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I finished my story on blogging and journalism last Sunday and ran smack into the limits of print. The draft would have taken three 11 by 17-sized pages to print. The newsroom, I think, expected only a one-page story.

I tried to cut it down into an acceptable length starting late Sunday evening and I finally gave up and submitted the article early Tuesday morning – four days after the deadline.

When I arrived at the office later in the afternoon, I saw my editor laying out the pages for the article. It still took two pages but I was glad that the office decided to allocate the extra page for the article. I tried to do all work on the article on a wiki, which you can access here, but I got sick close to the original deadline and I wasn’t able to keep up with updating the wiki. The answers of the interviewees, though, are there.

I plan to publish in this blog the full text of the answers to the questions I e-mailed.

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  1. While there are those who say the influence of Pinoy bloggers will be tempered by the low Internet penetration in the country, Veneracion says this is with the “presumption that what are published in blogs are not discussed beyond the sector that has Internet access.”

    “We do not know this for sure. While blog readers are limited to those with Internet access, each one of these readers has family, neighbors, colleagues, friends and acquaintances, and we do not really know whether they discuss with these people what they read in blogs,” she says.

    Sassy is right. There is this LiveJournal user whose insane spoof to telenovelas were talk of the call center people. The LJ user even had a PDF version of his series of spoof telenovela script. Word-of-mouth really works.

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