Old flame, sinful old flame

I nearly stumbled when I saw her, then I gawked, stopping mid-stride. Had somebody been walking behind me, I would have been bumped. She looked just as she had the last time I held her in my hands, 10 years back. Only this time, she was a biggie, a sight that would almost certainly get me a warning from my wife.

It was a two-year college romance-cheap, obsessive, and unhealthy. She was there when I crammed for exams and reports. She was there when my frat brods and I planned for activities. She was there a few days before I left Manila for good to transfer to Cebu.

For P20, I could have her anytime then.

Wendy's biggie meal
Yesterday, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I doubled back, looking at her at the corner of my eyes. She has put on pounds but appeared as juicy as ever. I knew I had to take her with me to the hotel where I’m staying for a conference this week and I did.

Ten years is a long time but there she was, on top of the table in my room. I unwrapped her. I undressed her. I stared at her for a full minute-she was as luscious as ever. And when my parted mouth came into contact with her, the thought overwhelmed me: why isn’t there a Wendy’s branch in Cebu?


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