Categories vs. tags

I’ve just deactivated my previous Technorati tagging plugin and installed a new one – Ultimate Tag Warrior. The previous plugin no longer worked. I did not know when or how it broke down but the tag archiving system in my site ( no longer worked.

I went to the plugin’s home page to check for updates and browsed through the support posts and found nothing related to the error I encountered. I decided to use the Ultimate Tag Warrior because of its more active development activity. It’s also supported by the K2 theme, a beta theme being crafted by the creator of the popular Kubrick theme.

Why bother with tags? Tags, I believe, are better ways to organize data than the more rigid category system. Here’s an interesting “cognitive analysis” of the tagging system.


Tell me what your feeds are…

And I’ll tell you who you are. Do you share your RSS aggregator account? Do you impose self-censorship when bookmarking on

I don’t share my RSS feeds and I limit my bookmarks to non-prurient interests. However, I found out while reviewing my bookmarks that I wasn’t as careful when I started my account with the social bookmarking service. (Don’t bother searching, I already deleted the bookmarks.)

For a more candid appraisal of a person, try searching for his or her account or RSS aggregator public feed and you can get an idea of his or her interest, work and (gasp) fetish. Don’t just google for personal information – look for his or her public RSS aggregator and bookmarking accounts. Who knows? – That guy you’re dating may have bookmarks in his or Furl accounts that point to sites of weird sexual fetishes.