Newspaper editor Ivan Suansing dies

Cebu Daily News editor-in-chief Ivan Suansing died yesterday after a 10-hour heart surgery. He was 43 He was a sensitive and brilliant editor-in-chief who developed the paper like an attentive father. He made sure it lived up to high standards of independence and professionalism, CDN publisher Eileen G. Mangubat said in a statement printed inContinue reading “Newspaper editor Ivan Suansing dies”

Categories vs. tags

I’ve just deactivated my previous Technorati tagging plugin and installed a new one Ultimate Tag Warrior. The previous plugin no longer worked. I did not know when or how it broke down but the tag archiving system in my site ( no longer worked. I went to the plugin’s home page to check forContinue reading “Categories vs. tags”

Sporting a new theme; meeting Manolo

The Tri-Sexuality WordPress theme by Scott Jarkoff, co-founder of deviantArt, has to be the best three-column wordpress theme out there. When I spotted it, Jarkoff was still packaging a release and I had to check his site daily until the theme was offered for download. I’m still customizing the theme and transferring elements from theContinue reading “Sporting a new theme; meeting Manolo”

Press Freedom Week ends and I get star-struck

The San Miguel Beer party of the Cebu Press Freedom Week is the only event I’ve consistently attended in the past few years of the annual celebration. It’s held on a Saturday, the last day of the celebration and my day-off from the newsroom. Yesterday, Marlen and I attended the gathering. We met old friendsContinue reading “Press Freedom Week ends and I get star-struck”

Will Sotto law amendment cover bloggers?

The Sotto law (Republic Act No. 53 (as amended)) protects journalists from being compelled to name their news source. It was named after Cebuano journalist Vicente Sotto, who was jailed for months over an article he printed in his newspaper. The law protects “The publisher, editor, columnist or duly accredited reporter of any newspaper, magazineContinue reading “Will Sotto law amendment cover bloggers?”

See it, hear it, blog it

(Note: I wrote this article for Sun.Star Cebu during the Cebu Press Freedom Week. I am reprinting it here to continue the community conversation on the topic. I will be reprinting later my notes for this story.) Manuel L. Quezon III knew Sept. 5 would be historic. It was the day the House of RepresentativesContinue reading “See it, hear it, blog it”

Press freedom week and haute cuisine

This week is Press Freedom Week in Cebu. The event, held on the week where Sept 21 falls, is an annual gathering of Cebu journalists. The event traditionally starts with a march from City Hall to Capitol, this year it was from Capitol to the University of the Visayas. I missed last Sunday’s march becauseContinue reading “Press freedom week and haute cuisine”

It’s time to re-read Eco

I love Umberto Eco‘s Foucault’s Pendulum. I’ve re-read it five times. I’ve been meaning to read it again and relive how Belbo, Causubon and Diotallevi spun a tale of global conspiracy to hide the Knights Templars’ closely guarded secret a source of tremendous power. The urge to re-read the book came with the approachContinue reading “It’s time to re-read Eco”