Upgrading K750i firmware to the latest version: R1CA021

I just upgraded my Sony Ericsson K750i to the latest firmware version: R1CA021. The actual upgrade took less than 20 minutes but I spent more than half an hour downloading the Sony Ericsson Update Service because I was also downloading a ton of podcast episodes that time.

To know the firmware version of your Sony Ericsson phone, do this (for < push the joystick to the left, for > push the joystick to the right): >*<<*<* After doing that, click on Service Info and then click on Software Info.

If you’re still using R1N035 or R1NA005 or R1AA008, then by all means download the latest firmware-it fixes the irritating USB transfer bug. If you already have R1BC002, I’d hold off for a week or two.

The only reason I upgraded to R1CA021 is because I want to blog about it as well as write about it in my weekly column on cell phones in Sun.Star Cebu. Without this blog and the column, I wouldn�t have bothered updating to R1CA021 since R1BC002 served me well. I also did the update because I’m writing a blog article on how to update your Sony Ericsson firmware (check back later when I finish it).

The Esato overview on the firmware’s improvements states that R1CA021 updates the camera software version. I don�t know if this means photos will be better but I took before and after upgrade photographs below so that I can compare the quality of the pictures taken.

Frankly, I can’t see that much difference. (Click on photos to view larger images. To close the larger image, click on the close button at the lower part of the pop-up screen). But then again, I’ve just been using the phone with the new firmware for a day. The after upgrade photos were taken with less daylight streaming into the office as I finished upgrading in the evening. I’ve read forum posts that claimed that R1CA021 comes with lower video quality.

Before and after upgrade of K750i Before and after upgrade photo taken using K750i

The only problems I encountered with upgrading were:

1.) Busy Server. I encountered a busy server notice twice as the maximum number of connections to the Sony Ericsson update server was reached. This means a lot of people were upgrading their phones.

2.) Missing memory stick drive letter. After I upgraded, I connected my phone back to my PC and could no longer find the Sony Ericsson removable drive in my listing of drives connected to my computer. This missing USB drive problem is easily solved and I’ve previously written about how to fix it.

Below are the details of the new firmware as listed in Esato, an excellent website if you’re a Sony Ericsson fan boy like me:

– Increased Camera software version. Photo and Video quality, however, do not appear to have changed noticably.
– FIX: The Animated menu items bug for Themes is mostly resolved. After applying a theme with an animated menu, we still need to go to the Settings or Calls menu to start the animation, but it will not disappear again after this.
– JBenchmark 3D LQ: 206
– JBenchmark 3D HQ: 125
– JBenchmark 2: 333
– JBenchmark 1: 3934
– Software versions:
Camera 5.3
ITP CXC 125 932 R1B

Esato overview on the different Sony Ericsson firmware
How to solve missing K750i USB drive problem in Windows XP
Sony Ericsson Update Service

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97 responses

  1. krishna Avatar

    im not able to upgrade the firmware using the update service. my phone switchs ‘on’ when i connect the data cable while pressing the ‘c’ button and nothing happens afterwards. wat could be hte problem

  2. krishna Avatar

    some one plz help me. i am not able to switch ‘off’ the phone by pressing the ‘on&off’ button.plz help mail me at [email protected]

  3. Krishna,
    Did you restart your computer after you installed the Sony Ericsson Update service and update drivers?

  4. Renante Nate Avatar
    Renante Nate

    if you cant switch off the phone, then remove the battery.
    Make sure the computer detects your phone before you run the update. In windows XP if you plug-in the cable to a different USB port other than the port you had installed into, it will scan for driver again.
    If pressing and holding the “C” while connecting the cable, a pop-up message appears in the rightmost bottom taskbar detecting the hardware. In this case, you havent installed the driver and you need to install the driver.
    Restart the computer and run again the update.

  5. Worried Avatar

    naah, its still going on. the window says updating software with do not touch the phone flashing.

    i think there is some activity happening ‘coz the ma3platform.exe process (looks like the process under which update service is running) is active and is constantly showing me increasing I/O writes.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed though, don’t want to have a phone that does not function and head to the service center instead of work tomorrow morning :p

  6. Jawad Avatar

    Dear max,

    I have tried to update to the latest R1CA021 and the installation always ends will installation failed try again errort
    on the other hand when i check the firmware version, it come up to be the latest one while the camera version is still the old 4.5 one

    What do u think

    The pics i took with this new software look odd on my cell fone screen

  7. Hello you! I want to any program. such as, Greate theme for Sony Ericsson. You can? If you can, reply to me.

  8. strcmp help Avatar
    strcmp help

    I have the same problem with Worried, My Update service finished it’s progress but the message “Please do not touch the phone” still showing…
    I have used US, and updated for 1hour
    Anybody help me

  9. the KG Avatar

    bro. its good to bump into your website… i have been having the same trouble of missing files in my file manager…

    when did you purchase your phone? i just got mine last week. anyway, will its warranty be void if i upgrade the phone’s firmware my self or should i have it upgraded where I purchased it?

    do you think they’lll know if i upgraded its firmware?

  10. KG Jun,
    will its warranty be void if i upgrade the phone’s firmware my self or should i have it upgraded where I purchased it?
    I don’t think the warranty will be void if you use the official Sony Ericsson Update Service that comes with your phone or in the Sony Ericsson website. If you just bought it, you can have it upgraded for free from the Sony Ericsson service center. Just tell them you’re having problems with USB transfer with the current firmware.

  11. the KG Avatar

    hehe…its only KG(jun is from the date posted)…but thats OK…

    Thanks for the help Max, I will be going to Ayala Cebu sometime this week(theres a service center there right?), or, I could still use the USB and upgrade it myself…I don’t know…

    By the way…more question…
    1. How old is your phone?
    2. I have the oldest version of the software(R1N035), could this mean its old stock, maybe recon? whats your insight on this?

  12. I need help with the updating of my software, it’s been updating for more than an hour even thought it’s 100% and it still shows “updating software”!! what should i do.. is there a problem with the Update service software?

  13. Renante Nate Avatar
    Renante Nate

    “By the way…more question…
    1. How old is your phone?
    2. I have the oldest version of the software(R1N035), could this mean its old stock, maybe recon? whats your insight on this?”

    This is the point i’ve been raising ever since but nobody discussed it even the SE customer service.
    How do you know the manufacturing date of the phone? Definitely much earlier than your purchase date. 🙂 Everytime you update your fone, your IMEI has this two digit suffix. The higher it is, the older your fone is.

  14. KG,
    Sorry for that mix-up. I got my phone early this year and it came with the R1N035 service. If I were you, the easiest way to upgrade would be to let the Sony Ericsson service center in Ayala upgrade it. It’s covered by a warranty, tell them you can’t use it as a music player because files aren’t transferred properly to the memory stick because of the firmware bug.

    If not for this blog and my weekly column on cellphones, I would have let the service center do the upgrade. I needed to do it myself so that I could write about the experience.

    I’m still researching but have you tried running the upgrade again. Delete all the Sony Ericsson Update Service files, uninstall the program and delete its folder. Better yet, try using another PC to run the update service again.

    I haven’t been experimenting with the phone lately, it’s the World Cup and I lack sleep 🙁


  15. jensen Avatar

    same prob as strcmp, but i found a solution in another forum: when your update service stuck with the message “Please do not touch the phone” and progressbar @ 100% SHUT DOWN your computer (!) and after that unplug your phone. it’s working, my k750i starts normally and my firmware is now R1CA021. good luck, hopefully it’ll work for you too.

  16. Well dudes, I just upgraded with to the latest firmware with their poorly coded peice of crap updater that took about 600 attempts to download the firmware from the server.

    I thought SE were the good guys?!

    All works though. But now I have this annoying bug where my phone switches off after the backlight goes off. If I play with it though (keep it from the backlight going off) it stays alive perfectly.

    Freaking annoying.
    Any Ideas?

  17. c. Aquino Avatar
    c. Aquino

    Dear Max,
    Pre, can you help me, My xp will not recognize the phone when I plug itin, no new hardware found message, I also tried all usb ports no luck and also downloaded and unzipped the USB driver from SE site, is there a particular folder that I need to extract the USB driver to? the phone Icon at the bottom does not show up either, only activity happening when I plug the phone is that it turns on while pressing c button and phone is indicating that it is charging mode. I have also restarted my PC many times, and there are no removable mdia found it the device manager section as you suggested. Problems – battery drain so fast 5hrs. only , new bat and new charger still same. thanks in advance

  18. jensen,
    Thanks for the tip.

    That IS annoying. I’ll post here if ever I spot a solution.

    C. Aquino,
    Sorry for the late feedback. World Cup games are keeping me from getting enough sleep.

    Have you been able to solve it? When you encountered the problems, was the Sony Ericsson Update service already installed? As far as I know, there isn’t a specific folder that you have to extract the USB drivers to because you can just point to the folder when the new hardware wizard launches. I’m not sure, though, why the wizard won’t launch in your setup.

  19. bong nate Avatar
    bong nate


    Can anybody discuss how to use the k750i to connect to internet i.e. surf in your PC/laptop using k750i as your modem. SMART has this promo of unlimited internet for only P10/ 30 min.
    Smart Customer Care is inutile to explain their own promo.

  20. i upgraded my fon with the latest firmware R1CA021.
    actually, the update said that the upgrade of the software failed. Yet, when i checked my fons version, it changed. the 1st change i noticed was if i adjust the volume, i could no longer see the volume bar. how come? i really need some help.

  21. lakmal Avatar

    How to download the latest firware for k750i?
    I search through the internet but no link for the download.What is the link for R1CA021?
    Anyone pls help me.

  22. Lakmal,
    What you need to download is the Sony Ericsson Update Service. This software downloads the latest firmware for your region. You can find the download link at the end of the article above.

  23. hi , i tried using my Sony 256MB memory card. after few uses the phone is not recognizing the card. It just Hangs and then a blank white screen appears and tgen starts to blink.
    No as such i switched back to 64MB card that came with the phone and is working properly.

    Any solution for that .. is my phone incompatible or is there a problem with the card. If its with the card any solutions to make it work ?

  24. Hi,

    I had bought a K750i 3 months back.Previously i was using the software version R1BC002 which came with the phone. It was super and was working well. Today i thought of upgrading to the latest version by SE R1CA021 – (UpdateService_Inst_2.6.4.9). Well the installation went well but after updating my phone i found that a bit of sound has been increased, which is very good for the phone speakers, but for the head phones it hurts. I think that the phones can’t withstand that much bass and might damage my head phones.

    Previously in R1BC002 even when i raise the volume to 90% it was very clear and the bass was very good. Now after i have installed the new update i see if i increase the volume i hear lotta itching sound in the head phones. I think SE have made some (a slight increased bass) changes in that section. It is really bad. My phone is just 3 months old

    Also i noticed that when i start my camera, i saw that the picture did not cover the full screen…(notice that there will be thin space above and below the screen which will not been covered.) Previously i was getting full fledge picture on the screen, not now after updating.

    This is really bad. These SE people are experimenting their softwares on us friends…..So friends, i am planning to rollback to the previous version that i had (R1BC002) which is superb. Please help me how and where can i get that software and how to uninstall this version (R1CA021).

    Please….please help me…..
    Any suggestion and advise will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  25. Hi,
    I already install the R1CA021.but still can’t zoom the picture message display as “Zoom not available.Large picture size is selected”.Anyone please help me


  26. hi is there a versian hat works on xp

  27. Hi there Max. Your site here is really great. I just wanted to know if you’ve encountered this problem of mine about the photolight or flash of my SE K750i. When I turn it on, it just takes about 2 seconds to lit up. And then it goes off. And it does not light again until such time. And it goes that way until this time. What seems to be the problem. i hope that you could help me with this. I can’t take pictures on dim places w/o the flash. What can you suggest on this problem to be fixed. I got my phone about a month already. Thanks and God Bless!!!!

  28. Thanh Tam Avatar

    I just upgraded my Sony Ericsson K750i to the latest firmware version: R1CA021.However, My language – Vietnamese – no more in my phone. How does it set Vietnamese language for my phone? Thanks.

  29. Naveen,
    I haven’t been able to find ways to roll back to the previous version. Let’s just hope SE will release another improved firmware.

    I’ve upgraded my phone using Windows XP with Service Pack 2, I encountered problems at first but I remember solving it by restarting the PC.

    I rearely use my flash. In fact, I can’t recall using it in the last 5 months or so. What I just do is use the cloudy setting for white balance and make sure there is enough light when taking photographs.

    Thanh Tam,
    I have no idea how to do this but when I spot a solution, I’ll email you.

  30. siddharth Avatar

    i have erricson k750i, at first iwae totaly satisfied by my phone but after 8 months i realised that my phone volume quality from speakers as well as headphones are not same like the time of purchase can u help me in this or its a repairing issue,also guide me to get new games for the phone as well as how to install them

  31. Hi i am trying to update the firmwarer on my k750i.
    I am using the latest version of Sony ericsson update prog. First time i tried the comp detected new device “Sony Ericsson Flash” i installed the drivers then restarted the PC.
    I follow the instructions as says in the update prog.
    Turn Off
    Remove sim
    Replace Battery
    Press C
    Plug in cable.

    I do this and then it goes to a window saying Release C
    I release the C button and nothing happens for about 20 seconds – then it returns to the first page “To update Press START or EXIT”
    I have tried now for about an hour and the same thing happens everytime whether i use a dif USB port / Connect cable to phone then USB / connect to USB then Phone.

    What am i doing wrong? and How can i update my phone?

  32. Thanh Tam Avatar

    Hi Soul!

    You try it:

    Turn off your phone. Then conect your phone to Computer. Setting USBFlash File (download: http://www. sonyecrisson.com) and continue update firmware as you done. Goodlook!

  33. k750i has new update but i cant find the technical details about changes.
    Anyway, i have the updated firmware

  34. Bong,
    I’m putting off updating until I get the technical details of what’s in the new firmware. All indications I get so far is that it’s just a minor bug fix. Thanks for the alert, by the way.

  35. kamusta! i just want to upgrade my k750i,but ithink there is a problem w/my pc sp2 xp,need help big tnx more power

  36. gud news guys just fix my own problem.already finish my upgrade it was a success but the firmware is different from th eone u are telling us. I’ts R1DB001, Y? is there something wrong please any one there i need your reactions. I tried it also to my cousin who’s also using k750i but with different firmware,mine was r1no35 his is ahh! dnt remember, but still same firmware was downloaded. anybody who;s reading this can you give me answer big tnx and mabuhay tayong mga pinoy dahil meron tayong site like this more power again big thanks. REIAN

  37. Pancho,
    It’s great to know that your upgrade was a success. Your firmware, R1DB001, is the latest version. R1DB001 was released last month. It’s a minor upgrade from R1CA021 and contains mostly bug fixes.

  38. hi max

    will u pls help me out
    i m not able to see my firmware

    will u plz help me


  39. I have the R1N firmware. I tried upgrading it via SEUS but it keeps telling me i have the latest software. Why is this so? Is there any way to get around this issue?

  40. tnx for the rep.just thinking how can i upgrade to R1CA021. and can you elaborate contains mostly bug fixes. big tnx again.and hoping that there are others out there who is so curious and crave for more of this kind of discussion im open and willing to participate, i crave a lot for this kind of forum big tnx again and god bless

  41. To VINS. it,s simple use ur joystick to navigate,

  42. To VINS again. use ur joystick. RIGHT then asterisk, then LEFT(2x) then asterisk, then LEFT asterisk.then go to service info,then select software info. there now ul see ur firmware. also try to look in service test so ul know if ur fon works properly. good day and enjoy PANCHO

  43. Max,

    I have the R1N firmware. I tried upgrading it via SEUS but it keeps telling me i have the latest software. Why is this so? Is there any way to get around this issue? HELP!!

  44. Benny,
    I don’t know what seems to be the problem as your firmware version is so far behind the software update program should be pushing you the new version. What country are you in? Where did you buy the phone?

  45. flashdancer Avatar

    hi >>
    i cant update my k750i it goes okay till the instruction page and then i hold “c” then plug my usb into the phone ??
    then nothing happen

  46. Max,

    Im from Manila, i bought the phone in greenhills. I’ve tried is so many times but to no avail. I’m getting quite desperate to get the latest firmware to the point that im willing to pay just to get it. Im not really having problems with my current one but havng the latest firmware is just so tempting. Any suggestions as to how i can get it without having to go thru SEUS or DaVinci?

  47. Benny,
    Was this phone by any chance unlocked by technicians? Why not try asking the shop where you bought the phone to upgrade the firmware for you because the R1NA005 firmware still has the USB transfer bug. Tell them about this and try asking that they update it for free.

    To get your phone’s firmware upgraded, you either need to go through the Sony Ericsson update system or a third-party updater such as DaVinci.

    Try restarting your pc and running the update service again. Also, please check your USB flash driver.

  48. Hey guys… I sucessfully upgraded to the latest version R1DB001.. but found the music player has been made very bad in this release… Can anyone tell me how to rollback to the old firmware… From where do i get it and how do i flash it………
    An advice for all those guys who are yet to take up flashing part: if u use ur phone majorly as mp3 player then plz dont upgrade to the latest firmware..

  49. Vikrant,
    Thanks for the warning. I have been thinking of upgrading to the latest version not because I need it but to record the steps for a tutorial.

    What did they do to the music player? When you say very bad, do you mean the quality of the audio or the way the music player functions?

    Rolling back to an older firmware seems to be a lot of work, based on what I’ve read so far, because you can’t specify which firmware to use for your phone.

  50. Max,

    i bought it 2nd hand thats why there’s no warranty. Where could the problem be? Is it my phone or my SEUS software?

  51. hi
    on upgrade frimware k750i
    after Press C and Plug in cable, show message :”Please insert SIM” !!!!!!!!!!

  52. Pl.send k750i latest softwate

  53. i have R1BC002 on my w800i and its working fine. i have upgraded my phone from R1K001 to R1BC002 using W800.exe

    but know the battery life is reduced to half .

    any comment..

  54. hi there. thanks for the infomation that you shared. i checked on the images and I noticed that the picture quality has improved. The picture is sharper in the new firmware.

  55. well guys look now i download the Update Service v2.6.11.7 the first error was the macromedia … ok a start it with Run because it won’t work “The application will terminate” with standart Open or double click,then when i start the application download procces start bla bla bla i then i chose the language from the list then appear Start and Exit,i chose Start i accept the conditions and etc. i chose the charger jack and made everything fine with the sim and C button and the cable and then it’s appear Do not touch the phone after 20 seconds : You are with the latest version and bla bla bla but i use R1BC002 and want to use R1CA021 but i don’t work why ?

  56. I have heard that the latest version for K750i has some defects as compared to R1CA021.Can any one plz list me all those defects.

  57. I have a doubt.Can u surf net in u r phone using an internet connection connected to u r PC.I have a K750i.If we can,Can u give me the details.

  58. I was able to upgrade my phone successfuly to R1DB001 without having any problems. i wasnt able to identify any significant change on the phone feature.

  59. manshood Avatar

    hi,im manshood.i am using se k750i.i bought it from UAE and now living in INDIA.i want to update my phone to its newest version.can any one tell how can i update my phone.my firmware version is R1DB001 is it new or oldest version.pls help me to do this.my e-mail id is [email protected] reply.

  60. manshood Avatar

    sorry my e-mail id is [email protected] .

  61. manshood Avatar

    which version of flash player is used for update service.

  62. Hello,

    I cannot make the update of the firmware of my K750i. In spite of to
    have respected all the points indicated on the site of Sony Ericsson.

    Please help me
    Thank you

  63. manshood,
    You don’t need to update your phone. You already have the latest firmware.

    What Windows version are you using to update your phone? If it’s XP, do you have service pack 2 installed?

  64. i am not happy at all with my new firmware R1CA021.Nothing but trouble:
    -speed too low on bluetooth,camera cover don’t reespond(have to restart phone)to take pictures.
    hope SE to release another firmware and soon ’cause i’m verry upset on this one.Why can’t we choose our own firmware??????????
    that’s a thing


  66. bongnate Avatar

    Before, my concern was browsing the internet using k750 as gprs modem. The smart promo is a great help though disappointing most of the time because of slow bandwidth.
    But now i enjoy surfing the internet with k750 at broadband speed using the DSL connection of PC. Top softwares i use are opera mini (web browser), Google Map ( satellite map viewer), KJV (entire bible), customized dictionary. The connection is via bluetooth or cable.

  67. Bongnate,
    Thanks for the tip. I only use mobile web for checking my GMail. I don’t plan to surf websites using it because of the slow connection and the limited functionality.

  68. Hi Max,

    Just wanted to know if we have any spreadsheet software available for K750i.

  69. bongnate Avatar


    there is this java midlet MC2Lite.jar that looks like a spreadsheet. Search for it on getjar.com
    I guess it would only be useful if you create a simple spreadsheet on PC for read-only access to your mobile phone. The connection may be over WAP.

  70. Ken, Bongnate,
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t you view attached Excel files on GMail for mobile application? But this is, of course, only read-only.

  71. Hi Max,

    I have not tried downloading any excel attachments from my fone as i have been busy playing around with it. I successfully changed it to a W800i but i noticed the volume of everything from earpiece to external speaker went down and now the camera wount take pictures. I have CDA: 102430, Europe 2
    Firmware: R1BC002. Any comments on this?

    I am thinking of flashing it back to k750i with R1CA021 Firmware but topsony have not sent me the confirmation mail for my account for two days now so am stuck. When i use SEUS it says I have the latest software so i guess i have to wait for topsony or do you know where i can get this files on the net, a trusted free site?

  72. Hi

    I’ve just upgraded my SE k750i to the latest firmware, now it seams that the sound quality has decreased allot!!

    Is there a way to get this fixed? HELP pls


  73. I am using sony ericsson k750i, some times the files in the pictures folders are looking corrupted. Once i switch off and on then pic’s are viewable. Please tell me why it is happening?

  74. jaseer Avatar

    pls help i am update ma k750i in sony update service but ma headphone clarity and sound suck new firmwre how i return old firn ware pls mail me i am really tensioned plssssss

  75. when i boot my phone it boot then after 3 seconds it block. one of my friend
    told me to reformat the mobile do you know how to do it.
    its a sony ericsson k750i
    plz mail me on [email protected]

  76. rico.PH Avatar

    can you tell me how to upgrade to version R1CA021 because i think SE will give me the crap version(the latest with decreased sound) i only want the R1CA021..^^

  77. rico,
    As far as I know, the official Sony Ericsson update service will upgrade your phone to the latest firmware. In the k750i’s case, it will be the the much maligned R1DB001. Maybe you can try unofficial and third party software to update your phone to R1CA021 but it could be risky.

  78. Hi all
    My name is Dinesh,
    The Firmware in mobile is R1DB001, but wanna rollback to its original firmware, my moblie is under warranty. Please help.

  79. Hi all
    My name is Dinesh,
    The Firmware in mobile is R1DB001, but wanna rollback to its original firmware, my moblie is under warranty. Please help.My mobile is K750i.

  80. Hi,
    My name is Brett from Australia
    My new k750i has firmware R1CA021 and it recently acting strange. It was been automatically sending txt to an unknown number, my phone company tells me this mystery number is not active, adding nothing to my bill. But every hour of so i’ll get a message on my screen ‘ Message sent’, but no copy of what was sen in my sent items or outbox. My phone company tell me it could be a software issue so have refered to to Sony Ericcson. SE have told me to install the lastest firmware as a possible fix. Just wondering if this is wise of if anyone else has experienced this problem or is this a virus?
    [email protected]

  81. Dear Friend,

    I’m using SE K750i and its firmware is R1CA021.. do i need go for the update of firmware?? is it the latest version or should i stay in this itself?? plzz help..

  82. hey guys i downloaded the sony soft and updtaed and it updates only up the r1dc can you help me
    i want my camera to zoom in large pic size

  83. I tried updating the firmware (through the website and all) but it says, “Update not available” then “The software in your phone is up-to-date” I know the last time I checked its the old firmware

  84. when will appear a newer firmware than R1db001??? this firmware is junk! NO MEGABASS, LOW VOLUME!!!or a fix, a patch, anything…. plz help

  85. Guys,
    There are no more updates for the Sony Ericsson K750i. Sony Ericsson wants you to buy their new phones 🙂 that’s why they’re stopping support for older phones.

  86. threw my k750i and bought k800i thats what SE wants us to do^^,v

  87. HI
    my k750i can’t be detected by my computer and when I try using the SE pc suit service it does not neither

    can anyone help me

  88. Hi Guys I have a problem I have a SE K750i


    EROM: R2B001
    prgCXC 125009 1_EROM_DB2010_CLARA_FLAFLA

    Camera SW Version
    Current: 5.3

    ITP SW Version
    CX 125 932_49 R1C

    CDA102337/103 R3A
    CXC 125953 R 1DB001

    Content Version PR19

    I have problem with Network signal . I tried to call from different places but not successed . When I turn off and Turn it back on for a few seconds I can recive signal and back the signal removed . Please help me about my problem .

    With Regards


  89. Senthil nathan K Avatar
    Senthil nathan K

    Plaese suggest the wib address for downloading workshet for the Sony Ericsson K750i

  90. can anybody tell me how to send picture messages,because on the sony ericsson web page it does not has a setting for it, my provider is at&t

  91. k750i has got great volume…..(as much as nokia 6233 has got) …when a song is played as ringtone(at max volume)
    but v does’nt get that volume when it is played in media player…..hw can v solve thz???????????
    if anybody knows hw to increase thz,
    plz help me….

  92. hai k750i fans!!!!!!!!!!
    nokia launched 6233 to beat k750i
    it has got great sound & camera….
    but they forgt 2 place a flash…….
    i think that nokia wil solve that in the upgrade versn….

  93. hi i tried upgrading my sony ericsson k750i using the update service and it did not work can u tell me how to solve this problem

  94. sacspot Avatar


    Well i was trying hard to find the k750i latest firmware download to upgrade the phone but could not find the download file anywhere so was wondering if any one can help me out with this.

    my current version is R1AA008,
    prgCXC125954_CHINA_CL R1AA008

    am not able to update it using SE update service as no updated version is available for same as replied by the server.

    so please advice accordingly.


  95. where can i get free download upgrade software of k750i ..please can anyone tell me. and what should i have to do?

  96. is there any service center of sony ericsson in Davao City? can I have the address and the tel.no. thank you

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