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Upgrading Sony Ericsson K750i to latest version: R1DB001

I’ve upgraded a colleague’s K750i to the latest firmware: the much maligned R1DB001.

Had we been able to upgrade her phone earlier, we wouldn’t have been faced with the option of sticking with R1N035, an old firmware that still has the USB transfer bug, or upgrading to a new one with lowered volume levels, as reported in various forums by those who upgraded.

Sony Ericsson firmware upgrade UPDATING the firmware of the K750i using the Sony Ericsson Update Service. Click on photo to view larger image.

You see, Sony Ericsson’s firmware update service does not allow you to choose which firmware to install, it automatically installs the latest version for your country.

I’ve already decided not to upgrade to the latest firmware. My phone already has the latest prior version: R1CA021. The reason I’m not upgrading to R1DB001 is the universal complaint against its media player and sound quality, as can be gleaned from forum post after forum post in Sony Ericsson message boards.

My colleague, however, had no option but to upgrade because of the USB transfer bug. I told her about the complaints on the media player but she said it was okay with her as she rarely uses the phone for playing music. She relied on it more for phone functions and the two-megapixel camera. I did tell her that I read somewhere that the new firmware comes with an improved image quality, pictures taken at night are reportedly less grainy.

We downloaded the Sony Ericsson Update Service installer, checked on her version of the Flash Player for Internet Explorer and started the upgrade process.

The update service installer guides you through the whole updating process. What stumps most people is the failure to go past the screen wherein you are instructed to take out your SIM, press C and then attach the phone to the USB cable.

I’ve had previous feedback from people who weren’t able to go past this screen. We were also not able to go past this part of the installation on our first attempt last night. It turned out that my colleague stopped pressing the C button when she attached the K750i to the USB cable.

To go past this installation screen, you have to continue pressing on the C button until the installer tells you to release it.

On the second attempt, the installation went smoothly. It took just a couple of minutes and her phone was upgraded to the latest K750i firmware version.

By Max Limpag

Max is a journalist and blogger based in Cebu City, Philippines. He is co-founder of the journalism start-up InnoPub Media.