A better hipster PDA

While I keep most of my notes and tasks list on my two server-based TiddlyWikis (free account with www.serversidewiki.com and ZiddlyWiki hosted on a free Zope server) I still keep a hipster PDA to take down notes whenever I’m offline.

The problem with making hipster PDAs is the difficulty in printing on index cards. What I did (in past sense because I have found a solution) was print on a letter sized paper several hipster PDA templates and then cut these out and paste these on index cards.

That was the case until I found PocketMod. The site allows you to create a one-page organizer that you can fold into a pocket-based planner. The printing is relatively easy – you just print on a letter-size paper and then fold the planner. The site offers a video instruction on how to fold the planner.

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  1. hipster pda rocks! although my ADD self seldom allows me to actually have a hpda for a long time… thats why i went back to notebooks and moleskines, that way i dont have to keep looking for individual sheets… but.. i do use david seah’s THE PRINTABLE CEO for my tasks on hand…(http://davidseah.com)

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