2 weeks with the Nokia E71

I’ve been asked to review the Nokia E71. Nokia Philippines lent me a review unit for two weeks.

The E71 is part of Nokia’s Eseries, a line of smartphones for business use. The phone’s features can make any heavy mobile user drool: wi-fi and high-speed mobile Internet connectivity, easy e-mail setup through Nokia’s service, integrated A-GPS, an integrated 3.2-megapixel camera and all the features you’d expect from a modern phone such as Bluetooth connectivity, expandable media storage, FM radio, digital media playing capabilities etc.

The two-week test will be the longest time in probably more than five years that I’ve used a Nokia phone. I’d try out Nokia units once in a while for several minutes and that’s the full extent of my usage.

The last Nokia unit I used extensively was, I’m embarrassed to admit, the venerable Nokia 5110. After that, I switched to Ericsson, starting with the R320s and stuck to the company, which later merged with Sony, until this day.

I’m excited to try the unit out. I’ll be blogging the entire review process here as well as posting constant Twitter updates that you can read at the sidebar on the right or in my Twitter page.

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PLDT Landline Plus goes prepaid: Turn any GSM phone into a portable “landline”

PLDT will launch this weekend prepaid plans for its Landline Plus service. The service, previously available only on monthly postpaid plans, gives consumers “fixed-wireless telephone lines.”

Calls to these wireless handsets, within a provincial area, are considered local connections and aren’t charged by the minute. The Landline Plus user is only charged by the minute for outgoing calls, not incoming ones. These handsets can also send and receive SMS messages.

PLDT Landline Plus PORTABLE LANDLINE. The PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM running on the Sony Ericsson K8001. With the SIM, calls to this phone from a landline, whether Globe or PLDT, are considered local connections and are not charged by the minute. You know the SIM is active by the operator logo: it says PLDT instead of Smart. Click on photo to enlarge.

But the availability of prepaid plans is just an undercard (in boxing parlance) to what will be launched through TV ads during Manny Pacquiao’s fight this Sunday: Landline Plus is going GSM SIM-based.

It can now be used with any GSM mobile handset.

With the prepaid plan, not only are you free from being locked into the service for a year, you also no longer need to pay for the handset or activation fee. You also no longer need to submit applications and other required documents. You just buy the P100 SIM and insert it into a GSM handset that’s open line or locked to Smart and Talk and Text and you have a portable “landline.”