Institutional support for Pinoy journalists who blog

A broadcast station is reportedly due to issue corporate guidelines on blogging. Among other things, the guidelines bar its workers from blogging about work. On the other hand, another broadcast station is very supportive of the blogging efforts of its Malacañang reporter.

During last Saturday’s blogging conference organized by PCIJ, the institutional support for journalists who want to blog was a common item in media workers’ wishlist. Institutional support could come in the way of hosting the journalists’ blogs or helping them set it up.

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Transferring my notes wiki

I finally transferred my ZiddlyWiki from to a hosting. The services of have been erratic lately and ZiddlyWiki creator Tim Morgan told users to transfer to FreeZope. The new installation process – created because FreeZope doesn’t allow quick imports – is even easier. I use ZiddlyWiki extensively for my notes, usually taken while surfing websites I frequent daily.

Profile information for group blog contributors

On top of my wishlists for group blogs is profile data for contributors. Profile data isn’t important in personal blogs because usually, the blog has links to an About Me page. In group blogs, however, profile data of the author after the post would be very helpful to readers. You can automate the publication of profile data in WordPress using a template tag. That’s the topic of my post today in Sun.Star’s Blog Chronicles.

Another great WordPress theme

Kiwi is a radical departure from the usual WordPress theme. It’s a beautiful theme and plugin package. From the developers: “The function of the Kiwi home page layout is to highlight the most recent post and give quick links to other recent and popular posts.” This would be a nice theme to experiment with. I might use it for one of the several WordPress sites I run or oversee. Heck I might even use it for this site if I can find a way to incorporate Matt’s Asides. I really love my current theme. Abe Olandres told me during the recent PCIJ blogging conference that Manolo Quezon also likes this theme and wants it for his site.

Free Zope hosting for my ZiddlyWiki in trouble?

It’s seems, the free Zope host containing my ZiddlyWiki is offiline. The ZiddlyWiki website asked users to export their data “in case they go down for good.” I wasn’t able to read the notice on time so my data there must be lost for good.

My ZiddlyWiki contained my interview notes for my blogging story but all these have been printed in the blog. The other data there I can easily reconstruct since I have a lot of online and offline backups. ZiddlyWiki is trying out a new way to install the program on FreeZope. The previous installation used to be via quick import.

I use ZiddlyWiki for online note taking. I used to keep my tasks list there but now I’m doing it with for tasks I do not want to be publicly available and PBWiki. My PBWiki page also serves as my personal status page so that people I deal with would know on the progress of tasks assigned to me. They can just read the status page and they’d know whether I’m doing the tasks I’m supposed to do and how far away am I from completion.

Sassy Lawyer nominated in Best of the Blogs award

The Sassy Lawyer’s journal has been nominated in the BOBS or the Best of the Blogs awards of the Deutsche Welle International. Here’s the link to her nomination page: Sassy Lawyer’s Journal. She’s in the best journalistic blog English category. I just voted for her there. Among the nominees in her category is Global Voices Online, “a non-profit global citizens’ media project, sponsored by and launched from the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School.” The Sassy Lawyer says in her blog “the nomination means more to me than winning.”

Putting out a personal status page

I found this interesting post in 43 Folders on the need for a personal status page via a link from Sacha Chua. I think a personal status page would be a great way to inform people you are dealing with on the progress on common projects or tasks assigned to you.

I always tell people I’m easier to contact through e-mail or through my blog and that’s true. I always check my mails but I seldom check my phone and most of the time it’s in silent mode and I wouldn’t know whether I received a message. I’m setting up a status page using PBWiki so that people I deal with will know whether I’m doing the tasks I’m supposed to do and they’ll have an indication on how far away I am from completion. My personal status page can be found here.

Exceeding my plan’s bandwidth allocation

This site was unavailable for a while because I exceeded my hosting plan’s bandwidth allocation. That’s what you face when you’re linked to by Sassy Lawyer, Manolo and the PCIJ. Now there’s a link to this site from and Newsstand. I’m praying for this month to end already so my bandwidth counter can return to zero. I used to say it would be nice to encounter the same problems Sassy Lawyer faces-that of exceeding bandwidth allocation. It’s not nice at all. Since last night I’ve been trying to reload my page once in a while that I’ve memorized the error message.

OJR article on making money from news content

How to make money on your news content website : From Online Journalism Review. This would have been a great link to share with participants of the PCIJ conference on Bloggers as Journalists as an introduction. Bloggers, of course, have long known about these programs. The article, by the way, is published as a wiki. On a completely different issue, reading this site has made me realize I may be missing a lot by not watching Pinoy Big Brother. Did the show actually air this?