Media Temple delivers on 100% uptime promise

Media Temple’s promise of 100% uptime with their Grid-Server hosting may sound too good to be true.

I initially thought that it’s chief executive officer’s statement that they are actually considering paying customers, on top of granting them rebates, whenever there is a downtime as coming close to a boast.

I know better now. The 100% server uptime is true.

No, I’m not hosted with Media Temple, yet — although I’m considering a transfer to the Grid-Server — but I’ve been monitoring an account hosted with their servers. When I read about the Grid-Server offering, I searched for a website hosted with them so that I could monitor that site using, a tool I wrote about earlier.

I found this post by design guru Bryan Veloso and I started monitoring his site. After more than a week of monitoring his site’s uptime, I found that Media Temple does deliver on its 100% uptime guarantee. Here’s the report:

webhostmonitoring2Media Temple Grid-Server uptime Hosted on Zooomr

Not only does Bryan Veloso’s site have 100% uptime this month, its response time is also blazingly fast, as tested from different locations worldwide (see table graph on the right).

The fact that reports Bryan Veloso’s site as having 100% uptime does not only mean that it has never been down since I started monitoring, it also means that its response time hasn’t reached 3,000ms, the threshold that considers a site to be “down.â€?

In contrast, here’s the result of my monitoring of a blog hosted in DreamhostThe Net is Dead by designer Marco van Hylckama Vlieg.

dreamhosttestDreamhost uptime Hosted on Zooomr

And here’s the server uptime record of my blog, which is hosted on a shared server account with A Small Orange.

maxwebsitemonitorA Small Orange server uptime Hosted on Zooomr

I’m very satisfied with my A Small Orange account. It’s fast and dependable and its support staff is quick to respond during the very rare times when its servers suffer downtimes. But if I’d have to upgrade my plan to the point that I’d be paying more than $15 a month for hosting, I’d probably get a Grid-Server account instead.

With Media Temple’s Grid-Server plan, you pay $20 for:

  • 100GB of “premium storage.â€? They stress the word premium because, according to the Media Temple people interviewed by Michael Arrington, they do not use cheap hardware for their servers, they use dependable parts.
  • 1TB of short path bandwidth.
  • Up-to-date versions of PHP 4 and 5 with MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • One-click installs for popular scripts such as WordPress and Drupal.
  • A web-panel they redesigned themselves.
  • The ability to host up to 100 individual sites and 1,000 email accounts. They say that this “improved multi-site hosting supports unique email addresses and sub-FTP users for every domain.”

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  1. media temples grid is horrible. http has good up time but mysql goes down every single day!! so frustrated with them.

  2. It always makes sense to monitor the uptime of your website. Not enough people take it seriously and really don’t know how their website is doing. I have to say though, to support claims of 100% server uptime, one week is too short a period to measure a site. I use Pingdom myself for monitoring, and though my web host delivers close to 100% uptime most months, some months there are some real hickups.

  3. mysql is down on Grid Server right now. It is a known issue that they are working on. It sure is annoying though!

  4. Media Temple Grid Server is down right now. It was down last week two, twice! It was down two weeks before, as well.

    The Media Temple Grid Server is unreliable. Not recomended.

  5. I am horibly dissatisfied with Media Temple here’s the log of the trouble I’ve been having with them since I migrated to the Grid

    Response history
    Your response: 2006/11/30 12:24
    I just Migrated to Grid. Everything is OK for the moment – website works fine. MY MYSQL db
    NAME: theparistimes_com_-_wp-articles
    U: theparistimes
    P: xxxxxxx

    Problem is that the password is only 7 characters. Can you please lower the limit in this case. If not…

    Problem 2. My FTP/SSH password no longer works. I tried resetting it from the admin console without any luck. If I have to change the MySQL password to 8 characters, I need to change the wordpress config – and I need the password for that. Please advise.

    BTW – I am the Technical contact for the website – best email to get ahold of me is [email protected]


    Support response: 2006/11/30 19:05
    Unfortuantely we do not have a way to lower the limit, this is system wide.

    I was able to ftp using the info listed in your account center.

    If you have any further questions regarding your (mt) Media Temple services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    Best Regards,

    Ryan Murphy
    Customer Support
    (mt) Media Temple
    Your response: 2006/12/01 07:43
    I still can’t login to the SSH/FTP site using the login and password. Please be more specific in regards to what login and password you are using

    I am using [email protected]
    Password: xxxxxxx

    Support response: 2006/12/01 10:05
    The username you are using is correct, however, that password is not the password we currently have on record. If you would like, tell us what you would like that SSH password to be and we can reset it for you.

    If you have any further questions regarding your (mt) Media Temple services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    Best Regards,

    Ravindra Patel
    Customer Support
    (mt) Media Temple
    Your response: 2006/12/01 10:11
    I used the Admin console to correct it – I also cannot reset the Database passwords and user passwords correctly – basically everything that was under 7 passwords. For instance, I tried to set the Seth user to “xxxxxxxx” but can’t FTP, SSH, or IMAP email. I CAN use that password to do webmail.


    so if you can please reset the password of the admin user to “xxxxxxxxx”

    Support response: 2006/12/01 12:45
    For FTP/SSH I was able to use this combo to login to your (gs) Grid-Server account.

    Username: [email protected]
    Password: xxxxxxxxxxx

    Please let us know if there is a part of this I did not catch. Also a phone number to reach you directly would be good so that we can speak about it over the phone if needed.

    Best Regards,

    Ryan Afdahl
    Customer Advocate
    (mt) Media Temple
    Your response: 2006/12/01 15:26
    I’ve tried to call you number 6 times. I keep getting hung up on. I don’t connect to either FTP or SSH using this login and password – check the logs. please call me ASAP (415) 287-4147,

    You have to be able to see me unsuccessfully trying to login.

    So it still doesn’t work can’t log in. I am a UNIX admin. I know what I am doing – they do not – and I cannot get ahold of them.


  6. uh, don’t post that for obvious reasons…I am changing the passwords now just in case

  7. The NOV 30th “maintenance” was supposed to be 1.5 hours, then they changed it to 6 and now “they don’t know” I am seriously pissed at these guys. I wasted over a hundred dollars in PPC clicks going to a site that isn’t there.

    This massive outage is unacceptable I am definetly moving my servers elsewhere…

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