Newspaper editor Ivan Suansing dies


Published September 30, 2005

Cebu Daily News editor-in-chief Ivan Suansing died yesterday after a 10-hour heart surgery. He was 43

He was a sensitive and brilliant editor-in-chief who developed the paper like an attentive father. He made sure it lived up to high standards of independence and professionalism, CDN publisher Eileen G. Mangubat said in a statement printed in Sun.Star Cebu.

Sun.Star Cebu editor-in-chief Pachico Seares says in his column today: A reality in newsrooms is that a bad heart, battered by waves of stress after stress, or poor health, induced by uneven and unceasing demands of the work, can be as lethal to an editor as assassins bullets.

Seares describes an editor’s task as:

The editor must also wrestle daily with the task of planning the papers content, executing the plan, and coping with various problems along the way, all in the heat of deadline.

In between press runs, the editor must tackle irate news sources, dissatisfied readers, and other stakeholders who believe producing newspapers is a breeze, just as easy as peddling detergent or burger.

On top of all this, the editor must look after the economic plight, physical safety, and ethical problems of his journalists.

By Max Limpag

Max is a journalist and blogger based in Cebu. He has written and edited for such publications as The Freeman, The Independent Post, Today, Sun.Star Cebu, and Cebu Daily News. He is also a mobile app and web developer and co-founded InnoPub Media with his wife Marlen, who is also a journalist.

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