Tell me what your feeds are…

And Iíll tell you who you are. Do you share your RSS aggregator account? Do you impose self-censorship when bookmarking on

I donít share my RSS feeds and I limit my bookmarks to non-prurient interests. However, I found out while reviewing my bookmarks that I wasnít as careful when I started my account with the social bookmarking service. (Donít bother searching, I already deleted the bookmarks.)

For a more candid appraisal of a person, try searching for his or her account or RSS aggregator public feed and you can get an idea of his or her interest, work and (gasp) fetish. Donít just google for personal information Ė look for his or her public RSS aggregator and bookmarking accounts. Who knows? – That guy youíre dating may have bookmarks in his or Furl accounts that point to sites of weird sexual fetishes.