Manage your K750i songs using ITunes Agent

If you want to use iTunes to manage songs in your Sony Ericsson K750i, you can either use Mass Storage Synchronizer (which I wrote about earlier) or iTunes Agent. If you’re not technically adept, Mass Storage Synchronizer may be the software for you as it is simpler to set up than iTunes Agent.

Before using any of these two software to manage songs in your k750i, make sure you have the latest K750i firmware, currently R1BC002. Previous firmware have bugs that cause errors in file transfers to the memory stick via a USB cable. (Click on photos to enlarge) iTunes Agent

iTunes Agent requires .Net Framework 2.0 final in order to work. What iTunes Agent does is monitor music players attached to your computer, create an iTunes playlist for that device and then synchronize the music tracks with your mp3 player.

iTunes Agent detects the devices based on its directory structure. The Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone setting pre-configured in iTunes Agent did not work with the K750i when I tested it. The program displayed an error notice about the file path.

What I did was I created a new device profile named it K750i and used the following settings: Synch Pattern: iTunes, Music Folder: MP3; Rec. pattern: D:MP3.

There are three options for synchronization pattern, iTunes (you let iTunes handle the structure of your phone’s music folder), Artist Folder (songs are saved in folders organized through artists’ names) and flat (songs are saved in the root MP3 or music directory, no sub-folders)

When I saved the settings and restarted my PC, iTunes Agent was able to correctly identify my K750i and create a playlist for it. I dragged songs to the K750i playlist created in iTunes. There were some podcasts that I couldn’t drag into the playlist so I just right-clicked on it and chose Add to Playlist and chose K750i. It turned out that the podcast link had links to previous episodes that were no longer in my PC so I just deleted this.

iTunes AgentAfter I finished my selection, I just right-clicked on the iTunes Agent icon in the task bar and chose Synchronize device. The synchronization went well save for a hitch, I had inadvertently dragged link to songs that I’ve already deleted so error messages popped up. But apart from that, the synchronization went well.

Using iTunes to manage your K750i songs is very user-friendly because most people, including me, already use the Apple software in playing songs in the computer or listening to podcasts.

The only problem with managing songs this way is how songs are organized in your phone’s memory stick: saved in subfolders based on artists’ name. This is good if you have single-artist albums. But with album compilations, it’s a nightmare to create a playlist as you’d have a lot of subfolders with only one song file in it.

I only use iTunes to manage music files in my K750i if I’m in my podcast listening mode. But if I want to listen to songs, I manage the files using Total Commander, an awesome Windows file manager utility. With Total Commander, I can determine the directory structure of the music files to make it easier for me when I create a playlist for the songs.

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  1. Is it possible to upload a playlist file to a K750i? I can mount the phone as a USB storage device and use `ls` to see the files on the Memory Stick. However, although I have createda playlist, it is not showing up in the directory listing.

    If it makes any difference, I’m running Debian Sid with a customised 2.4-series kernel.

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