL branches KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. Not like PLDT LLP agents, I already talked to a number of them I got more and more confused. Masyado lang siguro hyped ang ads ng PLDT LLP they forgot how to actually market it face to face.

    2) In LLP you have to pay 300 / 600 a month, so parang post paid na rin sya. Problema if you exceed the calls beyond 300 or 600 so you have to pay more than that. In BW, you pay a fixed a mount regardless of calltime, UNLIMITED CALLS for 699 only.

    3) I can save a lot from my FREE NDD, because my mother-in-law has a bayantel phone (regular landline) in Manila, my wife and I are based here in Davao. So FREE NDD calls basta from BW to BW or to a regular landline of bayantel. So babad sa phone ang wife ko if she gets homesick. For PLDT LLPP, you have to pay NDD rates for this regardless of telco.

    4) I can surf the net using BW, just plug it to the PC/Laptop and you can choose which plan: PAY per use or P150, and P300, which corresponds to certain free hours.

    If anyone here thinks I decided wrong, please do post.

  48. oscar Avatar

    I just wonder if i use a handset which is dual sim handset will it work. My handset is My Phone (china). Kindly confirmed if it is possible.

  49. magkano po byad pag landline to pldt instant landline?

  50. camille Avatar

    i want to know how to apply for next monthly plan for my sim… thanks in advance… just text me at my number


    again.. thanks…

  51. how do i do balance inquiry for pldt landline plus prepaid?
    how do i select a plan?

  52. yohan Avatar

    Know what,
    im so lost…
    where can i find this sim ba?!i tried looking for it in some malls in makati..out of stock daw..can you give me an exact place please? thanks

  53. wala na po raw stocks sa pldt office, saan pa kaya pwede makabili ng PPL sim at particularly in mega mall?

  54. i want to try that sim kya lang san available kc sbi nyo its 100 pesos but people are selling it 250 each kc out of stocks n s pldt outlets

  55. jude nalugon - bohol Avatar
    jude nalugon – bohol

    ok na naman pldt prepaid eh, pero kayo reklamo syempre bago pa kaya.

  56. jude nalugon - bohol Avatar
    jude nalugon – bohol

    ok naman pldt prepaid eh, kung may problem kinokorek pa nila yan.

  57. Rupern Avatar

    Hay, dami problem ang PLL. kahapon wala akong signal ngayon naman malakas ang signal ko pero di naman ako makatawag kahit kanino, kahit nga sa CSR nila atsaka sa bal. inquiry di rin UNTIL NOW. Na eexpenrience nyo rin kaya to? Nakakainis nga, ang sarap pasabugin ang PLDT Office!

  58. wendell Avatar

    got mine at st francis square at the back ok megamall. madami stock so far

  59. Rupern Avatar

    ang PLDT landline plus ko ayUnlimited text ako sa smart at TNT khit wlang load basta nakaregister ka lang sa 300 or 600. Normal ba yun na Unli ang Text kahit walang extra load? Di nga lang ako makatext sa globe pag walang extra load. Please Help……

  60. i want to buy pldt simcard ..pleas send me how thanx

  61. Korean punk Avatar
    Korean punk

    can this PLDT LLP sim be used in any opened line cellular phones like NOKIA or Sony ericson?..Or u have to buy also their PLDT LLP unit?..
    Reply me thanks.

  62. May mga problema na lost loads using PLDT Landline PLUS Prepaid! Check link:

  63. jude nalugon - bohol Avatar
    jude nalugon – bohol

    hindi ko na ginagamit pldt sim ko kasi di pala ikaw makontak pag tapos na ang 5 days trial, dapat na mag load ng 300p. pano naman kami mga walng income,heheheh

  64. i experienced the same issues when i first had my BayantelWirelessLandline I was an early bird subscriber. Months later the service improved and now I have no more problems using it. Perhaps given more time the PLDT LLP will also improve and those who already have the sims will eventually realize how lucky they are in getting it earlier than the rest. Problem kc masyado mataas expectations ng consumers but you cannot blame them for thinking like that because PLDT has a name and reputation to back it up. I just hope their services for the LLP improves very soon.

  65. jhunn monzon Avatar
    jhunn monzon

    kung nag pa load ako ng 300 sa sim ko. ano pa ang kailangang i-dial ko para ma-activate ang aking sim sa unit ko?

    thank you po…

  66. I want to know if this PLDT plus can connect to remote barrios in G-Hernandez, Bohol?

  67. Text Messaging:
    PLDT Wireless SIM to PLDT Wireless SIM/SMART = Nakakapagsend sya at nareceive ng recepients.
    PLDT Wireless SIM to Globe = Nakakapagsend sya pero hindi narereceive ng recepients.
    Any work around to ensure that i receive this messages from globe numbers???

  68. sexyanna_01 Avatar

    hi… i want the prepaid load… if i get the 300p plan ,i want to use the PLDT budget card it will use my airtime of 2p per min ??? and if i 1st get it i still have to load it ??? i thought u can use it until the 300p is gone ??? and can i use the Nokia 3530 ??? thank u

  69. hello! tanong: i bought that sim ages ago and haven’t loaded it ever since. can i still use it ba? and my sim is only 7 digits. same prin ba ang pagload nun sa mga smart/pldt eload? thanks

  70. pwede bang gamitin ang speak and surf na SIM sa mobile phones? ano kayang phones ang pwede? ang laki kc ng desktop phone kapag gusto kong bitbitin

  71. Im selling PLDT Landline Plus PrEpAiD

    u can reach me thru 026928541 [yan ang PLPP# ko] if ur a smart subscriber

    0917 823 0810 for G subscribers
    0922 333 6233 for Sun subscribers

  72. how can i convert my 300 load to a monthly subscription.. just forgot the code

  73. i want to sell some pldt prepaid cards…….. how?

  74. where can i buy this SIM?..anybody can sell or teach me where this SIM available because it’s out in the market (accdg fr PLDT) and they don’t know it’s gonna be available..pls help!!

  75. Hello! U can buy PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid Sim at any SM Information Booth outlets.
    to check balance, just dial #101328 and press 1.

    my pldt LLplus prepaid number is 692 9393 for questions. just send ur txt to
    026929393 (Smart subscribers only)
    0917 8230810 (Globe subscribers)

  76. inciong Avatar

    hey Rene, naexperience q rin mawalan (sobrang bawas) ng load. After of 2 days of activation, less than 30 texts (all smart….of course) and less than 4 minutes of call (PLDT fixed LL), my balance went 148.00…ginawa ko pinalitan ko P.I.N ng e-wallet by calling #101328 then press 4 to change e-wallet P.I.N. the next day i made 3 texts to a smart # (0919-XXX-…) balance remained @ 148.00…then the next day i made a few texts and less than 2 minutes of call…my balance became 146.00 ….haaaay masyalo makulo ah.

  77. I nid Pldt sim…..
    wala me makita kahit saan pldt outlet…
    help me naman para makakuha me….
    Maraming Salamat

  78. Hello! Many thanks to the people who called inquiring about LL+. I appreciate your “kumpiansa” po.
    U can also send ur questions to
    [email protected]

    or call (02)692 9393 (thats my PLDT LL+)
    or 0917 9343 999
    or 0922 333 62 33

    Maraming Salamat Po!

  79. can i recieve calls while im using the free internet connection of my PLDT landline???

  80. One question:
    Free ba ang call ng PLDT landline (regular) to PLDT Landline PLus Prepaid may load man o wala ung PLDT PLPP??

    Thanks in advance.

  81. Charm Lao Avatar

    Hi Mr(?)/Ms(?) Jhayar, may nabibili pong PLDT sim sa mg SM Information Booths ng SM malls.

  82. Charm Lao Avatar

    Ms. Sarah,
    You have to maintain the 300 or 500 peso load monthly to make and receive calls.
    Calling from landline to PLDT LL+ is considered landline call, no charges. But PLDT LL+ to landline call, 1.00/min charge.

    Hope that helped,

  83. Charm Lao Avatar

    Ms. Heidi,
    I think your inquiry refers to the PLDT Landline na installed in homes. i haven’t tried that po so I dont know. Kindly call PLDT hotline po.

  84. Hi ask ko po sana pag ala po pa load un PLDT LL plus prepaid could it accept incoming calls? if not magkano un maintaining balance so you could receive incoming calls? I’v read dapat monthly mo is either 300 or 600..

  85. pambihira naman yan pldt na yan raket tong landline prepaid plus nag load na ako ng 300 at 30 pesos para may incoming at out going calls ako after 5 days wala na yun 30 pesos ko d na rin ako makatawag sa landline anu ba yan panloloko na yan eh kung every 5 days mag load ako sa isang buwan magkano din yun eh d hinde lang 300 na load ko hayup sa advertisement manloloko lang pala kayo yun 30 pesos d namn ako nag ttxt bigla nalang mawala yun load pldt mag bago kayo ng style

  86. Mel myers Avatar

    will this sim work sa dua sim handset like verzio or myphone?

  87. hi! started using this LL+, loaded 300 then expires w/ P70 balance, forfetired na ba un? Also I loaded P100 but it wont work w/ P170 balance?? Do i need to load P300??
    your reponse will be appreciated.
    thanks a lot.

  88. sino ba nagbebenta ng sim card dyan? bilin ko na lng. yung may reklamo sa PLDT Landline Prepaid Plus services ibenta mo na lang kaya sa akin. email mo na lang ako. Salamat.

  89. laninabonita Avatar

    You can use a 3g phone for the PLDT landline plus simcard. You just disable the 3g option on your fone and you’re good to go ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. please do read the manuals before complaining. if your on plan 300, each minute call cost you 2pesos. if your on plan 500, each minute cost you 1peso. after you have consume your load could it be 300 or 500 but your subscription plan still haven’t expired which is usually a month, you could still received incoming calls even if you don’t have any load. But you have to load additional load for you to make outgoing calls. The minimum denomination you could load is 30pesos (same as smart, follow the pattern) then 60pesos,etc. You could make outgoing calls again the the cost depends in which plan you have subscribe 300 or 500, 300 is 2pesos per minute and 500 is 1peso per minute. But if your subscription for the month (300 or 500) expires, if you load a denomination below 300, you cannot make any outgoing calls and you cannot received any incoming calls either so you must choose or load in the plan in which you desire (300 or 500). For more inquiries call the PLDT CSR 101328. Its a good thing they created a land line on the go, I could received important calls for work even if I’m not home. I’d love to be of help you could call me at 566-6669

  91. HELP! i got my PLDT PREPAID SIM from a friend. It doesn’t have signal anymore. he said after consuming the pre-loaded amount, he never got to load it. When i tried to laod it with 300, i still didnt get signal. It keeps displaying NO NETWRORK. Can i still use the sim?

  92. Hi!
    Just wanna ask,will the NOKIA 1200 work well with this prepaid sim?

    Maganda sana sya kasi pweded na sa cellphone lang.

    Unlike sa Bayan awireless sa malaking phone(hehe),pero okay naman yong postpaid rate nila na 699 a month.

    Saan po ba ito available?

    Okay na po ba service ng pldt landline plus prepaid ngayon?

    Need answer.

    Pls answer my question.

    Thank you!

  93. san ako makakabili ng WIRELESS LANDLINE.. NOT CELL PHONE TYPE… un pambahay na apparato?

    puede na rin ,un parang REMOTE CONTROL NA WIRELESS TYPE..

  94. bakit po hindi pweding magload ng 300 meron nman pong budget card? ibig sabihin hindi siya prepaid..kasi ang prepaid kahit magkano ang ilagay na lod..

  95. iam now using pldt LL+ and its a pain in the ass!!!!!!! the incoming calls are been disconeected every 10 minutes is it what u call convenience???OMG! and i havent reach 20 sent txt messages and i only call once and the nxt time ill send a message it says check operators services my GOD! does these things happens to you also pldt LL+ users???

  96. mark del rosario Avatar
    mark del rosario

    bibili po kami nang woth 1oo na sim card.tapos ay kailangan po ba magpalod nang 600 or 3oo bago po magamit ung sim?hindi po ba pde na smaller amount ang i load?pinapa activate pa po b ung sim sa pldt?

  97. Benito Amurao Avatar
    Benito Amurao

    To Whom it may concern:
    I was one of the people who has this PLDTand line plus (postpaid). Can this landline be up graded to the new PLDT SIM prepaid?
    I think it’s unfair for people like me who availed with the service promoted it last year just to end up being ridiculed by people who are availing with your new PLDT SIM card. We are POST PAID SUBSCRIBERS.

    Thank you.

  98. hi! ask ko lng po kung pwedeng gumamit ng PLDT Budget card using this sim? kc un po ang gamet ko pg tumatawag sa husband ko. Ngalang everytime i call him, need ko pa lumabas ng hauz to look for a PLDT payphone.
    if i use budget card on a pldt landline plus sim, ung load at call rate pa rin po ba ng budget card ang mag-aaply? d po ba mababawasan ung load ng landline plus?…
    another thing, malinaw dn nman po kya pag IDD calls?

  99. kasi napansin ko po mas mahal ang rate ng IDD calls using only the PLDT landline plus sim. pag meron po kasing PLDT Budget card na gamet, nasa 3-4pesos lng po per minute ang IDD.

  100. I have pldt landline sim, but I was not able to load it up for 2-3 months and the simcard failed to register when I open in a gsm phone, Can the sim still be used when I put load in it?

  101. nonoy cabrera Avatar
    nonoy cabrera

    can we use this as fax machine?

  102. Available pa po ba ito? Where can I buy one? Thanks everyone.

  103. billy villanueva Avatar
    billy villanueva

    i have loaded 300 pesos with my PLDT landline GSM.what is the procedure to activate for a monthly plan?

  104. Very effective yun promotion nila that you’ll get * free minutes when you avail to their 300/600 monthly plan pero ang totoo yun na pala ang consumables mo for month. 150 minutes for plan 300 and 600 minutes for plan 600. What a tricky strategy, using the term free pero ang totoo bayad naman. Sana wag na lang sila manlinlang at sabihin ng mas maayos pwede naman siguro yun di ba?

  105. hello, nawala po kasi yung manual ng PLDT sim ko.. bago ko pa lang gagamitin..ano po ba ilload para magamit at pano?

  106. Elju A. Bulaclac Avatar
    Elju A. Bulaclac

    kailangan ko itransfer sa 600 ang 300 plan ko at bakit magkaiba pa ang mga pricing same din naman na prepaid yun dapat isa na lang parang ordinary cp lang.

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