PocketMod “Sony” edition

I love paper planners, especially PocketMod. I used to have stacks of index cards that serve as hipster PDA but when I found PocketMod, I stuck with it. PocketMod is a flash application that allows you to customize a letter printout that you can fold into a multi-page planner.

I use PocketMod to take notes whenever I’m offline. I’d then enter these notes into my ZiddlyWiki and the tasks list into RememberTheMilk (previously it was BackPackIt). To prepare for two presentations I’d be giving in the coming days, I printed a new PocketMod with several story boards to serve as scratch pad for my presentations.

The problem with PocketMods is that these get crumpled in less than a day. I looked for a blank diskette case to serve as container but found a better one: a case for a blank Sony cassette tape used in one of the radio monitors in the newsroom. The Sony cassette tape case was a perfect fit, you just had to remove the two protruding things that keep the tape in place (I used long-nosed pliers). It even has room for a small pencil.

Check out the story boards of PocketMod: these are great for planning slide presentations.


Print your own pocket-based organizer

If you’re a user of the hipster PDA, you might want to check a new implementation of the paper organizer. It’s called the PocketMod. The site offers you a very user-friendly interface to produce an A4-sized printout that you can fold into a pocketbased organizer – complete with a coverpage, tasks list, grocery lists, contacts entry form, checkbook record and weekly, monthly and yearly calendars. There’s even an option to include a tic-tac-toe board.


Because of its size, you can keep pocketmod in your shirt pocket comfortably – which is a plus for people, like me, who frequently misplace things.

LifeHacks Personal

A better hipster PDA

While I keep most of my notes and tasks list on my two server-based TiddlyWikis (free account with and ZiddlyWiki hosted on a free Zope server) I still keep a hipster PDA to take down notes whenever Im offline.

The problem with making hipster PDAs is the difficulty in printing on index cards. What I did (in past sense because I have found a solution) was print on a letter sized paper several hipster PDA templates and then cut these out and paste these on index cards.

That was the case until I found PocketMod. The site allows you to create a one-page organizer that you can fold into a pocket-based planner. The printing is relatively easy you just print on a letter-size paper and then fold the planner. The site offers a video instruction on how to fold the planner.

LifeHacks planner

Hipster PDA

Hipster PDA
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I said in a previous post that you should ditch those index cards for the GTDTiddlyWiki – I still think you should, that is if you are, like me, a person with proclivity for losing notebooks or pieces of paper containing notes.

But if you want to continue using paper organizers, you’d better check 43 Folders’ article on the hipster PDA. I printed out the hipster PDA templates (in PDF) at and pasted these on index cards (see photo). I use it as reminders of tasks already entered in my GTDTiddlyWiki page.