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The excellent blog service is now free. I found the news via Yugatech and J Spot. The free account offers users a 12-megabyte (MB) disk space and a 100mb (is this monthly?) bandwidth – which is good enough for a personal blog.

If you’re still using a Blogger or a Friendster account, consider transferring your blog to Yes, offers a smaller space but if you only use it for text and host your photos in free providers like Photobucket, its free account is more than enough for you. uses a better blog engine than Blogger and it offers a shorter web address ( than Friendster. also offers beautiful templates and a lot of customization options through a point and click interface – meaning you don’t have to worry about understanding codes to edit your site’s design. I’ve transferred my son’s site to from Blogspot.


Hi Max,

7 year old blogger! this one’s for the books! Si Dylan nga ba ang nag-ba-blog? ayos! Maybe I could teach my pamangkin in australia to start blogging too!

ikaw, lilipat ka ba ng are you considering it? may nahanap ka na bang paraan para i-import ang existing blog mo papuntang

ka edong
current post: – outside looking in

ps. email lang ng questions, ha. tignan natin kung ano ang mai-co-contribute ko sa blogging and journalism story mo.

Ka edong,
I just sent the email a few minutes ago. Dylan writes the short entries. The long entries we copy from things he writes on paper. He’s still a very slow typist (I’m still looking for that typing tutor that uses the Super Mario game 🙂 I saw it once and thought it would be good for Dylan but I can no longer find a copy of the game)

That’s great news Angelo. I’ve been telling officemates and friends to get an account. I’m actually helping a few set up their accounts with your service. 🙂

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