Free Zope hosting for my ZiddlyWiki in trouble?

It’s seems, the free Zope host containing my ZiddlyWiki is offiline. The ZiddlyWiki website asked users to export their data “in case they go down for good.” I wasn’t able to read the notice on time so my data there must be lost for good.

My ZiddlyWiki contained my interview notes for my blogging story but all these have been printed in the blog. The other data there I can easily reconstruct since I have a lot of online and offline backups. ZiddlyWiki is trying out a new way to install the program on FreeZope. The previous installation used to be via quick import.

I use ZiddlyWiki for online note taking. I used to keep my tasks list there but now I’m doing it with for tasks I do not want to be publicly available and PBWiki. My PBWiki page also serves as my personal status page so that people I deal with would know on the progress of tasks assigned to me. They can just read the status page and they’d know whether I’m doing the tasks I’m supposed to do and how far away am I from completion.

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  1. I can still log into my Objectis account by going directly to It seems their main site is down, but perhaps individuals’ sites are still running?

    Other users have reported the site being up and down over the last couple of days. Hopefully you can catch them when their up long enough to export you tiddlers. Good luck.

  2. Tim,
    I checked after you posted this morning and was able to go to the management screen. 🙂


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