Another great WordPress theme

Kiwi is a radical departure from the usual WordPress theme. It’s a beautiful theme and plugin package. From the developers: “The function of the Kiwi home page layout is to highlight the most recent post and give quick links to other recent and popular posts.” This would be a nice theme to experiment with. I might use it for one of the several WordPress sites I run or oversee. Heck I might even use it for this site if I can find a way to incorporate Matt’s Asides. I really love my current theme. Abe Olandres told me during the recent PCIJ blogging conference that Manolo Quezon also likes this theme and wants it for his site.

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Sporting a new theme; meeting Manolo

The Tri-Sexuality WordPress theme by Scott Jarkoff, co-founder of deviantArt, has to be the best three-column wordpress theme out there. When I spotted it, Jarkoff was still packaging a release and I had to check his site daily until the theme was offered for download.

I’m still customizing the theme and transferring elements from the previous themes I’ve used.

Press Freedom Week is finally over. I missed a lot of activities during the celebration because of my work schedule – I work from 5:00 in the afternoon until the pages are put to bed. I wasn’t able to attend any of the seminars or conferences for editors and reporters.

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3-column theme fixed

After I changed themes early today, I’ve been checking blogs and websites in an effort to find a fix for my new design’s bug – its inability to be displayed properly in Internet Explorer.

Until this afternoon – Explorer displayed only one column of the two-column sidebar. The third column was displayed under the second bar. I took all my sidebar elements out and placed it back again one by one – shoutbox, recent comments script, buttons etc. and found that I deleted one unordered list closing tag. After fixing this, Explorer finally rendered the homepage design properly. And then I checked the individual page for the posts – its layout was horribly wrong under Explorer.

Thanks to Yuga’s tip below, I decided to look for the code that defined the width of the sidebar and changed it from 320px to 310px. That fixed everything – the homepage and the individual item pages.


Darn Explorer, again

I changed themes early today – from the three-column version of Relaxation to the three-column TNO theme based on Kubrick. The theme is easy on the eyes. The only hitch is that the theme does not load properly in Internet Explorer. The sidebars are not properly rendered. I’ll stick with the theme for a week or so in the hope of finding a solution to the sidebar problem.

In the meantime, for site visitors using Internet Explorer, do consider downloading Firefox, not only does it render pages faster – it’s also a safer browser to use.


When you need more than just More

In WordPress, you can determine which part of your post gets displayed in the home page as teaser to the full article. You can either do this using excerpts or the more tag.

I suggest you use the More tag: <!–more–> . It’s an easier way to customize the length of the article’s teaser in the home page. You can do this with excerpts but you have to edit the main page to replace the_content with the_excerpt to display the excerpts of the blogpost. There’s a plugin available in this site (external link) if you want to use excerpts.

If you want to continue using more, you can customize the text to be displayed as more link. The template I use only displays the link as [more..]. I wanted the more link to display the title of the article. After checking the WordPress Codex, I found the solution. To make your more link read “Continue reading – (the title of the post)” (check out the more links in this site) edit your main.php file and look for the part with the_content and replace it with this line:
<?php the_content("Continue reading &raquo; " . the_title('', '', false)); ?>