Track your blog visitors’ sessions with Clicky

If you’re still waiting for that MeasureMap invitation, don’t fret. A new service has opened that will more than make up for the time (what is it now? several months?) you spent waiting for the still unsent service invitations. Clicky is a new service created “to complement” other website metrics tools. What Clicky does isContinue reading “Track your blog visitors’ sessions with Clicky”

Google Analytics now open for new signups

For those waiting for Google Analytics to open signing up for new accounts again, you can do so at The Google Analytics team has announced in its blog that they’ve removed the waitlist for the website metrics service and now allow anyone with a website to create free accounts. Google Analytics is a comprehensiveContinue reading “Google Analytics now open for new signups”

Sign up for an excellent website analytics tool with 103bees

Occasionally, you come across a website or an online service that makes you stop everything you’re doing because you absolutely have to try it. I had that experience with MeasureMap, Crazy Egg, Wridea, Lightbox, Zooomr and now 103bees. I read about the free website traffic analytics tool in this post in Performancing, a site thatContinue reading “Sign up for an excellent website analytics tool with 103bees”

Site overlay available in Google Analytics

I did not spot this feature in Google Analytics before but you can check which areas of your site or blog are being clicked by readers by using the service’s Site Overlay feature. I never dug deeper into the statistics of Google Analytics before and most of the time I just view the executive summaryContinue reading “Site overlay available in Google Analytics”