Blogs Of The Day down

I was working on my and Marlen‘s WordPress theme early this morning when I noticed that my site was so slow. I suspected that I may have made a mistake in the codes and so I went through the theme files I changed line by line but couldn’t find anything wrong.

When I tried opening the site again, I noticed that it was trying to contact and couldn’t get through. I checked on the the Blogs Of The Day site and found that it was down. I checked on blogs that I knew were using the plugin and found that these were also very slow.

Blogs Of The Day is a portal that tracks traffic in WordPress blogs using its plugin. It ranks the most visited member blogs and pages.

I deactivated the plugin and the site rendered pages at its usual speed again.

Update: Just as I was about to publish this, Blogs of the Day is back up again. I have just re-activated my plugin.

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