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If you’re still waiting for that MeasureMap invitation, don’t fret. A new service has opened that will more than make up for the time (what is it now? several months?) you spent waiting for the still unsent service invitations.

Clicky is a new service created “to complement” other website metrics tools. What Clicky does is help website owners “track individual users, to see where they came from, what they did, and how long they stuck around.” I signed up for the service two hours back and the stats I’ve been getting so far are really interesting.

Clicky dashboard CLICKY DASHBOARD. Clicky is a new website metrics tool that will help you track visitor sessions: how website visitors found your site, how long they stayed and the last page they viewed before leaving. Click on image to enlarge.

Clicky does the usual tracking of unique visitors and page views as well as browsers used and search engine and keyword referrals.

But what differentiates Clicky from other free services I frequently use is that it tracks visitor sessions. Not only would you know how a particular visitor (identified via IP address) got to your site, you can also get information on how long the visitor stayed and which pages he or she read and clicked.

A visitor session, according to Clicky, “is a log of an entire visit to your web site by one person, from the time they enter to the time they leave. The sessions page shows a summary of each session, such as how long they stayed, how many pages they looked at, where they came from (e.g., Google), the page they entered on, and the last page they viewed.”

visitor sessions VISITOR SESSION. The recent visitor sessions in my blog. click on image to view larger version.

The site said a user can have multiple sessions in a day because they treat a session as “closed” if there are no activities from the user within 30 minutes.

Clicky is still being tested but you can already sign up for the service. The site says they will start charging after they launch the service. They also pledge that “beta testers will be rewarded with free service for several months after launch.”

Although I’m signed up to several website metrics services, I generally only check my Site Meter account regularly (4 or 5 times a week). I check my Google Analytics account every few weeks or so. I check my MeasureMap stats even less frequently, sometimes more than a month would pass before I’d remember to log in. MeasureMap in my previous experiences can be so slow that stats do not load at times.

Clicky, on the other hand, appears to be fast. I hope the website can maintain this level of speed and responsiveness even as they start getting more accounts. If you’re still stuck with Site Meter, you’d better off trying out Clicky. You might also want to check my previous post on blog metrics services.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like the service. We are hoping to remain fast. We will be moving to faster servers soon. 🙂

    Check out the Spy demo we released today… I think people will really like this. Think Digg Spy, for your own web site. Coming soon to your Clicky account!

  2. Just started blogging a few months back. I find reading your blog obligatory. Learned a lot of stuff from it.

  3. Attorney,
    Thank you so much for the kind words. I hope your blogging will be as fruitful and as wonderful a learning experience as mine had been. Gamay ra ang Cebu, kita unya ta one of these days–when Cebu bloggers get to meet. A friend is planning to organize discussions on blogging and has asked me to talk about some technical issues, I’ll post it here once it’s finalized. 🙂

  4. I very much look forward to it Max. Gui link teka ha, if you don’t mind.

  5. Hit attorney,
    Salamat. which reminds me to fix my links page 🙂 dugay gyung wa nako naatiman.

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