BBC releases blogging guidelines for employees

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has released a guideline for its employees who maintain weblogs or websites. The guidelines, which can be downloaded as a Word document here but I’ve also reprinted it below, are noteworthy in that the BBC accepts that employees who blog “discuss their BBC work in ways that benefit the BBC.”Continue reading “BBC releases blogging guidelines for employees”

Upgrading K750i firmware to the latest version: R1CA021

I just upgraded my Sony Ericsson K750i to the latest firmware version: R1CA021. The actual upgrade took less than 20 minutes but I spent more than half an hour downloading the Sony Ericsson Update Service because I was also downloading a ton of podcast episodes that time. To know the firmware version of your SonyContinue reading “Upgrading K750i firmware to the latest version: R1CA021”

Anti-spam plugin Akismet updated

Akismet, the anti-spam plugin created by WordPress founding developer Matthew Mullenweg, has been updated to version 1.15. The new version now tells you, via a tooltip, on which blog article or page a suspected spam comment or trackback has been posted. When your mouse cursor hovers over the View Post link in the Akismet moderationContinue reading “Anti-spam plugin Akismet updated” an even more fantastic free web server monitor

A comment on my previous post on using Montastic and Site Uptime to monitor your web servers led me to a free web server monitor that I signed up to a few months back but quickly forgot because I encountered problems when I first used it. I revisted my account and boy isContinue reading “ an even more fantastic free web server monitor”

Manage your K750i songs using ITunes Agent

If you want to use iTunes to manage songs in your Sony Ericsson K750i, you can either use Mass Storage Synchronizer (which I wrote about earlier) or iTunes Agent. If you’re not technically adept, Mass Storage Synchronizer may be the software for you as it is simpler to set up than iTunes Agent. Before usingContinue reading “Manage your K750i songs using ITunes Agent”

Get a WordPress admin bar for your blog

If you use the hosted blog service at, you would be familiar with the admin toolbar that appears on top of your blog whenever you are logged into the service. The admin bar is a user-friendly tool that I’ve long wanted to deploy in my blog and WordPress sites I help manage. What’s greatContinue reading “Get a WordPress admin bar for your blog”

Fantastic free web server monitoring by Montastic

As a site owner or blogger, it is important to monitor the availability of your web servers. After all, what good is your content if readers cant access it because your web server is down? For a long time, Ive been using Site Uptime to monitor my blog and the other sites I help manage.Continue reading “Fantastic free web server monitoring by Montastic”

Site overlay available in Google Analytics

I did not spot this feature in Google Analytics before but you can check which areas of your site or blog are being clicked by readers by using the service’s Site Overlay feature. I never dug deeper into the statistics of Google Analytics before and most of the time I just view the executive summaryContinue reading “Site overlay available in Google Analytics”