Upgrading Sony Ericsson K750i to latest version: R1DB001

I’ve upgraded a colleague’s K750i to the latest firmware: the much maligned R1DB001.

Had we been able to upgrade her phone earlier, we wouldn’t have been faced with the option of sticking with R1N035, an old firmware that still has the USB transfer bug, or upgrading to a new one with lowered volume levels, as reported in various forums by those who upgraded.

Sony Ericsson firmware upgrade UPDATING the firmware of the K750i using the Sony Ericsson Update Service. Click on photo to view larger image.

You see, Sony Ericsson’s firmware update service does not allow you to choose which firmware to install, it automatically installs the latest version for your country.

I’ve already decided not to upgrade to the latest firmware. My phone already has the latest prior version: R1CA021. The reason I’m not upgrading to R1DB001 is the universal complaint against its media player and sound quality, as can be gleaned from forum post after forum post in Sony Ericsson message boards.

My colleague, however, had no option but to upgrade because of the USB transfer bug. I told her about the complaints on the media player but she said it was okay with her as she rarely uses the phone for playing music. She relied on it more for phone functions and the two-megapixel camera. I did tell her that I read somewhere that the new firmware comes with an improved image quality, pictures taken at night are reportedly less grainy.

We downloaded the Sony Ericsson Update Service installer, checked on her version of the Flash Player for Internet Explorer and started the upgrade process.

The update service installer guides you through the whole updating process. What stumps most people is the failure to go past the screen wherein you are instructed to take out your SIM, press C and then attach the phone to the USB cable.

I’ve had previous feedback from people who weren’t able to go past this screen. We were also not able to go past this part of the installation on our first attempt last night. It turned out that my colleague stopped pressing the C button when she attached the K750i to the USB cable.

To go past this installation screen, you have to continue pressing on the C button until the installer tells you to release it.

On the second attempt, the installation went smoothly. It took just a couple of minutes and her phone was upgraded to the latest K750i firmware version.

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  1. How to download the firmware r1db001 of k750i. So, i can update it, please give me the correct location and instruction

  2. how to update the k750i sony ericsson firmware and in which website i should get free firmware and download and then install it.

    1. Govindbhai Avatar

      pls, send me on Email adress sony ericsson Upgrading software

  3. http://www.sonyericsson.com/spg.jsp?cc=global&lc=en&ver=4001&template=ps1_1_3_1_1&zone=ps&lm=ps1_1&pid=10242&fid=21839

    the site where u can download the latest versio, it’s from SE site so nothing to worry …. im just curious how to convert my k750i to w800i of its latest firmware too ???? can sombody pls tell me, thanks

  4. mehdi yaghoubi Avatar
    mehdi yaghoubi


  5. sco_sheriff Avatar

    I installe R1DB001 and my camera doesnt work. It cant even open it

  6. Hi, Updated to R1DB001, mp3 playback is poor, any chance i can improve it.

  7. my phone is ok but memory connectors weak i think so cuz wen i insert memory the phone gets to white and keep on restarting the phone when take it out it works please wat is the way 4 this?

  8. psssst, max! ganahan ka magkuri-kuri sa akong k750i ug p910i? heheheh! bitaw patudlo nya ko nimo ani ha. =P




  10. I have R1DB001. As mentioned above sounds like a volume limiter. Called up Sony Ericsson and they told me to adjust the volume using the volmue keys on the side or take the phone in.
    I have already taken the phone in for service. It took them 3.5 weeks and the problem isn’t solved.

  11. hi can u give me K750i Firmware R1DB001 or can u tell me which website to download pls tell me

  12. i want old K750i Firmware so can u tell whear i got

  13. sco_sheriff Avatar

    rahim – u have to use da vinci or far manager if you want to roll back your old Firmware

  14. I still cannot get past the screen where you have to press “c”. I’m doing everything you’ve said but nothing is happening…

  15. Where can i get Da vinci or Far manager

  16. I have found out that I have the latest firmware installed already on my phone.

  17. R1db001 has some problems with mediaplayer. When you use it too long time (approx. 4-6 hours) it crashes, and the mp skins go away. Also sometimes the camera button works not so than you expect

  18. do u have some vkp patches for r1db001 ?

  19. Hi,
    I am new to this…..
    I bought K750i but could you plz tell me
    How to check firmware installed on my phone?
    What is firmware? Is there any software by which i can upgrade my mobile’s media player’s sound quality and camera

  20. 2 sujith : yeah, u can, but it is hard and nervous – big risk of dead phone :((

    2 Parag : firmware is a software on your phone. you can check it typing (at standby): “>*

  21. oh! there are sme limitations on the length of message. plz open the forum

  22. Thanks Darmen,

    Could u please tell me how to check Vodafone or Optus? And what is it mean?

  23. Parag,

    what do u wanna check? i know Vodafone is an operator but dont know anything about Optus 🙁

  24. Hi Darmen,

    Actually i am confused bcoz in some forum i read Vodafone and Optus are operating systems and in some they are service provider. so which one is correct?
    As yousaid its Operator can i check my operator?

  25. Hi Parag,

    i mean operator as “service provider” (My english is not so good).

    the Vodafone is service provider and optus is an os i think. But in SE k750i there’s no OS, just firmware

  26. 2 Parag, you can upgrade your current firmware (r1db001) by vkp-patches. they are simple text files (*.vkp) that include special programming hex-code

  27. Hi Darmen,

    Thanks for your help but where can i get those vkp-patches and whats the procedure to update. My current version is R1BC002. Is there any risk to update my software?

  28. hi Parag,

    there are some http://myforum.lasyk.net/showthread.php?t=29563 .
    Attention: u use it on your own risk. The risk is small

  29. 2 Parag,

    use only patches written for only R1BC002 . otherwise your phone crashes
    Use FAR manager + SE FLash Plugin. Just copy vkp-file to the “FLASH” folder

  30. Many Thanks to Darmen,

    Slowly learning the concepts.
    as i know If i will go for SEUS then there will less risk and it will install latest firmware no need to select manually.
    If my phone crashes then what? its unusable or i can again update with same procedure i.e. SEUS?

  31. ok. Few days ago i’ve updated my phone to r1db001 by SEUS without any problem. Go ahead! The risk is when you setup patches on ur firmware bcoz they developed by other people (not se)

  32. If my phone crashes then what? its unusable or i can again update with same procedure i.e. SEUS?

  33. To check SW ver:
    (in Standby):
    right, *, left, left, *, left, *.
    Go to service info, software info, the first line of the info is the firmware ver.
    I update my K750 to R1DB001 APAC at 6Jan07 by SEUS, and it doesn’t give any problem with me( even the media player still sounds good)

  34. can anybody tell me how to upgrade a cid49 r1ca021 k750i brown into w800 or w800i for free using the dcu-60 (usb) cable

  35. Think Before:
    What you get in W800-
    *Improved Media Player with same sound Quality with K750(They use same sound chip)
    *Lose of Activiity Menu
    (If you lov this much, better stick with K750 firmware, the button has replaced to media button)
    *Flight mode
    (turn off 2way radio when the phone is on)

    IF you using branded/svc provider specified phone(e.g. O2), you need some 2 in 1 cable to unlock b4 you can do that.

    AND do this will viod your warranty!

    If you still want to do it(for free), you have to going to search yourself(Google again)Da vinci Team give it for exchange with credits( about 7 bucks)

    Check the white paper on:

  36. hi i have an sony ericsson k750i of uk sent by my friend but its network locked can u people please help me unlock it by sending the procedure and links for downloading the necessary software .
    thanks in advance.

    awaiting an positive reply

  37. Hi!
    I need a big favour =)

    I unlock my phone,in service from Vodafone network,
    and at the same time i upgrate my firmware…
    I have upgrade my k750i to R1DB001, and i think that my mp.3 player sounds lower then it just be before,because i try phone on Vodafone sim card and i listen music

    Before i have R1BC002,and i think my mp.3 player played loud and much better then player on this ”new” version of firmware…
    Even my radio sounds better then player

    How can i change this to old firmware,
    or other safe way to get better or loud mp.3 player production?

  38. Hi
    Which macromedia version i need to use update service.
    When i try to use it, it shows Incompatible macromedia version application now terminates.

  39. can any one help me through the process of converting the k750i to w800i for free and also let me know if we can use the cable supplied with the phonefor this process .
    where can i find the software for w800i?
    what is dcu60 usb cable is it not the one supplied with the mobile?
    lot many doubhts and questions .
    would any one care to clear them .

    thanks byee.

  40. Hi sacspot,
    For converting K750i to W800i below link could help you…

    dcu60 USB is one that provided with your phone and u will need this for the above process.


    hi frds,

    i m new to this site. Recently i upgraded my k750i at SE service station & i found my media player effect very low. The MEGA BASS beats same as BASS in HANDSFREE. I don’t know anything
    about FIRMWARE. Also i don’t know which software he upgrade it in my mobile. How can i see my software version? I havn’t my own pc. If u hav any solution then send me the whole link to make my mobile as it was before upgrading. So plz plz plz help me…..

  42. Hi VISHAL,

    To view your software version press Joystick by following……(No need of pc)


  43. Hi VISHAL,

    To view your software version press Joystick by following……(No need of pc)


  44. I don’t know y its not coming completely
    Use this
    right, *, left, left, *, left, *.

  45. Hi Parag,
    Sorry, the characters, I think, are being eaten by WordPress. you need to enclose it in code tags. Vishal, you can check your firmware in your phone (for < push the joystick to the left, for > push the joystick to the right):

  46. thank u parag & max. i seen my software version through this technique. it shows me R1DB001
    now how can i get my old version so i got my sound quality of media player as it was earlier before upgrading.

  47. Vishal,
    Sorry, I don’t think you have an option to do that. I think you’re stuck with your firmware.

  48. Hi Vishal,

    I too using the same firmware and media player’s quality is fine with me. Its louder than previous versions.

  49. hi parag & max,

    Then how can i get my original sound quality, its too dull after upgrading software. There must be any solution for this. Can’t i upgrade old software(R1CA021) back in my mobile? If yes, then how? If i convert my K750i into W810i then will i get my sound quality back? Reply plz

  50. No you can’t!
    K750i to W810i not tried yet.
    Try on your own risk.

  51. sorry,
    i mean to say i want to convert in W800i then will it work?

  52. No you won’t get your old sound quality but u can get same quality of w800i but think before converting.
    Which phone u r using CID36 or CID49?

  53. I’m having a problem, my phone does not save pictures taken with the camera, at any picture size or any picture quality . i’ve change the settings to save to phone and also to sim card but it doesnt work. i’ve done master reset a few time but it still doesnt work. i then updated it to the latest R1DB001 and it still doesnt work… can anyone help me… please..

  54. hi parag,
    how can i see that my phone is CID36 OR CID49 type?
    i don’t know about it.Where u from?
    I m from Baroda,Gujarat.

  55. Hi for that you have to use davinci third party software.

    Download from davinci legal site and after installion click on Read/Test Cable CID something like this.
    I m from Mumbai.

  56. Hi Eugene,

    I m not sure about this whether it will work for u or not, but one of my friend was facing the same problem.
    What we did is just formatted his memory stick and removed battery for 5 min.After this his problem has been solved.

    Please be aware that all your data on memory stick will loss after the format.

  57. Hi, Updated to R1DB001, mp3 playback is poor, any chance i can improve it.

  58. Is it possible to roll back firmware?

  59. HELP PLZZZ… .
    need vkp patch for R1DB001
    give me a link plzz

  60. dear friends,
    can anyone tell me how can i view swf format files on my sony ericsson k750i.Please send the reply to my mail id.

  61. sorensen Avatar

    i agree, i got the same problem after upgrading my firmware last week.. the megabass & normal bass have no difference at all now…

  62. How can i come 2 know that seus is goin to upgrade to which version of firmware? also my cid is not mentioned in my software info. while updatin with seus will it install flight mode?

  63. my current firmware version is RICA021.while updating software through SEUS, will it update to w800 features automatically? Please reply me soon at [email protected]
    eagerly waiting for genuine reply as im keenly interested to do so

  64. hi! i’ve just checked through my phone’s firmware and i found out that it’s still using R1BC002. do you think it’s a good idea for me to upgrade to the latest version which is R1DB001? my phone seems to be having a problem with the usb transfer bug as well as the media player where it’ll auto-restart when i play my songs.

    if possible, can you reply to my email?? thank you so much. 🙂

  65. sony has a fucked up instruction on their update service, it doesnt tell you you can unplug the phone after its on the 100% mark, i was feeling nervous at first but had to take the risk of unplugging the phone even the “do not touch phone” text was flashing…

  66. i tried the second time on a different phone, after the 100% mark, it did give a new set of instructoin…must have been the SW problem, but in case the “do not touch phone” prompt keeps on flashing at the 100% mark of the update, just pull the plug!

  67. Hi guyz.., juz kinda curious… Through ur discussion, i have come across the type of firmware listed like R1BC002, RICA021, R1DB001 n etc… But unfortunately, when i checked mine it stated here my firmware is R1AA008… HOw come mine is so different compare 2 what u guyz discussing… Any ideas..? Any pros n cons of tis firmware..? Let me know guyz.., really appriciate it.. Thanx

    ShIEva (“,)

  68. Is it possible to upgrade the software on K750i to the software on the w880i???

  69. i have k750i, i need the software to change as a walkman series(w800i).
    and also guide me to change that.

  70. g-style Avatar

    I have a SE K750i and I want to flash it to w800i but i have a newer version of software than that have w8oo??
    I have on my k750i RICA021 software!

  71. Rahul Singh Panwar Avatar
    Rahul Singh Panwar

    Hi all,

    I hav SE k750i i want to know how can i know my phone is of which CID ?,
    and also i have RICA021, is this latest version of software.

    The quality of sound is not enough like Nokia phones. is there any software or update version by which i can do loud sound output of my k750i. I have tried all equalizier maximum but still its not good like W series.

    So plz tell me which is latest firmware n how can i increase sound output.

    Thanks in advance


  72. pappu Avatar

    hey can anybody help me?
    my phone sony ericsson k750i crahed. its just dead now. dosent even turn on. i tried taking out the battery n ths sim card aswell but it just dosent work anymore.. 🙁 is there anything i can do about it to turn it on?

  73. if you guys wanna flash your phone or mod it in any way…. http://www.topsony.com is the site…u cn upgrade ur firmware nd get step by step tutorials for flashing and patching. there is lots more at the site…

  74. Rahul Singh Panwar Avatar
    Rahul Singh Panwar

    Dear Frnds,
    After upgrading my sony ericssonk750i from the sony ericsson upgrade service i found my firmware change to Ridb001 from R1CA021. Now i feeling very unstatisfy. the sound quality goes very low. when i have R1CA021 then my sound was good, but now its too slow.

    So plz dont update your phones from seus coz they dont give you choice of firmware.

    If anyone knows how can i go back to R1CA021 firmware then plz mail me at
    [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards
    [email protected]

  75. Rahul Singh Panwar Avatar
    Rahul Singh Panwar

    Dear Frnds,
    After upgrading my sony ericssonk750i from the sony ericsson upgrade service i found my firmware change to Ridb001 from R1CA021. Now i feeling very unstatisfy. the sound quality goes very low. when i have R1CA021 then my sound was good, but now its too slow.

    So plz dont update your phones from seus coz they dont give you choice of firmware.

    If anyone knows how can i go back to R1CA021 firmware then plz mail me at
    [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards
    rahulpanwar underscore 2005 attherate yahoo.co.in

  76. Vaibhav Avatar

    I have updated my K750i to latest R1DB001 but the sound quality has been reduced the MegaBass beats & the Bass beats are the same. What can i do to get R1Ca021 firmware. Can sony ericcson service station help me to rollback to previous firmware…plzzzzz help me.

  77. Vaibhav Avatar

    heres my email id [email protected] plzzzz mail me & tell what to do?

  78. Prafull Avatar

    Is there any way to format Sony ericsson 750i phone ne code required n where can i get the code

  79. Hi I m Harin from Baroda Gujarat.
    I had update my k750i to R1DB001 thru Sony website. the media player Sound quality has gone terribly low. before i had R1Ca021. Can any one tell me how to reinstall R1Ca021 version on my phone again. can the sony service people help me with this problem?.
    anyone Please reply with Solution fast.
    thanx. harin.

  80. hi

    i bought a 1 Gb memory stick but i can t use all the memory spaces i can only use abt 250 mb from it plz plz give me a good suggestion how can i use all the memory plz i need information abt it???

    thnx anup

  81. I have SE k750i. I have a problem with taking pictures and recording video. When in picture mode, it focuses but when I push the button it is not taking a picture. The same is with recording video.
    Any idea?
    My phone has R1N035

  82. Dear Gligor,

    You have to push button little hard for about 2-3 second then this will take pic. at the time of starting i hav also face same problem but u know practice make men perfect that’s the reason now i can take pics n video easily by one touch.

    Hope this will help you.

    Rahul Singh Panwar

  83. Hi all,
    Need a help from u all friendz.
    I bought a new k750i on 10/05/07, had a problem regarding sms on 11/18/07, I stay in Mumbai at Andheri(E). I went to Sony care, and they told problem will be rectified and not to worry. I said ok.
    after 3 days when i went back to colect tyhe phone, the quality of sound was not there. The sound quality is less even though the volume is full.
    I was very upset, and told then to change the software to the latest version, they said they cant do anything.
    I am very angry with myself.
    Why the hell i went there.
    I need your help friends.
    How to check the version of software, we have to type the “>* in the sms, or somewhere else, Please help me.
    Please email me, i will be happy if u let me know on my email add: [email protected]

  84. after skyscrapers theres a underscore then 2006@ yahoo.co.in

  85. PLeaze help me, the probs is related to the k 750i, as mentioned above. please help me.

  86. I have a k750i sony ericsson phone…and it is dead now, i dont know why…i do not upgrade it or make its firmware better. just yesterday, it doesent turn ON. what can i do? pls help me guys

  87. Vishwanath Avatar

    hi i updated my software recently. and the sound is really poor in media player. im not getting the bass effect at all in mega bass preset. how to revert back to previous software version or how to incerase the mega bass effect in media player.??? plz help me in this issue. my e mail is [email protected]

  88. Vishwanath,
    I’m sorry but you cannot revert to an old firmware in the Sony Ericsson Update Service. The service insists on giving you the new version. If you want to revert to the older and better firmware, you might want to check third party services.

  89. Vishwanath Avatar

    first thnks for the help..how to check the third party services.? wht is actually a third party services.?if i cant revert back to my previous version of firmware. is there any other way to increase the sound output in media player. if so plz le me [email protected]

  90. when i try to update my k750 firmware error come Incompatible Macromedia version.i got latest vrsion of flash player but nothing plz help me.

  91. Shahzad Avatar

    Plz send me the site from where i could get update software version for K750i for free.

  92. My phone was ok before but i cannot move my pictures clicked by my mobile camera to my PC. When i connect my mobile to PC the DCIM folder doesn’t appear neither does MP3 and other, my cell model is K750i.Can anybody tell me how to repair it.

  93. I cannot upgrade via SEUS. Told me that my phone is Up-to-Date. But my Firmware is R1AA008. Is that possible ?
    Any solution guys pls

  94. hi. i wanted to ask if some one could tell me where could i upgrade my k750i to w800. i have R1CA021.

    plzzzzzzzz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Upgraded my K750 to R1DB001 today

    Works great way faster
    Camera works
    Sound is much louder

  96. Hi
    is it posible that seek my desire time in mp3 player of k750i?for example i will set my play key to my desire time of sound.
    best regards

  97. chrisys32 Avatar

    can somebody please tell me how to open .swf files on sonyericsson k750i?

  98. i have this phone and i haven’t been able to get picture messages, i tried to use the info from the webpage from my provider copy what i could,but i couldn’t and sonny does not have any ifo,can anybody help me?

  99. jogh_patel Avatar

    how can i use a hpm 80 headset on my k750i?
    it always pops up a not supported msg when i connect it.

  100. Ingmar Avatar

    Hey guys,

    I have the K750i model.
    My selection “joystick” in the middle of the keyboard simply stopped working, does anyone know if this is hardware related and unfixable or it is software?
    I was gonna upgrade my phone to the latest firmware because of this but after reading this entire form I don’t think I’ll do it.

    Thanks for many helpful comments to everyone.

    Mail me at [email protected] plz.


  101. jaison Avatar

    sir plz say the method to change k750i to w800i

  102. Can anybody tell me where can i download the latest operating system for k750i? please

  103. please send me a detail's how to re install software in k750i? Avatar
    please send me a detail's how to re install software in k750i?

    please send me details how can i re install k750i software?

  104. plz someone reply me i am in great trouble i flashed my k800 of version of CDA102295/1 R2A to k810. When i flashed with XS++ i didn’t find the same version so i chose another one and when flash was complete and i start my mobile it asked me for sim card even if i inserted sim card. and now someone can help me i would be grate ful if i could know the process of backprocess to k800 or forward process to k810 with right process. Plz somebody help me

  105. hey plz plz anyone help me……. my phone is dead after patching my phone (k750i@w800i ) so . plz help me … my phone is not turn on……but plz my e-mail address is [email protected] plz mail me to solve my problem plz how to restore my previous patch….

  106. @Rajat – Install latest XS++, download main & FS firmware files (Be careful, they should match your board, i.e. like RED CID49 or BROWN CID36 etc) then patch them to your K750i using XS++, this way you can even roll back to Old firmwares if you want.

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